Okay, so I liked the first few seasons with it’s dark undertones, but… This show… Has a thing for making things “morally grey” when it’s not necessary… B1smuth and R0se wanting to fight against/shatter the Diamonds didnt need to be morally grey. P3arl’s love for R0se didnt need to be morally grey. The D1amond Authority itself especially didnt need to be morally grey. 

“BUT THAT’S THE POINT!” Yeah, yeah, I get it. The cryst@l gems aren’t supposed to be perfect, I had that message shoved down my throat for a while now, thank you. The show wanting to be morally grey itself isn’t bad or anything, but “Wanting to live happily ever after with your gf” or “Wanting freedom from evil tyrants” being put into that category is just… Unnecessary…

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