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Sex with EXO analysis

For the smut lovin’ nation out there. Me being apart of it lol. Here’s my interpretation of how OT12 would be in bed…’cause I’m bored haha.  Enjoy.


  • Kris: Oh my. Sex with EXO’s sex god would be…mind-blowing to say the least. He would be rough and merciless. Lots of hard, deep, powerful thrusting. He would be quite audible during sex…lots of groaning and growling. He would also be quite the dirty talker. He’d whisper to you every once in a while demanding you to call for him and moan for him. “Scream for me baby girl,” he’d say. He might even go to the extent of slut shaming if he was feeling really kinky that day. He probably has a spanking and hair pulling kink so expect that. Yifan would be dominant—beyond belief. He’d always be on top. The only time you would be able to top him is if he feels like you’ve earned it. Needless to say, you’d be up all night with this sex demon. 

  • Kai: Sex with Jongin would be incredibly romantic. There would be an innumerable amount of kissing with him. He is also a very touchy lover, therefore I see a lot caressing, groping, and just touching in general. Not a single area of your body would go unexplored with Kai. His thrusts would be long and deep, so you two can savor each fleeting interval before he delivers another exotic thrust to your body. He won’t say much. He is more of the moaning type. The sound of Jongin’s breathy gasps and moans immersed in enjoyment would delicately envelop your ears, much to your pleasure. He is dominant but occasionally will let you be on top, just to enjoy the image of your body rising and descending upon his member, while your head is thrown back in unalloyed pleasure. Truly an event. 

  • Suho: Sex with Joonmyun would also be romantic but in a vanilla sort of way. Joonmyun is a gentleman and will be as such in the bedroom. He would shower you with all sorts of compliments like: “I love you so much Jagi, you’re beautiful,” or “you’re perfect Jagi…” The sex itself would be slow but in a pleasing manner. His thrusts would be slow and moderate, every once in a while he will lean in to plant kisses on your face. Suho does have a bit of a kinky side to him…nothing too extreme though. But he does not have a median to express that on his own accord so you would have to initiate it if you’re willing to. *wink* 

  • Chen: Oh dear, another kinky one. Jongdae in bed would be an adventure each time. He would be such a tease. He’d want you in control; you to pleasure him with whatever means. When he’s impressed, then he’ll give you a little sugar in return. Jongdae would be incredibly talkative. He’d basically narrate the entire sex session. He would utter things like: “Yeah baby just like that, keep going,” and “Don’t stop baby…oh god you’re so good” and “Ah yeah, that’s my girl…just like that.” I see him being really into doggy style. Thrusting into you while you grip the sheets, screaming into your pillow while he delivers a few well rounded spanks to your ass would turn him on greatly. Although he is mostly on top, I can see Chen really enjoying you riding him. I especially see him enjoying reverse cowgirl. It would all be highly convivial. 

  • Sehun: This little brat will be taking his brattiness to the bed without a doubt. Sex with Sehun would be kinda like sex with Kris. In the sense that he would be so freakin’ dominant for the entire duration. He might let you ride him, but only briefly. He would also be very talkative during sex. But he will only say things that meet with his satisfaction; things he wants to hear. “Yeah baby you like that?” “How badly do you want me Jagi? Show me how much you want me.” The little shit haha. The sex itself would be fast paced and rough. He’d grip your sides roughly as he thrusts into you with power and vigor, hitting all the right spots with impeccable timing. Seeing your face contort with clear registration of the pleasure would only drive him to get more reactions out of you. 

  • Chanyeol: Sex with our happy virus would be really fun and playful. He might crack a few lighthearted jokes here and there during the duration of the sex. During the foreplay is when he would be most lighthearted and playful, kissing your body in it’s entirety while murmuring a few jokes. But then, once the sex initiates, that’s when I see his rough side manifesting.  Like Chen, I see Chanyeol being really into doggy style. And like Kris, he might have a hair pulling kink, just a slight one. His thrusts would be lightning fast, but powerful, each one delivering bursts of pleasure each time. He wouldn’t say much, just lots of growling and grunting would be heard from him. Very energetic, fast sex. 

  • Lay: Lay would be such a sweetheart in bed. He would be incredibly romantic and sweet, putting your needs and pleasure as a priority while his is secondary. I can see him doing the cliche rose petals on the bed, romantic music in the background routine to really set the mood. There would be lots of kissing and caressing. He would murmur his ‘I love you’s’ while moaning softly throughout the sex. There would be an immense amount of foreplay beforehand. Intercourse itself would be slow but savory. He would always ask if you’re alright and make sure you’re enjoying yourself. Yixing is a very vanilla guy so I don’t see much kinkiness transpiring during sex. However, if you ask for something kinky, depending on what it is, he might comply. As long as you’re receiving all the satisfaction you need, that’s all the reassurance he needs. 

