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People say that the Danvers sisters relationship on tv was unique (season 1) and they loved that sort of relationship. Well here is a show with an equally bad ass loving pair of sisters you’ll probably fall for if you watch it (PLUS ONE OF THEM IS ALSO GAY AND IN LOVE… WITH A COP OMG WTF?) I am talking about the Earp sisters in wynonna earp

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When I was a child, my planet Krypton was dying. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin. But my pod got knocked off-course and by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become… Superman. I hid who I really was until one day when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people, I’m a reporter at CatCo Worldwide Media. But in secret, I work with my adoptive sister for the D.E.O. to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm. I am Supergirl
    – Kara Zor-El 


When I was a child, my planet, Krypton, was dying. I was sent to Earth to protect my cousin. But my pod got knocked off-course, and by the time I got here, my cousin had already grown up and become… Superman. And so, I hid my powers, until recently when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world. To most people, I am an assistant at CatCo Worldwide Media. But in secret, I work with my adoptive sister for the D.E.O. to protect my city from alien life and anyone else that means to cause it harm. I am Supergirl.

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Hey, do you have any good Supercat fanvids/fanfics to recommend?

Oh how I have been waiting to answer this all day. You’re my new favorite person anon. Here you go.


► kara + cat | something I need

you’ve changed me | kara/cat

Kara & Cat | Skinny Love   (My go to)

kara/cat | right in front of me

Emma/Regina + Kara/Cat || Shelterd from the pain (Great parallel vid especially if you like both ships)

Where is the real me? // Emma/Regina + Kara/Cat

cat/kara - when it comes to us (supercatslam september “fall”)

Kara & Cat | What if {2x02}

kara + cat | romantic comedy trailer

cat/kara | a promise with a catch

Kara + Cat ; don’t come back for me

► kara + cat | safe in my arms

falling around you | kara/cat

Kara and Cat | make you stay.

kara + cat | shattered

Kara & Cat | Let Me Sign


All Or Nothing
Author: OfEndlessWonder
Plot: “She finally, finally, takes in the sight of the woman standing in-front of her and the rest of her furious words die in the back of her throat because oh, oh, no-one should look like that. Tall and blonde and so very gorgeous, barely in her mid-twenties with sparkling apologetic eyes, a pair of sinfully tight black jeans on her hips and a sleeveless t-shirt to show off the muscle in those arms that had caught Cat so quickly.” AKA the hot neighbour AU that no-one asked for or needed.

Lost and Found
Author: SuperTweety
Plot: Kara has been through a lot in her short life with the loss of her planet, the death of her parents and Astra, and the damage done to her relationship with Alex while she was under the influence of the Red Kryptonite. Will she ever feel at home and welcome on her adopted planet or will she forever feel lost and alone?

carter grant, super sleuth
Author: unicyclehippo
Plot: Carter Grant needs interviews with the three women he admires the most. His mother isn’t surprised to see her own name on the list, or Supergirls, but Kara Danvers? That one is a surprise.

Asking Too Much
Author: fictorium
Plot: Anonymous said to fictorium:
Cat needs a date to a party, she convinces Kara to go with her (“You’re my assistant, nobody will think anything of it”).

That’s how it began.

Only it’s not Kara who steps out on the red carpet, but Supergirl. As they continue with the public deception, chaos erupts around them: battles fought, lives lost, enemies old and new. Somewhere in there Kara and Cat have to deal with what happens when pretend feelings become all too real, along with the additional complications from Superman and both of the sisters Lane.

Ultimately, Kara has to find a way to make her ever-changing life workable. Can she do that while keeping Cat, her secret identity, and her family intact?

The Music and the Mirror
Author: fictorium
Plot: The Ballet AU.

Cat, former prima ballerina with the National City Ballet, is now the artistic director of a ballet company. Maxwell Lord, her former dancing partner, has found her a new dancer for the upcoming season: the untested Kara Danvers.

Can the two women forge a working relationship? Has Cat found someone up to her own pre-retirement standards at last? Whatever the outcome, it’s going to be a long, hard road to get there.

(Also soon to be an original story published over here.)

Out of the Ashes
Author: InspectorBoxer
Plot: The D.E.O. is destroyed in a vicious attack leaving the Danvers sisters shaken and the women they care for in danger.

