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A day late (I know), but here’s my Harry Potter 20th anniversary post! The four houses of Hogwarts 18th century style! Hope you all like it :D

I remember my first Harry Potter book when I was a child: my mom bought the first one for me (as the Spanish version was quite new) for me to read while on vacation and BOOM a fan was born u.u Whan I think about Harry Potter, I think about one of the key literary and fiction influences from my childhood, along with a Series of Unfortunate Events.

What do these books makes you think about? What do you liked the most about them?

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  • “Madame Henriette de France playing the Viola da Gamba”, 1754, Jean-Marc Nattier.
  • “Portrait of Monsieur de Buissy”, 1745, Joseph Siffred Duplessis, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.


  • “Portrait of a gentleman", late 18th Century, British School.
  • “Portrait of Marie Leczinska”, early 18th century, atelier de Jean Baptiste Van Loo.


  • “Portrait of Marie Fel”, Maurice Quentin de la Tour.
  • “James Erskine, Lord Barjarg and Alva”, 1750, Allan Ramsay, Scottish National Portrait Gallery.


  • “Portrait of Richard Boyle, 2nd Earl of Shannon", Sir Joshua Reynolds.
  • “Self-Portrait with a Harp”, 1791, Rose Adélaïde Ducreux, Met Museum.

anonymous asked:

Hey you should try drawing flowers, just as a sketch or even incorporate them into the style you already use, I feel like we'd like to see the unique style you have put into something just as a fun experiment?

I did some drawings of flowers a couple years ago, here they are. I’m not sure how I’d approach them now.

I was going to test the style I’d be making the birb kids in with this design for a fat birb I had sitting around, but then I fell for him myself.

Curse you you butiful birb

anonymous asked:

You're art is literally how I've always wanted to draw. It's so perfect but it's not overly defined. It's just smooth on the eyes and you can clearly recognize who your muse is. But people have to have a knack for drawing like THAT. 🖤

Thank you, this is a very sweet message. However, you can trust me and other artists when we say that almost everything comes down to practice. I don’t really believe I have a particular knack for drawing something in a particular way automatically, I believe I have a knack for drawing a certain thing in a certain way because that is what I have chosen to draw over and over again. Do different stylistic attributes come through that are unique to each artist? Sure. But if I decided tomorrow that all I was ever going to do was paint watercolors of saguaro cacti in a particular style, then after a while I’d probably have a knack for that too.

zibiremu  asked:

Can't believe how much you have improved.. I remember when all you loved to draw was ArgChi, believe me, I still love those. I'm so amazed at your progress, good job ! Personally, I'd love to see some new ArgChi with your current art style, you'd notice some difference between the "now" and "then". Never give up ! ♡

Aaaahh thank you so so sooo much TvT! Not just for this beautiful message but also for supporting me over all these years! I hope I can continue improving ( ;ω; ) ♡  Also I’m curious about that too so I’ll try to do it!  ♡