  • Luhan: Luhan is also a very romantic lover, therefore sex with our deer would be very sweet and saccharine. I see sex with Luhan being sweet in an erotic way rather than a vanilla way. There would be a lot of prolonged kissing and foreplay, mostly with you on the receiving end. Luhan is probably masterful at oral sex, so expect a lot of that. Like Kai, he won’t say much. Just lots of satisfied moans would escape his lips with each thrust he delivers. However, Luhan does have a rough side to him. If he gets turned on enough, that’s when you’ll be in for it. 

  • Baekhyun: Baek is definitely on the kinky side. Sex with Baekhyun would be lively…you’ll never know what you’re gonna get from this boy. His speciality lies in the foreplay department, especially with fingering. Him thrusting those long, pretty fingers of his into you, while you claw at the bedsheets, gasping his name breathlessly would certainly drive him over the edge. His thrusts would be brisk, but potent. They would be enough to send you into an enraptured state. He would use a lot of pet names with you in bed, calling you his “naughty girl,” or his “sex kitten.” Like I said, he is kinky, so prepare yourself for all sorts of new things. He’ll definitely whip out a few toys on you every now and then, so keep alert!

  • Xiumin: Minseok is…an interesting one to say the least. I see him being more on the submissive side. He relishes seeing you on top, straddling him. Anything you want him to do to you, he’ll comply; he’s yours to command. He is a bit of a freak so if you’re into some crazy positions or kinks, he’ll happily go with it because more than likely he is into the same things. The only time Xiumin would talk is when he wants to make sure he’s doing alright. “Is this how you like it Jagi?” “Am I doing alright Jagi?” He can be dominant, but only if that’s what you want~

  • D.O: Ah, our squishy Kyungsoo. He’s another romantic type. He would be an absolute gentleman in bed. Constantly asking if you’re alright and if anything hurts. He performs at the pace you feel best with. Expect lots of kissing and foreplay from him, because that’s what he would relish in most. Sex would carry on at a moderate pace, not too slow but not too fast; just right. It would be impeccable as he thrusts softly into you while kissing you squarely on the lips. Kyungsoo would want to make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world during sex. He will murmur a few amorous compliments about how beautiful you are and how he wants to kiss your entire body. He would worship your body as if it is a sacred temple of immense divinity. 

  • Tao: Tao’s a bit of a tricky one. Sometimes he can be absolutely adorable in bed and other times he can be a dominant, all controlling partner. It all depends on his mood and how badly he wants you. In his adorable mode, you can expect a lot of compliments and addressing you as “princess,” because that’s how he wants to treat you! You can expect lots of kissing and fondling and other foreplay related activities with this kid. But, when he is in dominant mode, expect rough sex. Rough, powerful thrusting is sure to ensue at some point. He would be hellbent on you pleasing him rather than the other way around where he reciprocates. He can be kinky. He’s probably into spanking and obscure positions…he’s a freaky one alright. 

*heavy breathing* 

Did I quench the thirst dear readers? Hope you enjoyed! Please do send me some asks and I’ll happily fulfill your fantasies! ;) 


BTS Reaction To You Fangirling Over EXO

A/N: This is a re-upload from the old “thestorytellerofkpop” account! None of the gifs belong to me and all credit goes to the original owners! :3 -Admin Germane

Jin: “So you bias D.O? Ah, I can see why, he’s a very talented singer jagi. I’m glad that you bias people that are similar to me. Handsome, talented, you have very good taste in men.” *not effected at all*

Suga: “Why do you keep screaming about EXO’s new comeback? Don’t you know that we just came back too? Y/N, come here and listen to our new album, I made most of the songs on here so I know you’re bound to fall in love with one of them.”

J-Hope: “Yah, Y/N, why do you keep trying to dance like Kai? Don’t you know that I can teach you how to dance? See jagiya, look, I can dance too! Don’t you wanna dance with me?”

Rap Monster: “Who? Chanyeol? A better rapper than me? Y/N, he may be good, but he isn’t great like me. You need proof? C’mon over here and let me show you how a real rapper uses his tongue.” *pervert Joonie activated*

Jimin: “Xiumin-hyung? You really bias him? Yeah, I guess he’s cute and all but he’s not as cute as me right Y/N? Oh, you’re just gonna keep squealing about how adorable he is? Okay jagiya, you keep doing that then.”