Chasing Fog
Author: PinkRabbitPro
Plot: When a family emergency arises, Kara Wayne takes up the family mantle and spends her nights protecting Gotham City in the guise of Nightwing, while struggling to keep up with her day job teaching at a local prep school. Everything changes when she starts to fall for the mother of a favorite student and finds herself driven to protect them from the rising dangers of the city. Meanwhile, for Cat Kyle, returning to Gotham City after years away is a risk she’s prepared to take in hopes of giving her son a better life, but her attraction to Carter’s lovely, young teacher may be her undoing. After all, she’s Catwoman, the very thief Nightwing is hunting. What will both woman do as new enemies and old secrets threaten everything and everyone they love?

The Fight To Be Alive
Author: EnchantedApril
Plot: Kryptonians are all viewed as Fort Rozz criminals, with society accepting televised fights to the death as the new normal. While Kara remained hidden away, she was safe, but now she has been in the hands of LordTech’s Alpha Fighter program for almost two years.

For What Binds Us
Author: mermaiddrunk
Plot: It’s platonic. Just business. All pretend. Kara’s always been good at pretend. Why would dating Cat Grant be any different?

This Is What You Came For
Author: subcutaneous7
Plot: When the ultimate threat unleashes its fury on Earth, Supergirl discovers new powers and must begin to accept her true identity, along with the connection she shares with Cat.

Maybe National City Needs Another Superhero
Author: SupercityCarnival
Plot: When Cat is kidnapped and involved in an explosion, it has some interesting side effects on her.

Messages From Madrid
Author: SupercityCarnival
Plot: Cat has to travel to Spain to fix a CatCo mess. Kara deals with Cat being gone, but not without Cat helping her along.

Just a Friend
Author: supergirlfan
Plot: “Kara thought back to that moment on the balcony, when her whole world had shifted. The hug that changed everything. One hug, and she was addicted to Cat Grant’s touch… the feel of her hands on Kara’s back, the intoxicating mix of perfume and conditioner, the gentle but strong curves of her arms… In that moment, she’d acknowledged that her feelings for Cat extended way beyond professional boundaries.”
Kara is struggling to cope with her emotions, overwhelmed by recent events and by the depth of her own feelings. She’s falling apart, and Cat is there to help… just as a friend. How long will it take the two women to admit what’s really happening between them? How will they handle the challenges facing their relationship?

Of Heroes Great and Small
Author: a_dot_burr_ell, captainjaybird
Plot: Cat and Kara are adjusting to their new dynamic after Kara’s promotion when an accident results in Cat getting psychic powers. The only mind she can’t read? Supergirl’s. How will this affect Cat and Kara’s growing relationship?

Knowing Our Strengths
Author: Adm_Hawthorne
Plot: Dragging in deep breaths and letting them out, Kara hesitantly released the other woman and wrapped her arms around herself. “I could so easily forget myself with you.”
Cat nodded. “I understand the feeling.”
After finally admitting their attraction to each other, Kara and Cat work toward finding a way to balance their lives without hurting each other or those around them. (This is a follow up piece to “Photos Can Lie.”)

Author: SkinnyProcrastinator
Plot: Siobhan is the best assistant to ever assist and Kara is firmly in the doghouse. When an opportunity to accompany Cat on an overseas trip comes up, Kara takes it in the hope she can get their friendship back on track. Meanwhile Cat insists on using the trip as a way to further torture Kara. What will they uncover in the twilit Norwegian city of Tromsø and what happens when Kara’s powers start to fade.

Author: Rtarara
Plot: Kara Zor-El wanted nothing more than to fit in and help the people of earth. Unfortunately for her Aliens are reviled and seen as no more than wild animals to be killed or tamed. She was caught after years of hiding and sold as a pet to the “Queen of All Media” who isn’t quite what she expected.

You’ve Got the Healing That I Want
Author: K_AudreyLeto
Plot: When Cat called Kara and asked her to pretend to be her date she didn’t think about her feelings for the woman before she agreed. She also didn’t think that she would end up in over her head when Cat asked her to continue the charade the next day. Supercat fake dating/ also side Alex/Lucy.

Two Hearts, One Roof
Author: iblamethenubbins
Plot: Kara and Cat have been best friends since high school and now, after graduating from college, have decided to move in together. Domestic fluff and quiet longing ensue.

