kasaayi があなたの投稿に返信しました “ppl adopted christianity because it was politically convenient you…”

Similar thing happened in the Kongo Kingdom (referring to the pre-colonial Kingdom in what is now western D.R.Congo, Northwestern Angola and Southern Republic of Congo) When the king converted to Catholicism many royal and officials followed suite because it made political sense. At the time the Kongo Kingdom and Ethiopia were the most influential Christian states in Africa. Traditional religions wasn’t outlawed it just synchronised with Catholicism and common people
accepted Catholicism because they saw it as similar to traditional Kongo religion so there was never ever any need for forced conversions. The royals and officials deffo saw the benefits of becoming a Catholic state, it built relationships in Ethiopia and Portugal

thats very interesting!!!!

Refugee Street Studio

Bulengo IDP Camp

Goma, D.R. Congo. 

Refugee camps are spaces of uncertainty and transience. Many people arrive in the camps having lost not only their homes but also most of their possessions, including family photographs. Exiled from ones home, facing an uncertain future and a lost past, a family photo can be a powerful and precious object which can help support a sense of connectedness and belonging. 

                  Alexia Webster