RTC was an amazing experience. Such helpful and fun workshops and it really boosted my key club spirit! I want to do even more community service hours to reach our million waves goal <3 Met with lovely old friends and made new ones, it was a great day indeed :D MET LOYCE IRL FOR THE FIRST TIME, HAHAHAHA IT WAS GREAT. THAT BUTT JUMPED ON ME WHEN WE FIRST MET. And she has a Luhan button in her backpack, AND HE HAS A BEANIE ON, I COULDN’T WHEN I SAW IT LKFJGKLFJGDF gonna see her in two weeks too ; U ; 


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Today on Hotblood!: shots fired

Emerald City Comic Con was incredible!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the table to chat– meeting you (or, in some cases, seeing you again) was the absolute best~

For those of you in New York going to MoCCAFest this upcoming weekend, look for Emily and I at table D27. Once again we will be selling our books and prints, and look forward to screaming about comics with you!

Finally, March Patreon rewards will be going up tomorrow– thank you to all of my patrons, new and old! Let’s make April even more of a success!!