Written in the Stars
Author: InspectorBoxer
Plot: Kara and Cat hurtle towards the inevitable as a final showdown with the Joker looms…

When I Need You - When You Need Me
Author: EnchantedApril
Plot: When Kara is seriously injured in battle, Cat is forced to reveal their relationship in order to be near her. The fallout is pretty much what they expected…

Close Encounters
Author: sultrysweet
Plot: When Adam asks Kara to go away with him for the weekend, naturally she invites Cat to join them. While they’re away from their every day lives, they’re able to learn more about each other in a more relaxed environment. Except, things aren’t as relaxed as they seem when certain discoveries about themselves and each other are revealed.

True Power
Author: Where_is_my_10_15
Plot: When Supergirl confronts Cat while under the influence of Red Kryptonite, she doesn’t threaten her life. She breaks her heart. She challenges her with the fact that Cat is in love with her, and then flies away. Cat would rather have been thrown off of a building.

Another Night, Another Dream
Author: luvscience
Plot: Kara keeps dreaming about Cat…until she doesn’t

When In Rome
Author: oddcoupler222
Plot: “You… assigned me a fake headlining interview article and made me meet you in Rome. This whole elaborate scheme instead of just calling me.”

Saying it aloud made Kara laugh because even as she was incredulous, she also wasn’t. Of course Cat would do something like that.


It had been a couple of weeks since Cat Grant had kissed her and revealed that she knew about her secret identity; it was a lot to process. But sometimes even Supergirl isn’t fast enough for Cat Grant’s patience.

The lights are turned way down low
Author: Musetotheworld
Plot: Cat and Kara are at a mountaintop resort to interview one of Cat’s sources when a threatening storm hits early. With Kara’s powers blown and the roads blocked, their only option is to stay the night.

And feel free to check out mine.

When you need more feel free to come back for more.

#SanversWeek Day 1

AHHHHH!!! @queercapwriting ‘s #SanversWeek is finally here!! Welcome to Day #1. Today’s prompt is: Intimacy 

Before she was disowned, Maggie’s family was all about tradition. 

The way every other Christmas stocking was flipped on the mantle, for instance. 

How her mom would overlook the health risks and make Maggie flour pancakes instead of wheat on every first day of school. Or even her Grandmother’s nightly tea. 

Little acts like those were ingrained in her and even after all these years, she missed the patterns her family followed. 

The stability it implied. 

And while the meticulousness of every task caused a younger Maggie roll her eyes, those were pieces of her past that she never wanted to bury. 

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  • Winn: Wow Lena you were amazing last night! You really know how to work those hands.
  • Lena: *smirks* Thank you Winn, you're company was truly appreciated.
  • Winn: Yeah, well I'd be crazy to turn down a chance to get down and dirty with you in your lab.
  • Maggie: *jaw drops*
  • Alex: Wha- Are they you know *makes hand gestures*
  • Kara: *On the phone with J'onn* Uhuh are you sure we need Winn-but we have Vasquez- yes I understand, No unregistered transfers without your permission.
  • Lena: So Winn, I'll see you next week to finish up the particle accelerator right?
  • Winn: Heck yeah! See ya next week Lena beana *goes in for a hug*
  • Alex: *laughs* Oh they're just being nerds.
  • Maggie: As if Winn could ever get a chick like Lena. Hey Kara no need to -
  • Kara: *punches cement blocks* Lena beana is MY best friend!!
Being one of the only Kryptonians left and dating Kara would include:

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Anon ask: Being one of the only Kryptonians left and dating Kara would include please?

Warning: mention of sex


Glossary: Y/SH/N- Your Super Hero Name

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

  • When Clarke inform Kara that you were also a Kryptonian
  • She almost had a heart attack
  • Finding out that she and cousin are not the only ones made her heart flutter
  • especially when she first saw you
  • Oh Rao she fell, she fell hard
  • and after she got to know you better, your personality, she was sure that she had to be with you
  • you are the one and she was not going to stop until you feel the same
  • at first, Alex making fun of Kara cause she got so flustered around you
  • She just rambles a lot around you, she rambles about you, and how exciting is to know that you are a Kryptonian too, and how beautiful you are, and so on until she realizes how much she’s talking
  • you don’t mind, it’s adorable
  • Everyone in the D.E.O shipping you two
  • Kara blushing everytime she hears anyone whispering about when you two can be finally together
  • Maggie and Alex hardcore shipping you two
  • Even Clarke is trying to set you up with Kara
  • and Once you two are officially dating, they almost throw a party

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Dating Maggie Sawyer would include

