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What tips do you have for formulating a campaign? Do you prefer pre-made modules or home few?

Pre-made adventures or campaign settings are only useful if A) they’re easier/faster than coming up with something yourself would be, or B) you have a lot of free time to read a game book and memorize all of its details.

My advice?

1) Have your first session start with the players waking up in a dungeon you made. No other details, no plot, no story, just “We’re stuck, we need to work together to get out of here”. This way, you don’t need to come up with a whole world before playing your first game. If you have some campaign ideas already, you can pepper them in throughout the dungeon crawl.

Don’t let not having a whole campaign ready to go stop you from playing D&D. Chances are your players won’t care.

2) Take a 8.5x11 piece of paper. You’re gonna use it to make a map.

3) Roll a handful of dice onto the paper. Four d6′s, two d10′s, a d20, and a handful of d4′s work best. Make sure they’re kinda spread out when rolled. If they’re too bunched up, roll them again.

4) Now…each dice and their number rolled corresponds to a location on your map. d4′s are ruins, d6′s are dungeons/strongholds, d10′s are small towns, the d20 is a city. Now you have a bunch of places for your players to go to.

5) The number rolled on each of the dice determines the specific  type of location it is. They break down like so:

Ruins (d4):

  1. A razed village, burned to the ground. 50% chance of their being treasure under some floorboards.
  2. A centuries old elven landmark. 
  3. A centuries old dwarven landmark. Buried treasure.
  4. A broken obelisk of almost alien design. Either portal to another plane, or a camp for important monsters.

Dungeons/strongholds (d6):

  1. Old tomb. Undead.
  2. Basement of ruined castle. 
  3. Abandoned and cursed temple. Weird cultists.
  4. Arcane Tower. Crazy old wizard.
  5. Old Fort. Full of monsters or jerk humans.
  6. Death Trap. Has a lich. Leads down into a bigger megadungeon.

Towns (d10′s): 

Multiply the roll by 20. That’s the population. The roll is also the level of the highest level NPC in that town.

1-3. Agricultural town. Everywhere nearby is good farmland.
4-5. Fishing/trade town. A river runs through the town and through the map.6. Lake town. Same as above, but the town is in the centre of a huge lake. Rivers extend from it.
7. Gate town. Sits at the base of a mountain range. Is a gateway to a mountain pass.
8. Cut-throat town. Full of shady thieves and villains. Basically a town-sized dungeon crawl.
9. Demi-human town. Run by mostly good halflings, dwarves, or elves.
10. Monster town. Town run by monstrous people like orcs, goblins, skeletons, etc.

City (d20):

This is the biggest settlement in the immediate campaign world. It is generally a place the players will want to get to, as it’s the best place to sell treasure, buy dog armour, and get curses removed. The roll x100 is the permanent population, but it’s probably double that with visitors. The roll is also the level of the NPC in charge of that town. If it’s really low, that person is either a simpleton or a child.

1-3. God fearing city. Leader is a theocrat. Magic is treated with more hate than usual. Temples are abundant. Brothels and Festhalls also abundant, but hidden.
4-5. Slum city. Leader is a thief/despot. Collection of shanty-towns. Full of shady characters. Great place to fence goods and buy weird items.
6-8. Villain city. Leader is a campaign villain. She/he keeps the common people downtrodden and will try to exert her/his authority over the players in petty ways. 
9-11. Monarch city. Leader is a noble (viscount, duke, baron, etc). Peace is kept with a town guard. Knights are common and welcomed here. Adventure hooks can be passed down from the monarchy on high.
12.  Ruin city. Leader is a mayor. Buildings are a collection of towers built on top of a much older ruined city. There’s a dungeon below.
13. Magic city. Leader is a magister. Home of a magic college or ruling wizard class. Anything can be bought/sold here. Oddities and strangeness are abundant.
14. Elven city. Leader is a high elf noble. The campaign map is under elven rule. That rule may be waning. Lots of trees, stained glass, dueling in the streets.
15. Dwarven city. Leader is a cabal of dwarven trade concerns. The campaign map is under dwarven rule. That rule may be waning. Partially underground, great armour, maybe lava flows.
16. Halfling city. Leader is a halfling matron. The campaign map is under halfling rule. That rule may be waning. Lots of hills, all the buildings are meant for shorter people, the food is great.
17. Invasion city. Leader is a foreign invader. This native city has been seized by a foreign power and is in the throes of occupation/rebellion. The players can pick a side if they want.
18. Devil city. Leader is a secret devil prince/princess. Clearly full of evil creatures and bad folks. Not hostile, but evil. Trade is great. Brothels are excellent. No non-evil temples.
19. Giant city. Leader is a frost giant prince/princess. The city is built and intended for giant creatures, but open to smaller folk. Trade is ridiculous.
20. Ghost city. Leader is a lich. Built on top of an ancient mausoleum. Ghosts and humans interact normally, using each other for mutual gain. Everything is spooky.

