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D.L Hughley To Bill Maher: You’ll Never See A #BlackLivesMatter T-shirt At A GOP Convention (VIDEO)

D.L Hughley To Bill Maher: You’ll Never See A #BlackLivesMatter T-shirt At A GOP Convention (VIDEO)

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As is he is prone to do, D.L Hughley told it like it is, during a segment on Real Time with Bill Maher. During a panel discussion on the Baltimore uprising, panelist Dan Senor, could not seem to comprehend how what is happening in Baltimore is race related, given that Baltimore has many black people in positions of power in the local government.

In response, Hughley quips:

 “I’ll explain…

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"I've never met an angrier group of people. Like black women are angry just in general. Angry all the time."-D.L Hughley's attack on black women.

Here we go again…

Another hateful attack on the black woman. Like we don’t face this foolishness on a daily basis.

Okay, yeah its a comedians job to make people laugh…to make light of situations for a chuckle or two…but when you cross a certain line, its a WRAP.

During an interview with NPR’s Michelle Martin last week to promote his new book and upcoming comedy special, Mr. Hughley was asked about his views on women, more specifically black women. And that’s when the ^^ above quote was said. 

His full quote reads:

“Well, in her ability to kind of tolerate my– it’s her ability to tolerate me, A) and B) I’ve never met an angrier group of people. Like black women are angry in general. Angry all the time. My assessment, out of, just in my judgment, you either are in charge or they’re in charge, so there’s no kind of day that you get to rest”

As a black woman I take offense to his ignorant commentary on angry black women. Similar to a quote I reblogged sometime this week–the biggest misconception is that black women are angry for no reason! Trust & believe Mr. Hughley and others…there are reasons people cannot even fathom to think or understand! 

I’ve always held the notion that black men were the only ones that knew and understood the plight of the black women. I mean we may not be dealing and fighting the same injustices, but we were both fighting the hard battle together. 

It’s ignorant comments like this and those who think along these lines that just sadden me.

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D.L. Hughley Drops A Truth Bomb: If Trump Used The N-Word, He'd Win

D.L. Hughley Drops A Truth Bomb: If Trump Used The N-Word, He’d Win

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Comedian D.L. Hughley dropped a truth bomb on Donald Trump and his band of backwards thinking supporters when he stopped by TMZ reporters at the airport. Given Trump’s notorious nature for saying outlandish things (and his surge in the polls after he does so), Hughley wasn’t too far off when he claimed that should Trump use the n-word, he’d win with Republicans: “I think the more racist stuff…

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Watch D.L. Hughley Call Out Megyn Kelly, Mark Fuhrman, And Fox News On Racism And Policing In America
From the July 13 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

From the 07.13.2016 edition of FNC's The Kelly File:


D.L. HUGHLEY: I didn’t know Mark Fuhrman was going to be here.

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): What did you make of that, because you’re shaking your head?

HUGHLEY: I think that cops have a different perspective than us, and I think it was interesting to hear Mark Fuhrman, who was actually, got in trouble for perjuring himself, call somebody a liar. It’s ridiculous.


HUGHLEY: We were talking about the young man that just got murdered in Minnesota.

KELLY: And the rush to judgment and the assumption you know something when you don’t actually know it.

HUGHLEY: Well first off, what I’ll tell you is this. It is not uncommon for you all to see one thing. The only place racism doesn’t exist is Fox News and the police department.

KELLY: Come on.

HUGHLEY: That’s the only place. That’s absolutely true.

KELLY: That’s insulting. You just insulted millions of people watching this channel.

HUGHLEY: And you know what? I’m insulted by the things I hear on this network, so we’re even. I could care less about insulting people that insult me on a daily basis.


HUGHLEY: I think a lot of people on this network have never seen a black man they didn’t think deserved it.

Glad to see @RealDLHughley read the riot act to #KellyFile host @MegynKelly.



Megyn Kelly D.L. Hughley FULL HEATED Interview On Race & Police 7/13/16

Notice how she tried to deflect the WHOLE time. This what white conservatives are known to do when it comes to issues of sexuality, gender equality, religion, ethnicity, and of course race.

And I love how D.L. talked about proven racism and racist affilliations within departments and called out their whole network and their viewers on them turning a blind eye and being racist themselves. You know he ain’t gonna get invited back lol


“D.L. Hughley On “Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years” | AOL BUILD”

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