d.o kyungsoo


My fave ship so I wanted to make a spam bc why the hell not :)

Okay so I’m going to split it into parts - Lets go!

Lets just start with the basics - Kaisoo just together

But they be synchronized though

just together for the moment

Quickly move onto cute kaisoo

They just sitting but it’s still cute af

Take that picture bet it turned out cute

They always smiling/laughing together though

for real

laugh away

Catch each others eye


smiling in the air

smiling on the stage - look at how happy D.O actually looks aww

kaisoo clearly having some banter

more banter for kaisoo

Dance banter

Kai proclaiming his love for Kyungsoo

Kyungsoo proclaiming his love for Kai

Made sure to mention Kyungsoo when he missed the album of the year award in 2013

They share the love so we got some looks going on here, hey look at D.O eating best view everrr

out of all the places to look at I must look at D.O, no option here just gotta do it

How dare you even touch D.O, honestly Suho who even are you

Someone is touching D.O alert

Not anymore

Okay Chen is doing it too

Dammit Chen you are not in Kai’s good book atm

Intense staring from jongin

Chenkai innocently holding hands

Chen is causing more controversy for kaisoo

Must follow Kai with my eyes 

and remember when they had their couple fight and Jongin kept his distance the entire time whilst looking at D.O every 5 second bc I do

Gotta check him out

Close up here but like I don’t blame him to be honest



More compliments

When Kyungsoo said that Kai is the best dancer and that he thinks no one will be as good as him for the next few years

Kai gets him

I just wanna hug youu

My Kai

Still mine

Sitting on Kai

Woah getting close there pal

Leaning on Jongin

Hold that hand, get that daily dose of skinship

Gotta touch Kyungsoos hand only

Touch that ear bc why the hell not

Birthday hugs


Must sit on the lap

Never forget the day Jongin sexy danced in front of D.O

Dance buddies

They dancing again

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Oh and lets not forget that time when Kai covered his mouth and turned around and called D.O ‘Jagi’ thank you very much :)

That concludes this post bc it is already outrageously long even though I am sure that I have missed out a million other GIFS

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*

when will Kyungsoo realizes that Kai has a crush on him

i mean look at the way he always stare at him but kyungsoo never notices  

and the way he looks at other members when they’re talking to kyungsoo and laughing with him 

or how he smiles right away when kyungsoo  looks at him 

and Kai always looks so serious but when around Ksoo he’s just 

What dating D.o Kyungsoo would be like;

Feel free to request but it may take a while so patience is key lovelies.

• Breakfast in bed
• When you both go for walks together, he would stop dead in the middle of the street, turn his head a little bit and randomly start walking in the opposite direction to which you was going and dragging you behind him.


• Baths together because then you can be lazy and let him wash you, he would pretend to complain but secretly loves it.
• Spontaneous pastries brought because when he walked past the bakery, he couldn’t resist.
• He’d be sleeping a lot due to awkward schedules so he would need to cuddle you to fall asleep.
• Just Kyungsoo in general
• Serious dense moments that would leave you in tears.

“I think the reason why my stage name is D.O is because it’s my last name”

“Everyone has different DNA?”

• He looks fucking fantastic in a suit.
• His acting skills are so on point that in one his dramas “its ok, that’s love” made you cry your eyes out and simultaneously so proud of him.
Hair porn
• Food porn
• KAISOO (Have to ask to date Kyungsoo)
• You’re practically dating the entire beagle line because they won’t leave Kyungsoo alone

“Soo you made the food too hot”

“I did say not to eat yet, but did you listen? Nope so it’s your own fault!”

• You massage his sore limbs after practice
• Then hot af sex because he couldn’t resist you with the way you massaging his thighs
• Date nights every Saturday and if it’s a company thing, he would take you and show you off.
• But occasionally  Jongin or Chanyeol join in on the fun
• Baking together, ends up in a food fight and then moody Soo because there is mess everywhere
• Kinks ;)
• Dominance, shy Soo is no more
• Submission too
• Smirking, we all know that when those hella af lips turn up slightly at one side- shit is going down
• Make out sessions randomly, it could be in the middle of practice or at an award show because you’re his and he can do that whenever he wants to.
• But you get the innocent kisses too, where his eyes just linger on yours as he leans in closer to you and gently pecks your lips.
• Butt touching, like he just puts his hand there. No big deal, it’s his butt so he gets to touch the butt.
• Sharing ear phones, one bud in his ear and the other in yours or you have lil gadget that allows to people to listen at the same time using their own ear phones
• Sings to you all the time, like he could ask you to fetch him a shirt and he’d sing it.
• You play with his hair because it looks so thick and soft and it gets to the point where he practically falls asleep.
• Read to each other, take turns. You could be in the bath together and his head is on your chest while you read to him
• Constantly touch each other like newlyweds, literally never too far away from each other.
• Tried to braid your hair, plait it, pig tails or anything simple to do

“Got to be prepared for our future daughter Y/N”

“But what if it’s a boy?”

“Then we’ll be rabbits and fuck till we get daughter, ok?”

• Cute selcas
• Silly selcas
• Sexy selcas ;)
• You fangirling at an EXO concert and he calls out to you while on stage and sings for you
• Cheeky cupboard/ spare waiting room sex while at an EXO concert because he’s stressed and you want help but also because, why the fuck not?
• Movie nights
• Food shopping

“You two make an eye pleasing couple, your parents must be so proud!”

• Theme parks
• Water parks
• Watching him beat up everyone on stage
• Looking at the adoration in his eyes when you’re both eating chicken for dinner.
• Wearing his clothes and they fit perfectly on you
• He gets sassy when you mention height

“I’m not small, I’m fun sized and you know that ;)”