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A.N - For the Fandom Bingo spot 5-1; love at first sight. [D27]


Dino falls in love a lot like he fights when he’s protecting his family; without hesitation, and ready to go to any length to ensure the job gets done.

The day he meets the man named Sky, the man so many in Vongola call ‘the Immortal’, its like that moment right before the first opening move in a fight, when he can feel his blood set to boiling, all his sets sight on the goal in front of him. When he knows there will be blood and death, but his mercy is at its end. When he is ready to hunt this enemy to the end of its existence and drive it back into the dirt from whence it has come.

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Trevor prompt bc I had scary turbulence today? Reader's flying to Europe with AH for one reason or another, literally everyone she's flying with upgraded to first class, it's her first time flying overseas/on a plane for that long, and really rough turbulence in the middle of the night makes everything start to get overwhelming and either she goes up to Trevor in first class or asks a flight attendant to get him to bring him back to her and it's some comfort hugs/cuddles after that?

A/N That must have been awful, hope you’re okay! I’ve not had a lot of experience flying, literally one 1 hour flight, so please excuse my lack of knowledge in my writing!

Pairing: Trevor x Reader

Words: 1615

Warning: Flying, Turbulence, mentions of anxiety and panic attacks

Planes were never your favourite means of travel. Cars you were great with, the ground was always a nice place to stay. Boats were alright, you weren’t fighting against gravity or high in the sky, just sailing on water. But planes, they were your least favourite. It wasn’t just the fact they weighed a couple of hundred tonnes, wasn’t the fact you could see the ground from thousands of feet above. It was more the fact that mother nature never liked you being in the air. Every time you have got on a plane, you’ve either had to make an emergency landing or the turbulence had been awful. It didn’t help that you had a large fear of death, and the amount of ways you could die on a plane terrified you. This meant you avoided flying as much as you could. But, this time you couldn’t avoid it.

You were now waiting to be checked in at Austin Airport, most of Achievement Hunter and a few other editors were off to London for a convention as well as having a few meetings with business partners. You kept saying to Geoff that you shouldn’t go, but he insisted,

“You’re being over dramatic, you’ll be fine”
He rolled his eyes at you every time you came up with excuses not to go.

The whole time in the airport you were a nervous wreck. You had your headphones on, curled up by a window as you watched multiple planes taking off and landing, hoping that you flight would be delayed for hours.

“That’ll be us soon” Someone said from behind you, it being muffled by your headphones.

You smiled as you saw Trevor sat next to you. Pulling off one headphone, you turned and faced him.

“Can’t wait” You said sarcastically with a smile.

“Guessing you’re not a fan of flying” He lightly chuckled,

“I mean I don’t like the large possibly of death… but nature doesn’t really like me flying either”

“How so?”

“Well every time I’ve flown the turbulence has be horrific, I’ve been in 3 emergency landings due to weather. Mother nature doesn’t like me” You laughed but out of seriousness,

“That’s stupid, you’ll be fine. Anyway, every time I’ve flown it’s been perfect, so maybe I’ll counteract her hatred for you” You laughed at his attempt of comfort.
“Thanks. I mean, I don’t love flying, even if it wasn’t for the weather. I just get anxious about the what ifs, you know?” you admitted.

“What seat you in?”

“B27, you?”

“Hey, I’m in D27, maybe whoever’s in C27 will swap so I can sit near you, just in case you start feeling anxious” He stated like it was nothing.

A blush crept up on your cheeks and you smiled, “Thanks, but you don’t need to do that, I’ll be fine” You laughed. He nodded, muttering an ‘alright’ and carried on scrolling on his phone as you went back to your music.

Soon you were boarding the place, handing your ticket and passport to the desk you smiled at them before heading towards the plane. Before you, you had heard them mention to Gavin and Geoff that they had been upgraded to first class. You weren’t surprised, they both flew a lot. Then behind you, you heard the same sentence repeated to Trevor, and then to Jack. You rolled your eyes, typical that you’re left out of the upgraded crew.

“Hey, you sure you’re going to be alright if I move up?” Trevor ran up to catch you, even though you were all stopping in line before boarding.

