I bet Sangwoo actually really wants Bum to model that bra for him (◔◡◔✿)

(p.s pretend Sangwoo isnt crazy here obvi i don’t support them being together (✿´ ꒳ ` )) 

someone: hey are you okay 

me thinking: the fact that bong soon lost her powers and accepted it after realizing she was no longer strong or “special”, but when min hyuk was in danger of dying she cried out and asked for her powers back to save HIM not herself, and throughout the entire scene she begged him to leave in order to spare his life because she loved him so much and she never once begged him to help her or get her out since she cares more about the importance of others and is always putting them first, just like how she lost her powers in the first place while saving her best friend from a psychopathic murderer 

me out loud: yeah I’m ok! 

someone: are you sure?

me thinking again: min hyuk loved bong soon with her powers, when she lost her powers, and when she faced death, he stayed by her side so she didn’t feel alone, he told her to not be afraid and that he wouldn’t leave her side no matter what min hyuk had no idea that it was possible for bong soon to regain her powers (and therefore dispose of the bomb) but he still stayed, his hands bled while trying to break the chains and through his tears he stayed calm so bong soon wouldn’t feel afraid as they were seconds from their deaths, he was 100% willing to die by her side without thinking twice 

me out loud: yeAH !


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