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Exo Being. . .Exo

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Kim Minseok/Xiumin GIF Spam!

Dedicated to you, ohnonotexo <3 Since you’re most likely on your phone, I’m gonna try to make it shorter but I’ll probably end up making it wayyy too long. Sorry not sorry about that (◠‿◠✿) 

Let’s start with the cute and probably random ones!

*forgets how to life*

Minnie being tickled :3

(Chanyeol, Minnie and then Baek) Look at him jamming ;-;

Uhh excuse me? What are you guys doing?…

Pink hair! ;)

What are you doing Minnie? xD

Awwwwwwww ;;;-;;; kissing soo’s cheek ;-;

Ahhhh look at his smiiile! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ

More pink hair! ;)))


And now to the smexehhh…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(I don’t know why, but I find that (↓) really feaking smexeh xD)

*sassy hair flip*

(and also, why is that so sexy? ↓ )

so sexy xD yeep ↓ 

Eeeeeeyees !!!

why is his walk hot? wth xiumin ↓ 

I couldn’t leave this one out xD

go minnie, go minnie, go minnie!

this gif….. this fahking gif. ….. *whispers* xiuuuhaaannn

We can’t have a sexy minseok spam without some smexy abs right? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I have too many tbh.. I’m sorry, I have sinned once again. Someone spray me with holy water plz (╥﹏╥)

Look at baek being a little shit and pulling his shirt up :’D

Cuddling with EXO

~Female version

~Male version

Sehun: *he likes to have his noodle limbs wrapped around you, and although he never says so, he loves when you snuggle into his chest or his neck - it gives him the perfect opportunity to sneak kisses onto your forehead but then deny doing anything when you giggle and confront him about it*

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Kai: *he always wants to see your face when you’re cuddling, so any position that allows him to do this is good for him. He doesn’t have a “favourite way” to cuddle as such, so each time is random and different but neither of you mind. It’s perfect enough to just lay there with each other, sometimes talking, more often not*

Tao: *most of the time Tao would like to lay down on you. He’d love snuggling into you, and don’t even get me started when you play with his hair. Talking while cuddling is something Tao would like, whether it was just talking about each other’s days or nonsense, he doesn’t mind*

D.O: *since he is a naturally reserved person, he’d only cuddle with you when you were completely alone as for him, it was something private and intimate. He likes to hold you against his chest while you talk about anything that takes your fancy, not expecting him to answer but you know he’s listening. Every now and then he’d peek down to look at you, and if you ever caught him staring at you, he’d quickly look away and his cheeks would turn red as you laugh at him and give him a small kiss*

Chanyeol: *cuddling with Chanyeol is rarely peaceful because he’s a giant playful dough ball idek im tired. He likes spooning with you since he’s so tall he most likely can easily smother you with his arms and legs. He’d trap you in his arms and tickle you or tease you or just…bite you I guess. However when cuddling is calm for you, like when you’re sleeping, he holds you carefully and close with his face in your hair, not really caring if it tickles him because he wants to be as close as he can to you. He’s probably a bit clingy!*

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Chen: *being the massive goofy troll he is, cuddling is always..eventful shall we say. He often tricks you into cuddling with him but then starts tickling you, and no matter how many times he does this you never learn! But when he is in serious cuddle mode, he holds you as close as he comfortably can to his body and gives you smol kisses on your cheek or neck. He likes spooning or having you turn around and face him so he can look right at you. Tbh he loves cuddling, so the trolling usually doesn’t last long!*

Baekhyun: *is the definition of clingy, but honestly it’s the best thing ever. Whether you’re reading or on your phone, he’s going to be snuggling into you until eventually he has you cuddling him back. He likes having his arms around you and sneaking little kisses on your cheeks, your arms or your lips*

Lay: *he always wants to cuddle as you both fall asleep, and is perfectly content with lying there facing each other. He likes to play with your hair or have you gently stroke his hair or caress his face - just don’t touch le neck! You two often fall asleep like this, and honestly your favourite part of the day is when you both settle down to cuddle every night*

