My school was selling KRISpy Kreme D.O.nuts!!!!!!

my reaction to such news:

So i went to go buy some, but they were all sold out.

The next day in class my friend tells me they are selling more

Buys me a KRISpy kreme D.O.nut and chows down in class:

SATISFIED AS HECK (I wonder if Kris and D.O taste that sweet??)

omg i had so many exo feels while eating the donut ,lol couldn’t stop giggling, so my friend (who know i like kpop, but he really doesn’t like it) was all like “Stop giggling you weirdo!! Those Koreans are NOT that funny!!!”

hahahaha, but srsly. Non k-pop fans don't know what they’re missing

Q: Is there a Valentine’s Day memory most memorable to you?

A: When I was younger, I couldn’t receive any chocolate from anyone so I went to the supermarket and bought some for myself and ate them alone. (It’s a bitter memory… ㅜㅜ)


*I cant believe this..Kyungsoo sshi, if I have known you before..I would've given you all the chocolate in the world!! You wouldn't have that bitter memory…how I wish I knew you before~

Happy Birthday my squishy D.O.nuts!!