exo-h evolution chains 08/12

Phase One: Cowlick. His neighbors help trim his hair when he forgets.

Phase Two: Every Day is Hat Day. The hat is still too big for him, but he likes wearing it anyway. It’s also really helpful when looking for him in a crowd.

Phase Three: Who Wants to be a Taste Tester? He’s usually walking around with some sort of new confectionery he’s cooking up. It makes him pretty popular with the rest of the students! Just look for the pointy hat if you’re hungry (and avoid the other kid wearing the D.E.R.P. badge).

exo-h evolution chains 06/12

Stage One: Angel. If you look directly at his smile, you’ll go blind.

Stage Two: Do You Wanna Build a Club? It Doesn’t Have to be a Club… He spends a lot of his time trying to get people to join D.E.R.P., and invites them to his weekly sharing sessions, which the first years can’t refuse because he lovingly guides them to a chair and smothers them with biscuits.

Stage Three: Good Senpai. He backs off a little from his recruitment campaign though if you’re looking for a friendly ear, have you thought about joining D.E.R.P?