You smiled up at him but nodded, “yeah, go have fun with all the business people, make sure you throw a peanut at one’s head for me” You joked,

“For you, I shall consider it” He teased,

You waved off to the crew going to first class, going to your own seat and putting your bag away. You got yourself comfortable pretty quickly. You were glad to have remembered to bring comfortable clothes for the 10 and a half hour flight.
The first 4 hours were not as bad as you expected. There was a little bit of turbulence but nothing like you’ve had before. You were happy enough, watching new films on the screen in front of you, your neighbours all keeping to themselves and no kids to annoy you. It was almost enjoyable. Almost being the keyword.

As soon as you flipped to the next film you saw the seatbelt sign go on, making your chest tighten. You pulled out your earphones to hear the piolet speaking over the speakers.

“Please all fasten your seatbelts. We will be enduring some heavier turbulence in a few minutes, just a small storm over the west coast of Europe. Please stay seated until the light it off.”

Your hands gripped onto the arm rests as you tried to control your breathing. Thoughts of death ran through your mind, not calming you at all. What if lightening hits us and we explode? What if survive the explosion and plummet to the ground? What if we crash into the ocean and get eaten by sharks?!

You wished Trevor hadn’t moved up to first class now, having a friend near you could calm you. The air hostesses were still moving about so you knew it couldn’t be too bad, that was how you were trying to convince yourself. You waved one over,

“Are you okay?” She asks politely,

“Is it possible for me to go to first class? I really, really need to talk to someone” You quietly pleaded, your hands shaking on your lap as your anxiety started getting the better of you.

“I’m sorry ‘mam I can’t allow that. Would you like a brown bag to breath into?” She could tell you were going into panic, and it did not help that the plane started shaking.

“No. Please, I need to talk to him” You said again. She looked at you sadly before shaking her head, then she looked behind her and back to you,

“Do you know what seat he’s in? I could pass on a message”

“I don’t know, he was upgraded from D27..”

She gave you a piece of paper and pen, “I’ll go look on the system”

You quickly wrote a message, as readable as you could in your shaky state.
She came back within a few minutes, trying her hardest to keep her balance through the turbulence. She told you she’d come back in a bit if he sent anything back. You thanked her as she was doing as much as she could, but you were still mid-panic attack.

You tried staring at the screen, pleading your mind to focus on the film playing but your body refused. You ended up as curled up as you could be in your seat. Thankful that the seats were a decent size so you weren’t on top of the person next to you. Out of nowhere you felt a hand place itself on your shoulder.

“Hey, y/n. Look at me” The voice said calmly to you. You looked up and smiled slightly seeing, the newly blond, Trevor crouched in front of you. “It’s alright, you’re alright”

His hand moved to hold yours, gripping it and gently rubbing his thumb over the top. Already you felt calmer, his eyes and smile distracting you. “Just breathe slowly, you okay yeah?”

“I don’t know what happened, I just-” You started, your voice coming out shaky, “I just started to panic”

“Well I’m here now” He said softly, looking up at you slightly,

“How did you get back here, I didn’t think we could move” You muttered, realising he was in coach not first class.

“The hostess let me back here, saying I had a friend in need.”

“Thanks” you couldn’t help the blush rising from your cheeks, “You must think I’m so childish, it’s just wind pushing the plane” You tried to laugh it off, even though the thought still panicked you.

“Not at all, we all have fears we’re embarrassed about, just glad I can help you through this”

The man next to you said he would move to Trevor’s old seat so he could sit next to you. He held your hand so gently, keeping you calm, you were sharing headphones so you could enjoy a film together. But you couldn’t help but feel like a burden to Trevor, he should be enjoying first class, not be stuck here with you.

“You can go back now, I don’t want to keep you from enjoying the high life” You laughed, not meaning the slight pun, still gripping his hand.

“Oh please, it’s not that special. Plus, I think the man next to me may have it out for me” He admitted, making you chuckle,


“He may or may not have had a peanut hit his eye…” Trevor trailed off, attempting to look innocent,

“Aw, you did it”

“Yeah, half for you, half because Gavin dared me too”

You just rolled your eyes, a sudden yawn escaping your lips. You landed in a little under 5 hours’ time, that being mid-day in the UK but the very early morning of Austin.

“Sleep, I’ll be here if you wake up panicked, okay” Trevor insisted,

“I’ll be fine, I’ll have a nap when we get to the hotel” You replied, trying again to focus on the film but failing as your eyelids slowly kept closing. Soon you found yourself falling asleep against Trevor’s shoulder, it much more comfortable than you expected. What you didn’t see in your sleeping state was Trevor’s blushing cheeks or a gentle kiss against your head.