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- Shes a smol bean

- You and Maggie go way back 

-You two were best friends all through out elementary and High School 

-you were the first person she kinda came out to

-”Hey y/n” “yeah margarita?” “i think i may kinda, you know like um” “Girls?” “Yeah, you don’t hate me do you” “i could never hate you Maggie, Your my best friend.” ‘

-”Ride and Die?”  “Ride and Die”

-You were her rock, 

-and she was yours 

-Then THAT day happened

-you had the biggest crush on Maggie and when she came to you about helping ask HER to the dance you were shattered 

-but you helped anyway just wanting Maggie to be happy

-you decorated that card, you wrote Eliza’s name is nice curvy writing and Maggie was ecstatic

-you didn’t find out Maggie left until the next  week in school from some kids that were saying mean things about her

-”did you hear what happened with that Maggie” “Shes a big Dyke” “Her parents kicked her out, heard shes living across state with her aunt”

-She left and you couldn’t say goodbye

-you cried for the following weeks

 -Your 27 the next time you see each other 

-Shes as beautiful as ever, long brown hair, a big oversized Police jacket

-She didn’t see you, but she was looking for you 

-You were her criminal, She didn’t know that but you were

-You got caught by the D.E.O 

-You were Selling Alien Weapons on the side

-Supergirl calls Maggie over to arrest Their prisoner officially

-you to locked eyes and she froze 

-”Y/N?” “Hey mags, long time no see huh” 

-Maggie didn’t want to believe the girl she grow up with Was behind the selling 

-”No you didn’t do this, She didn’t do it” “Maggie…” “No, Supergirl i don’t wanna hear it” 

- You’re actually a detective as well. you were undercover

-Being Taken in by the DEO busted your case but you got a new job out of it 

-and you got a beautiful and intelligent Girlfriend to fight crime along side with

5 Times Alex learns something about Maggie.

Okay guys, so, this is my first fanfiction ever. I wanted to post one for a really long time but never had the courage or time to do it, university takes up a lot of my time and energy. English is not my first language and I don’t have a beta. Anyway…here it is…Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!


Maggie has siblings.

Alex was not stupid.

She was an agent and she was trained to analyse the body language, so she came to understand- in the few months she had known Maggie- that talking about her family wasn’t something that her girlfriend did easily, if at all.

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• from the future

nonnie requested: If you watch Supergirl and The Flash, would you mind doing an imagine where the reader is Supergirl and she and The Flash are a crime-fighting duo and are dating and know about each other’s secret identies, S.T.A.R. Labs doesn’t exist and Cisco, Caitlin, and Harrison Wells work with the DEO, and their daughter is a speedster from the future and she accidentally ran back in time while doing a training excerise with her team and the gang has to help her get back to her time?

A/N: I watch both even though I’m a bit behind on Supergirl quite a bit but caught up on The Flash. But Harrison is actually Harrison, Caitlin is nowhere near being Killer Frost and Julian isn’t part of Team Flash in this due to story purposes. Also Cisco doesn’t have his powers from being Vibe. D/N is your Daughter’s Name and she is called Impulse even though I know Bart (Barry’s grandson if you don’t know) is Impulse but I didn’t wanna use Kid Flash as her superhero name. But nevertheless I hope you enjoy this drabble as it was actually pretty fun to write and I apologize as I’m not fluent in the whole science of speed, I can only really do chemistry which deals with none of the speed force or anything. Ships are closed for the time being and requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


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                        Relationship(s): Barry Allen/Supergirl! Reader

You smile as you plop down in your wheeling chair after getting out of your Supergirl costume after another job well done with The Flash or better known as Barry Allen, your boyfriend. Hey, sometimes being a hero can be pretty tiring as Barry came in the D.E.O shortly after you. “Another one for our amazing duo, Miss Supergirl a.k.a Y/N and Mister Flash a.k.a my man, Barry.” Cisco says as he fist bumps the brown haired male as you laugh while Harrison just rolled his eyes. The news played footage of you two saving civilians as Iris, your news reporter friend was telling the story while you went to get up again to get something to drink before feeling a gust of wind.

Thinking it was Barry since he always seemed to like to zoom around to steal a peck when nobody was watching as you turn with your eyes closed. “Barry if you just wanted something to drink or a kiss, you could just have told me.” You smile as you open your eyes before dropping the water bottle and smile fading. There was a girl with brown  undercut hair with goggles on her eyes that was wearing a uniform that was slightly close to Barry’s but with different colors and red lightning shapes across the sides of her uniform. She peels off of red tinted goggles as she had your E/C eyes but actually mostly looked like a mirror image of Bar’s freckles and smile painted on her face.