Suho: *spooning is all I have to say. Seriously this guy loves it. The feeling of your body pressed against his and your arm clutching around the one he has on your waist ugh. Bonus (for both of you) he’s in the perfect position to give you little kisses on your temple, cheek or neck. Suho is definitely one of the best huggers in EXO, because he really shows how much he loves you when y’all cuddle and snuggle* 

Kris: *don’t get me wrong, Kris is amazing to cuddle with when he’s in the mood, but sometimes the way you cuddle can be a bit…odd. I can see Kris wanting to just lay stretched out on the bed like in the gif and snuggle a bit, or on the floor of the living room and snuggle a bit, enjoying being with each other and talking about anything from how your day went to origins of the universe. He’s not the most affectionate, but when he is feeling fluffy and touchy he’s great to cuddle. He’s tall which means he can easily snake his long-ass legs around you so you can’t escape - but I mean, why would you want to tbh*

Luhan: *he likes to cuddle with you lying on top of him. This way when he holds you in his arms he feels like he’s protecting you and feels the most comfortable this way. He might lean up to give you a lil kiss every now and then. When sleeping though, he’d prefer you to rest your head on his chest so he can stroke your hair as you fall asleep and one of his arms would be around your waist or gently rubbing your back*

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Xiumin: *the.greatest.hugger. He likes to lie down close next to you as you talk to him about whatever interesting thing happened that day. He’d happily lie there and hold your hands, playing with your fingers or booping your nose and laughing at your reaction. Even though he’s a little shy at first, he also gives you little surprise kisses randomly and just loves to be there next to you and falls in love with you more. He likes to spoon as well so he can hide in your hair and hold your waist or give you light, tickly neck kisses* 

some of these are bad im so sorry its 2am but i really wanted to finish this

NOTE- by male and female versions, all I mean is that the gifs on each post appeal more either to the specified gender, the actual descriptions have nothing to do with gender.

I don’t own these gifs, full credit to the respective owners

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Cuddling with EXO

 ~Male version

~Female version

Sehun: *when he’s not being a brat, Sehun is actually very romantic and cute. He likes to lie facing you and has no personal space, so don’t be surprised if your noses are touching. When you’re both sleeping he likes to wrap his noodle limbs around your body so you can’t escape*

Kai: *cannot resist you when you come over to him and snake your arms around his neck, and he slides his hands across your waist and holds you close. Sometimes he lifts your shirt up slightly so he can run his hands along your smooth back comfortingly, and the two of you often stand silently for a few minutes like this swaying from side to side*

Tao: *he loves cuddling but might be a bit hesitant at first. Sometimes when you’re both sleeping he puts his arm around you whilst still half asleep and mumbles “hug” and you both cuddle up and fall back asleep like this aaah. He likes to spoon, being the little spoon though*

D.O: *you two usually cuddle up on the bed or couch at night, and he loves it when you lean on his chest and put your arm across his body. You usually fall asleep on him like this, feeling safe as he holds you tight and he gently caresses your face. Since he’s usually quite shy, he’d use this opportunity to gaze down at you and take in every feature of your face as you sleep peacefully*

Chanyeol: *is very affectionate and loves cuddling with you. It’s rarely calm cuddling though since he’s very playful, so expect lots of random bear hugs and tickling. He likes to give you cheek kisses too and to wrap his long arms around your body. His go to position is spooning or half spoon, him being the bigger spoon most of the time*

Chen: *has a high tendency to drape himself over your body . You might just be calming lying on your bed or the couch watching TV and oh look a wild Chen appears out of nowhere and is now lying on top of you! If he wasn’t in the mood for poking at your ribs, he’d give you little pecks all down your face from your temples to your neck aah. He likes cradling with you or being the big spoon as you both fall asleep*

Baekhyun: *is basically a baby koala when it comes to cuddling, and would cling onto you tight no matter how hard you attempt to push him off so you can breathe properly. You don’t mind though, as having him bury his face into your neck or you back is the best thing ever, especially when he sneaks lil kisses onto whatever bare skin he can reach*

Lay: *always wants to see your face when you’re cuddling and whenever you’d turn away from him laughing he pulls you back to face him and gives you a kiss. Will always want to cuddle with you at night when you’re both sleeping, and he sometimes uses his puppy eyes imagine it omg on you. When you give in at his cuteness he plays with your hair gently until you’re asleep in his arms, and he stays awake just a bit longer so he can look down at your peaceful face, smiling gently as he loves you more*