Getting ready for Inktober! Wanna draw along with me? :D

I made this simple list of prompts that I’ll use as my guideline through October and I thought I’d share it with y’all, so you can use it as well or create your own prompts by taking some of mine, adding some of yours, etc, etc…

Feel free to tag me in your Inktober drawings, if you’re gonna use this list! Or tag me anyway, if you wanna show me your whatever I WANNA SEE YOUR ART! 

SUBMISSIONS: I’m opening submissions for this very occasion!

Submit your Inktober drawings and, the November 1st, I will make 4x4 (4 posts with 4 drawings) shoutout posts of the best entries!

Please, don’t be scared to submit! This is a judgment-free zone, so everybody can submit: it doesn’t really matter if you draw since yesterday or since 10 years. Each and every one of you is precious and I want to know y’all and your art and give you shoutouts and encouragement, okay?   

Keep reading for a further explanation/re-type just in case you can’t understand my crappy handwriting :’)
(I’ve also put some links, so you don’t get lost when it comes to draw things like “legendary creatures”, “poisonous plants”, etc)

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Star Wars Characters as Tarot Cards

1. The Magician - Darth Sidious
2. The High Priestess - Yoda
3. The Empress - Shmi Skywalker
4. The Emperor - Count Dooku
5. The Heirophant - Finn
6. The Lovers - C-3PO and R2-D2
7. The Chariot - Poe Dameron
8. Strength - Obi-Wan Kenobi
9. The Hermit - Luke Skywalker
10. The Wheel of Fortune - The Force
11. Justice - Mace Windu
12. The Hanged Man - Qui-Gon Jinn
13. Death - Anakin Skywalker
14. Temperance - Kylo Ren
15. The Devil - Darth Maul
16. The Tower - The Younglings
17. The Star - Leia Organa
18. The Moon - Ahsoka Tano
19. The Sun - Rey
20. Judgement - Darth Vader
21. The World - Han Solo
22. The Fool - Jar Jar Binks 

To find your birth card, take your birthday: (let’s use Harry Potter’s - 7/31/1980).

Add the month + date + first two numbers of the year + last two numbers of the year: 

7 + 31 + 19 + 80 = 137

Take the first two digits of this number and add it to the last digit: 

13 + 7 = 20

This means that your first card is #20, or Judgement.

To get your second card, add the digits of the sum you just got: 

2 + 0 = 2. 

This means your second birth card is #2, or The High Priestess.

*There’s a special case as well:*

Let’s say your birthday is 10/9/1998. 

Your first sum is 10 + 9 + 19 + 98 = 136

Your first tarot is 13 + 6 = 19, or The Sun

Your second tarot is 1 + 9 = 10, or The Wheel of Fortune.

If you get a two digit number for your second tarot sum, you will also have a third birth tarot.

Your third tarot is 1 + 0 = 1, or The Magician.

Feel free to tag yourself!

My primary tarot is: 18 - The Moon (Ahsoka Tano) and my secondary tarot is: 9 - The Hermit (Luke Skywalker)

[D27] When was The Last Time You did Something for The First Time?

Judulnya panjang banget. Kayaknya ini bakal jadi judul terpanjang selama saya nulis untuk #30daysramadhanwriting hehe. Tapi, dulu saya pernah ditanya seperti ini. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Saya teringat pas saya SD. Kalo gak salah kelas 6. Saya mulai suka nulis diary. Terinspirasi dari Kakak yang juga udah sering nulis diary dan sering dimarahi karena kedapatan baca diary-nya hehehe. Akhirnya pas kelas 6 inisiatif bikin diary sendiri. Saya gak beli buku diary. Diary-nya saya tulis di buku bekas yang udah gak dipake tapi masih banyak lembaran kosongnya. Seringnya buku akhir tahun ajaran. Sejak saat itu saya jadi “pemulung” buku tulis hehehe. Sejak saat itu juga saya selalu nulis diary, bahkan sampai sekarang. Kalo dulu masih “alay”, sekarang lebih ke catatan pribadi atau renungan, sekedar melepas penat di kepala. Enaknya jadi orang introvert, gak perlu cari teman curhat. Cukup ada laptop atau buku catatan, bisa curhat sepuasnya :))