6) Now that you have all your locations, connect them with roads, rivers, and paths. Fill in empty spaces with forests, deserts, coastlines, etc. The types of towns and cities you rolled should dictate the environment.

7) The dungeon that is furthest away from the city is the one your players woke up in. That’s where they start on the map.

8) Come up with names for all the locations. Fill in the details. Adjust to your own tastes. Now you have a ready made campaign world with an implied history and geography. Have fun watching your players systematically dismantle it in the most ridiculous ways possible.

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The Vaporwave Essentials Guide: ULTRA Edition

Full essentials list in text form for copy and pasting purposes:


A1 // Chuck Person - Chuck Person’s Eccojams Vol. 1

A2 // James Ferraro - Far Side Virtual

A3 // 骨架的 - Skeleton

A4 // 骨架的 – Holograms



C1 // Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe

C2 // Sacred Tapestry - Shader

C3 // Fuji Grid TV - Prism Genesis

C4 // Laserdisc Visions - New Dreams Ltd.

C5 // 情報デスクVIRTUAL - 札幌コンテンポラリー

D1 // PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises - ClearSkies™

D2 // PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises - Home™

D3 // esc 不在 - MIDI Dungeon

D4 // New Dreams Ltd. - Initiation Tape (Isle of Avalon Edition)

D5 // Vektroid - Color Ocean Road



F1 // Infinity Frequencies - Euphoria

F2 // Infinity Frequencies - Dream Recovery

F3 // Infinity Frequenices - Computer Death

F4 // Infinity Frequencies - Computer Decay

F5 // Infinity Frequencies - Computer Afterlife

G1 // Internet Club - Webinar

G2 // Internet Club - Redefining The Workplace

G3 // Internet Club - Dreams 3D

G4 // Internet Club - Vanishing Vision

G5 // Internet Club - Final Tears

H1 // ░▒▓新しいデラックスライフ▓▒░ - ▣世界から解放され▣

H2 // Memorex Dawn - Galleria

H3 // 骨架的 - Reflections

H4 // 骨架的 - Lost Memories


I1 // Midnight Television - Midnight Television

I2 // Mediafired - The Pathway Through Whatever

I3 // Disconscious - Hologram Plaza

I4 // 식료품groceries - 슈퍼마켓Yes! We’re Open

I5 // Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven

J1 // g h o s t i n g - Telenights

J2 // Psychic LCD - Nexxware

J3 // ショッピングワールドjp - MARKET WORLD

J4 // Amun Dragoon - Unlimited Dream Company

J5 // GOLDEN LIVING ROOM - New Nostalgia

K1 // チェスマスター - Night Drive

K2 // チェスマスター - 真の愛

K3 // Nmesh - Dream Sequins®

K4 // Nmesh - Nu.wav Hallucinations

K5 // GOLF SWINGERS - Buildings Dreams

L1 // Nyetscape - Nyetscape

L2 // Nyetscape - Nyetscape 4

L3 // Kobayashi Yamato - 快い亡霊 OST

L4 // death’s dynamic shroud.wmv - DERELICTメガタワー

L5 // computer slime - ミスト



M3 // Topographic Maps - Tropical Disturbances

M4 // Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza - NTSC Memories



N2 // chris††† - 包容

N3 // Lasership Stereo - Soft Season

N4 // Penthouse Apartment - Pirlo

N5 // Miami Vice - CULTURE ISLAND

O1 // Hayao Yamaneko - Shattered Holograms // シャッタド・ハーログラムズ: VOLUME 1

O2 // Hayao Yamaneko - Rest In Paradise

O3 // Shima33 - Amiga-Tech [新コンセプト #1]

O4 // .jpeg Artifacts - Ridin’ That (Information Highway)

