update: hey guys. just want to pop in with some good news and say hi.

i can’t believe i’m even typing this - i have been accepted to my dream dental school, with a scholarship! i’ve pretty much been on cloud nine for the past few days.

i am so grateful the studyblr community exists. i made this blog the semester before i took my DAT exam and applied, and being here with all you inspirational people has made all the difference. 

with that being said, i hope to transition my studyblr into a more personal, dental school-themed blog over the next year (i start school in august!). you guys will have the chance to learn more about me and what it’s like to be a dental student, and i will try to post resources to help pre-med and pre-dental students. i won’t have any cool content until the summer and will prob just be here reblogging things until then lol. but just a head’s up in case anyone’s interested. :) 

judy | jujustudy