Suho: *is a very “traditional” cuddler and loves to have you lean on his chest as he has an arm around your waist protectively. He also loves spooning, and the feeling of your warm body against his as he gives small breathy kisses on your temples and neck. Honestly I think he’s the member who likes/needs to cuddle the most,  and can almost get a bit clingy when he’s feeling fluffy and touchy*

Kris: *when Kris is in the mood for cuddling, he’s surprisingly clingy. He’ll drag you over to him and just envelop you in a trap of his long-ass arms and legs and you both talk about anything that comes to your minds. He occasionally traces kisses down your neck, especially when he’s spooning you. Whatever position you’re both cuddling in, you’ll both usually be stretched out on the bed or, in some cases, the floor*

Luhan: *usually would like you lying on top of him so he can gently rub your back and lean up to give you sweet kisses every now and then. Will not object to you leaning your head on his chest and stroking THOSE ABS or caressing his face, and will put his arm around your waist so he feels like he’s protecting you. When going to sleep he gently plays with your hair and gives you a light lil forehead kiss as you doze off in his arms*

Xiumin: *is a fantastic hugger and listener, and if ever you’ve had a bad day he pulls you into his arms and lets you rant about whatever’s on your mind. He likes lying next to you and playing with your hands as you talk, softly tracing the faint lines and interlocking his fingers with yours. Xiumin is one for random surprise kisses, so expect his cute lips on your cheek or your own lips. He likes spooning and cradling so he can snuggle into your hair and breathe in your familiar scent or give you cheeky neck kisses can you tell he is bias ugh*

islol soz again if these are kinda crappy it’s 4am this time!

 NOTE- by male and female versions, all I mean is that the gifs on each post appeal more either to the specified gender, the actual descriptions have nothing to do with gender.

I don’t own these gifs, full credit to the respective owners

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hey, can u make a spam with your favorite kaisoo moments???

Hello anon! Well, instead of doing a spam of my favorite kaisoo moments, I rather show you Kaisoo most “wtf” moments. They’re in my heart as well, but they are the kind of weird moments, like “buddies don’t do this with other buddie”, type.

This one, for example. They were probably rehearsing, ok, perfect. But either Jongin and Kyungsoo needed to stare at each other like that. Can u just feel the tension in the air? Yeah, me too.

This gifset is actually one of my favorites. I don’t know if I’ll be able to explain why, but here I go: First, the fucking tension in the air. WTFFFFF. Idk if it’s  because Jongin is staring at Kyungsoo’s lips and the way Kyungsoo looks at the cookie between Jongin’s mouth before he eat it. And after, they fuck stare at each other’s eyes, even with the cameras around them. OMG!!! Maybe I’m overreacting in this one, but fuck this shit. Kaisoo’s shippers are known to be delulu, right?

You didn’t need to do this Jongin. You really didn’t. 

Just me that thinks Jongin hold Kyungsoo’s hand just because he wanted to? If you see the gif/video for this, Kyungsoo was supposed to get this chair closer to Jongin’s but this reason it’s not enough to explain why Jongin hold his hand one second longer than he should.

One of my favorites, tbh. No comment.

SOOO unecessary Jongin. Even if Jongin’s dream is to be an actor sponsored by SM and all, he didn’t need to make such an effort with the banner. He could just be random about what Kyungsoo wanted, but no! Why not? Let just say that my hyung wants love and make a straight/embarassed face after that. Very convincing.

Kyungsoo telling Jongin “pretty”. How convenient. It made my heart beat fast, tbh.

Jongin’s stare at Kyungsoo’s ass by the mirror is very evident. No additional comment needed.

The way Jongin held the pepero while feeding Kyungsoo was so… Weird? Intimate? Idk. But it’s obvious that he made Ksoo’s lips touch his fingers on propouse. I don’t know if it turns him on but whatever.

