d.h peligro


I don’t get why people go see The Dead Kennedys nowadays, I mean I like the music they made with Jello and don’t get me wrong they’re talented and whatnot… but how can you pay to see people who’ve turned their backs on what they believed in? Or what they “said” they believed in anyways. I mean I just don’t get it. It’s probably all those “I iz so punx” people who only care about getting drunk and moshing, and being “punxxxx”. They never really care for the meaning in anything they merely listen to the music to be categorised as punk and probably say they don’t want to conform but then conform by dressing like the stereotypical punk and listen to music they have been told is good and criticise music which they’ve been told is “mainstream”/”conformist music”.
(Just to make this clear I’m not saying dressing like a punk is being conformist - I merely am saying THESE type of people usually dress to fit in and don’t accept others in the “punk” scene because they don’t dress or scream”ANARCHYYYY”).

I call these people “The Exploited Punks”, because The Exploited are the biggest example of a bunch of elitist “punx” who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about when they say “ANAAARCHHHYYY”. Anyways I went off the subject (These people annoy me), I would never go see any band that I know has turned their back on everything that they stood for, I mean it’s okay if their music wasn’t mostly based on this, BUT DK were based on everything they’ve turned their back on! COME ON. Surely the idea of seeing them is legitimising what they’ve done and in fact made all their music void in your eyes? SUREELLY.

But obviously I’m biased as I’m a huge Jello Fangirl…. BUT it’s common sense. ANND Skip is nothing compared to Jello.. Jesus guys.. JEEEESUS.