7 Months

7 more long months to go … 


I’m wayyyy too excited to go to basic.

But MP is one of my ultimate dreams .. so it’s acceptable.

7 more long months to go …

Can I just ship out to Ft. Leonard Wood like next Monday? Please? 

Can anybody give me the DL on 31B basic and ait?

Ughhh … patience is supposed to be a virtue .. well screw you virtue. 

……………………jk, come back ……….


Now to get back to homework…

I just wanna say thank you to all my followers who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday thank you so much. You guys are the best :)<3

And to you Pichis! I know its already been 1year since you left us. But once again like i said. You will never be forgotten! You always and forever remain in my heart and in the hearts of the rest of the people that love you and miss you! We all know that you are in a better place now but we wish we could still have you here with us<3
R.I.P El Pichis de Jalisco (11/24/92–03/05/11)