A BTS moment. I just love it, because it shows a lot of things without using words, like how Kyungsoo can be a clingy person with Jongin and how Jongin doesn’t mind about Ksoo’s touches and, most important of all, how they’re natural back stage. I mean, if this was only for fanservice, they would do it on stage or whatever, but, this is so intimate, so private (even with their fans around them) and I think it’s beautiful.

You can see a lot of another wtf  Kaisoo moments around tumblr, I’m just showing my fave ones… I’m sorry about this, it’s my first spam post, I hope you like it. And the pictures or gifs used aren’t mine!!!

I think it’s so cute when I'm looking at Jongin because he’s my bias and I realise that he is staring at kyungsoo so intensive.

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This gif breaks my heart when kyungsoo smiles looking at jongin and he smiles back , it’s just so precious because he’s staring so intensive without listen only smiles because kyungsoo do it.

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girl, I rlly liked ur spams. Make another one for me? Please?

Well, anon, here I am with another spam. This time, it’ll be kind of personal, because today’s spam will be about moments that made me ship Kaisoo. I really hope you don’t mind~

This is one of the first moments who made me pay attention to them. For me it’s iconic because it was the first show I saw EXO together and it made me laugh my ass off. It made me like Kyungsoo as well, because he’s freaking cute, but loves spank all the other members. So, when he made the mistake and Defcon asked who wanted to beat Kyungsoo with the hammer, everyone raised their hands. Everyone, except for Jongin. And it made me curious, because, he just stared at all the other raised hands and just… I don’t know how to explain, but this moment has a lot of meanings to me, like, the other members said that Kyungsoo hit Jongin at their door too, like the rest of them, but, in a moment like this, he was the only one (besides Lay, but Lay doesn’t count because he was supposed to heal at that time) who just stand still, and… Fuck, my feels asKaweuhDAUS.

This will always be a relevant moment. No more comment needed for this.


Since then (EXO Showtime is life), I started to look for old Kaisoo moments and I found this

And this is a crazy Jongin who stares at Kyungsoo who is doing nothing at the moment (just breathing and, you know, existing).

THIS IS MY FAVE MOMENT AT ALL THE TIMES, PLS ( I don’t have any reasons for love this, just feel. FEEL!)

So precious, I cry.

This one is so cute, because it looks intimate, like “look hyung, it just reminded me of u, look at how cute he is, look at how cute you are” AND KSOO’S SIMILING, GO AWAY FROM ME.

Just a normal pic of a bff sitting on his buddy’s lap, not a big deal.

Kill me now, someone (yes, it’s Jongin’s fingers).

I just love how they’re in sync sometimes, if it doesn’t show how intimate they are, I don’t know what else will.

Ksoo is like “fuck, they saw us”, but doesn’t let Jongin go away.

Jongin protect Kyungsoo’s eyes from the light, so much cuteness in one gif!

Kaisoo in sync. Again (i told u it was a normal thing).

Even their manager needs to control Jongin because the thirst is big! I know Kaisoo is a setup from SMEvil, but even then don’t want Jongin to act all the time. How smart of them.

Penguin dance. I just love see EXO performances of Angel because in all Kaisoo’s moments to dance together, they look happy to appreciate each other’s company.

Ksoo’s laugh is life when Jongin mumbles this sentence, he doesn’t know if he’s happy or embarassed or shocked, it’s so cute. And you can see Jongin looking straight at him…

His smirk is just full with second intentions, omg. I can’t understand how some ppl say Kaisoo is “so fake”. I mean, I think it’s so easy to read Jongin’s expressions most of the time. If he didn’t actually enjoy it, we would see between the lines. But he looks genuinely turned on confortable with Ksoo’s hands on his hair. But maybe the haters are right. Maybe he’s so good in acting that he’s just pretending in front of the cameras, because SM told him too. We’ll never know.

They have a lot of another amazing moments who made me fall in love with them. I’m with a lot of feels rn, so I’ll not extend myself explaining my opinions about what each one of these gifs and pictues, but you can feel something different. I felt this something, that’s why I’m here today doing this spams. A lot of people say this ship is fake, others say that hate them together and stuff, but Kaisoo is so complex that you need to understand their personalities and the deepness inside each gaze or touch to really appreciate them.

The gifs or pics used don’t belong to me at all! Cr. to the owners.