O5 // Amun Dragoon & Mensa Group International - Fjords, Vol. II

P1 // Diskette Romances - Diskette Romances

P2 // Chip Jewelry - Nyetscape

P3 // The Editor - L O V E - 永遠に夢


P5 // 日本人 (Japanese) - 日本人

Q1 // ULTRA ウルトラ - セガ s a t u r n

Q2 // SEPHORA脳バイブス - ギリシア彫刻の水中MUSEUM

Q3 // be____all - Light Heart, No Mind

Q4 // Datavision Ltd. - Vector Tables

Q5 // 死夢VANITY - f a n t a s y 真夜中のアパート



S1 // Various Artists - Music Of The Now Age

S2 // Various Artists - Music Of The Now Age 2

S3 // Various Artists - DREAM_31

S4 // Various Artists - Digital Office 1

S5 // Various Artists - Pleasure Network Selections: Vol. 1



A6 // Luxury Elite - III

A7 // Luxury Elite - 101.7 Wave II

A8 // Luxury Elite & Saint Pepsi - Late Night Delight

A9 // Saint Pepsi - New Generation

A10 // Saint Pepsi - WORLD TOUR

B6 // Miami Vice - Palm Haze

B7 // t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 and 猫 シ Corp. - テレパシーの

B8 // t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 and Vincent Remember - interstellar love

B9 // t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 - 現実を超えて

B10 // t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 - 未来へ

C6 // 猫 シ Corp. & Stereo Component - Ocean Beach

C7 // 猫 シ Corp. - HIRAETH

C8 // Vincent Remember - The Page Master

C9 // ESPRIT 空想 - summer night

C10 // ESPRIT 空想 - virtua.zip

D6 // Visaプリペイド - スムーズOCEANS

D7 // b o d y l i n e - Computer Imagina

D8 // Phoenix #2772 - The Dream Catalogue

D9 // Phoenix #2772 - The Midnight

D10 // g h o s t i n g - Virtual Saxophone Transmissions

E6 // 18 Carat Affair - The Life Of Vice

E7 // 18 Carat Affair - High Emotion

E8 // 18 Carat Affair - Pure Gold

E9 // 18 Carat Affair - Adventures in Schizophrenia

E10 // Dreams West - Self-Titled

F6 // Hong Kong Express - 浪漫的夢想

F7 // Hong Kong Express - 2046

F8 // CVLTVRE - Upscale Loft 高級ロフト

F9 // CVLTVRE - Virtual Life

F10 // WΔll Flowers - Subliminal Romance

G6 // SYLLABUS - July

G7 // General Translator and Dystopian Chic - AUDIO不埒

G8 // Silver Richards - Volume 128



H6 // Young Muslim - This Could Be Us But U Playin

H7 // bl00dwave - hotel vibes

H8 // bl00dwave - SEA VIBES

H9 // bl00dwave - NEW VISUALS

H10// 회사AUTO - The Lovers Pure

I6 // vice*AIRバイス*空気自然の愛 - cyber city dreams サイバーシティーの夢

I7 // Eyeliner - High Fashion Mood Music

I8 // bbrainz - pizza contigo

I9 // bbrainz - internet lust

I10 // Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza - Daily Night Euphoria

J6 // S U R F I N G - Deep Fantasy

J7 // VHS Logos - Mantra

J8 // CYBEREALITYライフ - Internet Dating

J9 // Kodak Cameo - Riviera

J10 // Stereo Component - Coastal Nostalgia


K7 // デジタルフォーチュン - Vision グローバル

K8 // Infinite Quazar - Grand Prix


K10 // Topaz Gang - palm_tree.fm

L6 // Incorporeal Visions Deluxe - Network Entities

L7 // architecture in tokyo - Summer Paradise



L10 // VHSテープリワインダー - Together United

M6 // Drip-133 - <3

M7 // General Translator - CONTEMPORARY

M8 // TOYOTAセリカ - リバイバル

M9 // HyperGanesh - Stay Awake

M10 // マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Sailorwave



O6 // Saint Pepsi – Hit Vibes

O7 // マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - A Million Miles Away

