EXO Roasts Xiumin
  • Suho: "You're the only one I can turn to in a crisis... because you're the old and wise. You're almost 30."
  • Lay: "You're shorter than me! ...And you look five."
  • Baekhyun: "It was just going to be CB... but we wanted someone to look good against."
  • Chen: "I may be your wife, but we know who wears the pants in this relationship. Me. Because mine is bigger. So you should be the wife."
  • Chanyeol: "Why are you always asleep during our VLives? Are you getting too old for this life, hyung?"
  • D.O: "It's okay that you're not a loudmouth idiot during our broadcasts and concerts... but it's not okay that you disappear into the abyss and no one can find you on stage."
  • Kai: "I heard you're afraid of pigeons... or maybe you have an inferiority complex?"
  • Sehun: "I can't say bad things about my hyung. Except that I look like his hyung."

D.O - 180917 MLB 2018 F/W

Credit: MLB.