Pas SMP, selain nulis diary saya jadi suka nulis fiksi. Fiksi alay ala anak SMP. Kenapa jadi suka nulis fiksi? Alasan utamanya karena saya baca komik dan mewek gara-gara komiknya gak ada lanjutannya trus saya gak suka ceritanya. Saya pikir, mending saya buat sendiri sesuai dengan keinginan saya. Saya juga bisa kalo cuma bikin gituan (hahaa pede banget). Akhirnya saya mulai nulis fiksi dan saya pun jadi “buronan” teman-teman karena ternyata banyak yang nunggu cerita yang saya tulis (waktu itu pake buku tulis yang dioper ke sana kemari. Awalnya di kelas, eh akhirnya nyeberang ke kelas tetangga XD). Sampe SMA saya masih suka nulis fiksi dan saya nulisnya gak di PC atau laptop tapi seperti kebiasaan saya, di buku bekas. Akhir-akhir SMA saya baru nulis di laptop. Pas buku saya kedapatan Kakak, akhirnya saya jadi bahan bully. Belum lagi dokumen lama saya yang ada di laptopnya dan akhirnya dia sukses nyindir saya karena waktu itu saya udah ke luar kota buat merantau. Sejak kuliah saya udah gak pernah nulis fiksi lagi. Jadi lebih nyaman nge-blog dan numblr hehe. But thanks to @syuraik. Satu-satunya pembaca setia saya yang suka neror saya soal fiksi yang udah lama saya museumkan XD.

Last but not least adalah ketika saya pertama kali memakai hijab syar'i. Waktu itu saya kelas 2 SMP. Kondisinya jangan ditanya. Dulu dikit banget yang pake jilbab (gamis). Berkerudung istiqomah aja jarang, apalagi pake jilbab? Dan saya satu-satunya yang pake jilbab di sekolah. Waktu itu saya sempat minder. Tapi Alhamdulillah saya bisa istiqomah. Waktu SMA lebih heboh lagi, apalagi pas pelajaran olahraga. Saya dan beberapa teman ngotot gak pake celana olahraga sampai akhirnya jadi bulan-bulanan guru olahraga di sekolah. Waktu mau ujian akhir sekolah sampe nangis-nangis berharap bisa lulus dan jilbabnya gak dipermasalahkan. Alhamdulillah, lagi-lagi Allah kasih pertolongan. Kami semua yang berjilbab pas olahraga lulus dan bs melanjutkan ke perguruan tinggi. Awal kuliah waktu hijab belum tren, saya juga sering diliatin dari ujung kepala sampai ujung kaki trus balik lagi diliatin dari atas ke bawah. Alhamdulillah sekarang lihat Muslimah pake jilbab (gamis) dan kerudung panjang udah banyak. Semoga bukan cuma karena tren tapi ikhlas karena Allah sebagai bentuk ibadah kepada-Nya.

Pelajarannya, mungkin kita gak tau bahwa langkah kecil yang kita lakukan membentuk diri kita yang sekarang. Coba dulu saya gak istiqomah nulis. Coba dulu saya gak istiqomah berhijab syar'i, mungkin saya gak seperti sekarang. Memang benar, semua berproses. Tapi, jangan lelah untuk terus menggenapkan proses dengan istiqomah karena di sanalah letak kesabaran dan keikhlasan akan diuji. Di sanalah niat akan terus berusaha diperbarui dan di-refresh. Azzam akan terus diperkuat. Makna akan terus diperjelas. Dan nilai mendasar akan terus dievaluasi. Sudahkah semua itu hanya karena Allah ataukah belum.

Masih banyak hal lain yang jika diingat-ingat berasa nostalgic. Hal-hal kecil yang membentuk diri saya yang sekarang. Hal-hal kecil yang sebenarnya bermakna besar bagi saya dan mungkin saja bagi orang lain.

Selamat berpetualang, Dit. Kalo capek, ingat aja gimana mengawali hal-hal yang sekarang digeluti. In syaa Allah, makna yang dulu akan ketemu lagi. 頑張れ!!

Kendari, 27 Ramadhan 1438 H. 22 Juni 2017.

Porque o certo nem sempre está perto. Perto, digo, aos olhos do coração. Não se pode ter tudo e nem tudo que se tem está ao alcance das mãos.
—  D2

On a much brighter note, 3 new orcas have managed to make it to the age of 2 meaning they have now received a name! 

Baby A101 (pictured above) will be known as Kamux.
Baby A102 will be known as Tuzo.
And baby D27 will be known as Fitz.

Congratulations to the calves and their mothers!