A quick sketch of Rishas, Lucifer’s eldest child, and her mighty and powerful father nuzzling one of his babies. Luci may be one of the strongest vampire alive, and not really deserving of the title “father of the year”, he still adores all his children.

I don’t know why he’s half-nude, though, don’t ask me. I know nothing.


Situmo’s family ! Rather, here is his parents and his litter (there’s a second one, but even Tumblr thinks they made too much children, so I’ll post it afterwards -dead- ). They all died in a raid, Situmo only got out out because the chief of the gang was a weirdo and thought it was a good way to prove they weren’t heartless (ha ha….) Anyway, presentations below :

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Panny and the band of orphans she ends up in when she leaves for Sterling’s castle.

Situmo is the eldest (I’d say he’s in his twenties), and he’s both the supervisor and the caretaker of the group. While he’s generally stern and a man of few words, he’s actually really protective of the little group, not even hesitating to bare his fangs in front of superiors if he considers they’re a danger to them. (Also, he’s huge. Like, in lupine form his size is closer to a bear than a wolf)

You know Panny. She hasn’t changed.

Vevan is the only noble of the wards, hence the rainbow hair. He might have a predisposition for magic, but it didn’t show yet. He also might be from a warmer, more desertic region, as he gets very excited and mesmerized everytime there’s rain - it’s the only thing that can get him to go outside, as he generally hates to step out of the castle’s walls.

Timel is a brat - even to their creator, by hiding their gender. Eff you Timel.
Really carefree, always up for a laugh or a prank, anything that can light up the atmosphere.