d.o's voice

sehun: actually, there is something that i’m curious about… i wrote the letters and kyungsoo hyung delivered it to the members and that’s why we gathered here but how did you guys come here?
fans: ticketing!
sehun: i was so sure that i only wrote 8 letters so how did you all come here?
fans: we got it through yes24!
sehun: via yes24?
fans: yes!
sehun: kyungsoo hyung, what happened to this? did you copy the invitation?
jongdae: he (kyungsoo) scanned it!
kyungsoo: it is not that, actually… i’m a yes24 employee…


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EXO Vol. 4 - THE WAR (favorite parts compilation)
EXO Vol. 4 - THE WAR (favorite parts compilation)

i compiled all my favorite parts from the album :) enjoy 💕

1. kyungsoo’s “what’s the situation” in the eve
2. sehun singing (the eve)
3. baek&umin’s “shimmie shimmie kokobop”
4. ksoo’s voice + most fav part in kokobop c:
5. sehun+chanyeol (kokobop)
6. chanyeol’s “saranghae” + exo’s adlibs in what u do
7. chanyeol&sehun rap in forever
8. chorus in diamond!!!
9. ksoo’s english (diamond)
10. ksoo’s adlibs in touch it
11. jongin’s voice in chill
12. soo rapping (chill)
13. chill’s breakdown
14. chen&baek’s(?) adlibs + high note in walk on memories
15. ksoo’s adlibs in the beginning of going crazy
16. chorus in going crazy
17. baek’s falsetto in going crazy!!

part 2

stream exo’s kokobop mv on yt and stream the album on melon and other music sites! :D