O8 // Mike Tenay - Jacuzzi

O9 // Lancaster_ - Press Play

O10 // Rollergirl! - Rollergirl

P6 // VentureX - Together


P8 // Innerϟpeaker - Flight Wave

P9 // Literature - Prose ザ•リズム

P10 // YUNG BAE - Bae



R6 // Blank Banshee - Blank Banshee 0

R7 // Blank Banshee - Blank Banshee 1

R8 // Fluence - Elemental

R9 // Vaperror - Mana Pool

R10 // Subaeris - New Tokyo Blue Mood

S6 // Darksleep - Darksleep

S7 // サイバー ‘98 - Computer Dreams

S8 // TELOZKOPE - Equanimo

S9 // NxxxxxS - Elevated Highway

S10 // 音 LIGHT システム - Buy Milk

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Would you happen to have any dice-related spells, especially for divination? I live in a pretty Christian home, so I can't really get a tarot deck, but I've got quite a few gaming dice. The randomness of them is really appealing, too.

So, it’s not a spell, but the way I use dice for divination is I’ll use percentile dice (D10′s for those who play D&D or similar games) and ask a question before I throw the dice, the percentile that shows up gives me an idea of the answer, and I narrow it down through additional questioning. For example:

Will it rain tomorrow?

  • 97% ( generally qualify things in steps of ten percent, so 97 would fall into a strong yes)

Is it going to rain in my area tomorrow?

  • 62% (maybe, leaning closer to yes)

Is it going to rain while I’m awake?

  • 5% (no)

Will it rain tomorrow while I’m asleep?

  • 80% (very likely)

So I can determine it’s probably going to rain, but I wouldn’t know if it did anyway since I’d be asleep while it was raining.

Here are some additional links on ways to divine with dice 


Shaun's logs: 7/22

Vicarstown Dieselworks
Name: Shaun Taub
Engine: Diesel 10
Class: BR 72 ‘warship’
Driver: Vincent
Service: fuck what

Notes: Heavy internal damage inflicted by shed doors. In stable condition. Severe dents. Repairs include line mending, facial tissue.

Comments: Holy fucking shit. Fuck. Fuckery. Tom foolery. Diesel 10 was squashed- and his innards were bleeding. I can’t. No. It’s just. He’s a dying engine- and now he has some of his body crushed. I have no idea how to handle this. I hope he lives. His face is fucked. So is his innards.

Signed, Shaun T.


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The cast of Denis Ten's show!

Shows in Almaty from May 29-30 and Astana on June 1st (not sure if this is the entire cast) Denis Ten Mao Asada Daisuke Takahashi Carolina Kostner Evan Lysacek Stephane Lambiel Tatiana Totmianina/Maxim Marinin Tatiana Volosozhar/Maxim Trankov Mirai Nagasu Nathalie Pechalat/Fabian Bourzat Joannie Rochette Elladj Balde Brian Joubert (full cast announced on d10’s twitter)

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12 13 14 27 & 30 x

12. A player you’re very critical with from another team?

ummm prob messi idk

13. What bothers you most about the football fandom on tumblr?

i mean sometimes the ongoing madridista cute drama but then again sometimes its funny so 😩

14. What bothers you most about the football fandom in general?

some so-called fans boo their own players. i think thats extremely rude and just shows what kind of “fan” you really are. and the racism. i hate the racism in football itself.

27. How many jerseys do you own?

none 😰 i want so many tho

30. Who are the best people in the tumblr football fandom?

@girouds @jamesfc @senorcasillas @thotneymar @weigl-weigl-weigl @benihowedes @twasoffside @diegocostars (<— !!!) @tonisidehoe @sunnyandwoody @miasansatan @calmacalma @ucls @papapique @aubameyeah @alcantarara @darth-bale @sanikerrr @chintzychin @rollingmyreus @dork-reus @stenzels @footballcrown @juansteiger @hectorsnut @mario-hotze @mariothesun @galabartra @benzu @sampers @dxbayern @ginterwonderland @fcbarnyard @theytalkedofdragons @thomassholemuller @naymarsjr @zlatanstrophywife @k7ngnaldo @messisballondor @hendobadger @zinedinez @filipeluis @thegoodmadrid @wieauchimmeroderdoch @debushit @balenaldos @tinyjordialba @sweetlunarian @danialvse @penaldo @meslut @gutilicious @sebastiangiovinco @bavaern @fcgriezmann @grandeatleti @mrhummels @sandinjar @d10-s @aaronramsy @joyeuxoli @marchinoreus @brazilianzaddys @cutie-muller @antoinebenzema @mattshummels @lewandurmski @dortmund-yellow-wall @bae-rn 

just to name a few :)