Shattered glass headcanons where….

Megatron doesn’t want to fight Rodimus but always manages to run into him during battle. 

Rodimus doesn’t care he’s outmatched and will attack Megatron, but Megatron will either knock him out or just go fight someone else because he afraid that he might seriously kill Rodimus as he still doesn’t know his own strength

Optimus will always send Rodimus after Megatron because he wants to see what will happen, it’s entertainment to him. Plus he knows Megatron doesn't want to kill so sending Rodimus after him he knows is tormenting  Megatron values during the war

Megatron tries to coax Rodimus to the Decepticons 

While Ratchet tries to coax Drift to the Autobots

Instead of the D.J.D being atheist they’re super religious

Vos is known to sprinkle holy water on people randomly

Megatron treats all the phase Sixers like his sons

Megatron and Overlord spar weekly

Black Shadow helps Kaon teach Vos English

The Wreckers are terrifying and Overlord hates them.

Fort Max is terrifying and Overlord hates that

and in this alternate universe, the scavengers are still very much confused

The whole James Roberts/Megatron controversy is wayyy overblown and people are treating James Roberts like he’s writing Megatron as if he never did anything wrong but let’s not forget the following points:

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Heyy, I’ve started writing a new fic, it’s about Agent 113 and how he gets found out. Here’s the first bit, it’s SFW. This, prologue (sort of) is in the first person but I’ll probably swap back to my comfort zone (3rd person) after this. Writing in the First person just felt right for this part. 

Kaon had eyes, they were bright yellow and shone with terrible glee. He didn’t only electrify the body in front of him and make the corpse’s dead metal rattle in the red desert dirt, his energy affected me too. Along with my own conscience, the static made me nauseous, but no matter how I felt, I couldn’t look away. Shunning the murder carried out in front of me would imply that my instincts weren’t aligned with the bloodthirsty credo of the D.J.D. but I also wasn’t entirely capable of burying my disgust. Though I had had much practice, Kaon always noticed the when I was uneasy.

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Transformers: Relapse

Title:  Relapse
Warning:   Dubcon fantasies, injuries and violence, addictions and bad relationships, explicit hatesex.
Rating:  R
Continuity:  IDW, a distant sequel to  Welcome to the Gun Show.
Characters:  Tarn, D.J.D. (Helex, Nickel, Tesarus, Kaon, Vos, the Pet), Overlord.
Disclaimer:  The theatre doesn’t own the script or actors.
Motivation (Prompt):  Commission from @elapuse, for @shokveyv!

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One of Tarn’s unresolved relationships comes back to bite him on the way to confront Deathsaurus.  
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7. An angry text

[text] I can’t believe how many mechs I’ve seen openly associate with the D.J.D. As if they don’t specialize in torture and executions.

[text] The War’s over, but they’re still killing, and NO ONE is trying to stop them. Mechs are just making friends with them instead.