V: “Baekhyun is your bias? Ew, that’s weird having you bias my mom like that. Maybe you should pay more attention to me instead Y/N, then everything can be less weird okay?”

Jungkook: “So Sehun’s your bias huh? You must have a thing for maknaes, huh Y/N? But really who can blame you, I mean look at me for example. You can not, not find this face attractive right jagiya? Jagiya? Oh you’re fangirling over Sehun again, that’s cool I guess…”

D.O. Personality Analysis

Ah, our 4D Do Kyungsoo! When I first saw the video for ‘Growl’ and knew nothing else about these guys, D.O. caught my eye and ears instantly. He was just adorable, passionate and confident all at the same time, which sums up his personality in general. He’s got an air of being quietly intelligent, like someone with a lot of personal wisdom. In particular, I can see him as someone who doesn’t want to waste any time on someone he doesn’t like, meaning that the friendships he does have are as genuine as can be. He’s not one to let problems simmer, or to spoil the overly-pampered. 

Kyungsoo is a curious mix of being confident and masculine, yet sometimes shy and boyish. Because he sometimes shies away during interviews, it makes it hard for us to see his personality and some may end up perceiving him as being 'cold’. I don’t think this is the case at all: he’s just not someone who wants to lay out every single part of himself for the world to see. Kyungsoo seems to have great confidence in himself as a person, yet still sometimes squirms under the television spotlights, which is understandable, since he’s not someone like Baekhyun or Chanyeol who can be thrown into the spotlight. Sometimes, I worry if he fully participates in things with the others, or whether he sometimes lets the serious side take over too much, but still, most of the time he does join in the antics with the other members. 

He seems to really take criticism to heart, and looks quite defensive and serious if he ever needs to prove his vocal abilities. This isn’t necessarily a bad trait: it just shows how much singing means to him, and how he’ll never stop trying to improve. His strong yet smooth R&B voice, complete with perfect English pronunciation, means that he’ll probably be selling records throughout his entire life. Kyungsoo is one of the most mature members in the group, manifested through his role as the Umma of EXO. He’s a really genuine and non-fussy guy, and I love that he just wants his future girlfriend to enjoy his cooking, to smile heaps and to be pleasantly cute. He shows his affection for his members through simple gestures like cooking for them (despite being annoyed by them), and looking after them.


Apart from his seriousness when it comes to his singing abilities, Kyungsoo just doesn’t seem to care what other people think, or what the popular opinion of him is. This isn’t to say that he doesn’t care about fans: he just doesn’t seem to mind what his popularity ranking is, as long as he gets to continue doing what he loves. His lack of concern about what others think of him is shown through little things like the fact that he’s happy to go to the cinema alone at midnight, or that casually brushed off the fact that Kris thought he had the worst fashion sense out of the group.


External image

Despite not being a lead dancer, Kyungsoo kills the choreography in every dance routine, commanding the stage in his solos, once again showing how much passion and confidence he exudes on stage. 

External image

D.O’s a precious, unpretentious treasure in the crazy world of K-Pop. He just wants to get on with singing, and is a very sincere and deep person. Here, have some Squishy/Derp Soo! (oh, and let’s admire his heart-shaped smile too!)

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Anon Asked: How would EXO react if they caught you drawing them?


gif credit: kai(x) kyungsoo(x) suho(x) sehun(x) chanyeol(x) baekhyun(x)

Kyungsoo: *shy D.O.*  “Ah, what is this are you really drawing me?”

Sehun: *sits next to you and critics* “Ah, I think you got my eyes wrong jagi, please make me more handsome." 

 Suho: *tries to sit still so you can draw him better but ends up laughing* "Yah, this is embarrassing!”

Kai: *chuckles to himself “That girl is too cute…..”

Chanyeol: *fixes himself up“Gotta look good for jagi’s picture….”

Baekhyun: “I’ll let you draw me only if I get to draw you too~”


gif credit: kris(x) lay(x) chen(x) tao(x) xiumin(x) luhan(x)

Tao: *instant model mode* “Isn’t this a cute pose to draw?~~”

Lay: *compliments you* “Waaaaah your art is A+!!”

Luhan: “Hmm, what if you made me look more manly- like this!?”

Xiumin: *gets flustered* “What? Why? You can just look at me, why do you have to draw me?”

Chen: “Just don’t make me look bad.”

Kris: “I’m sure you’ll make me look even better babe~!”