“Oh my crash! Wait. .mom!?” She cried out with widen eyes that almost looked like saucers with her mouth widen open. “Oh no, I ran into the past when I was training.” She says as her eyes look up behind you which was Barry as you turn over to him having the same reaction. “Dad!? Wait oops spoilers.” The young female clasped her mouth before you two brought the intruder to the other three who looked at the female. The so called intruder began to explain herself and introduce herself as D/N L/N-Allen, the actual daughter of you and Barry and called Impulse. As well as mentioning that she got Bar’s powers as oppose to yours while talking about her team and said that she worked with Cisco’s kid and Caitlin’s son before clasping her mouth shut about the whole spoilers.

While Caitlin and Cisco ran tests to be poisitve that D/N was actually your daughter, Barry pulled you to the side with a worried face. You could tell that the scarlet speedster was getting anxious since he met pushing his brown hair out of his face and rubbing his neck. But before you could speak, Bar spoke ahead of you. “Y/N have um, you really ever thought of having kids? Let alone with me? I mean we aren’t engaged yet and this- is happening. Heh, it feels weird that I’m going to be a dad in the possible future and hopefully still be together with you. .” He remarks as you two looked at each for a brief moment. Bar was not just a good boyfriend but he was also a good friend that stood by your side even risking his own life while you were under the effects of the red kyroptinate. And after that while you were getting treated, he came clean with how much he loved you, his best friend since you transferred in the seventh grade.

“I honestly never really thought of having kids but I did think of getting married one day for sure ever since I was little. But this all big news for me too Bar and honestly you seem like you’d be that kind of dorky dad.” You giggle as he shyly smiled as he pulled you close, “No matter what happens I will be so lucky to have someone like you in my life.” You say and press a small kiss on his lips before being interrupted by Harrison clearing his throat.

“Great apologizes Mr. Allen and Ms. L/N but I believe that the results are in and we have a small situation that requires both of your assistance.” The older man say as he wheels away on his wheelchair while a close look on you both. You look at Barry one more time and soon follow Harrison as Caitlin held the sheet of paper that you’d assume is the DNA test.

“Turns out D/N was not lying, she is in fact yours. From the future but there’s a small problem.” Caitlin says as she points at D/N whom doesn’t look good at the moment. “We need to get her back to where she belongs or else she will be nonexistent here and in the future. Which we have no idea what could cause so we need you two with D/N to create a possible force portal in hopes she can go back into her future.” Caitlin explains as you and Barry look at each other before nodding while going in separate ways to change into your uniforms so your ordinary clothes don’t burn off.

You may not be as fast as Barry like you couldn’t go into the speed force or anything but you could do something to help them out. As you walked over to D/N with your cape fluttering behind you, hugging her one more time while she hugged back. “So that’s what your old suit looks like. Trust me, Uncle Cisco makes you a way better one in the future. Same with dad’s.” She says with a slight giggle from seeing Barry in his scarlet suit as he rolls his eyes.

“Come on, let’s get you home. We and your team are worried about your absence, also no dating anyone.” Barry says while pointing at D/N as you three walk to the vortex to run, “You ready you two?” He asks as you and D/N nod.

Sliding her goggles on with a similar smile of her dad’s as she positioned in the middle so you both could push her into portal when it opened. “If you’re ready to eat my dust dad.” D/N says as her smile turned into a smirk as Cisco did an ‘ooh’ sound before being lightly smacked by Caitlin.

You heard a ‘go’ from Harrison before zipping with the other two, lagging behind a little but nodding to Bar when the portal opened. You took a breath in before you both put your hands behind D/N’s back and pushed her into it while it closed as soon she entered. You began to slow down with Barry and took a breath. “Well today was a very eventful day don’t you think?”

The burnet pulled off his cowl and nods, “Well it’s a story that we are bond to tell our grandkids eh, Y/N? Assuming you know, we get that far in our life.” He says as you nod before snapping your head at Cisco’s happy yelling for another job well done.

“It’s a deal Bartholomew.”


It Ain’t Me

Anon asked: Can I request a Kara x reader where Kara gets infected by red kryptonite and says some very hurtful things to the reader and even break ups with the reader only to later on be cured of the red kryptonite and Alex goes to tell the reader that Kara is all better and that she can kara again but only for the reader to act like she never meet Alex, Kara or anyone in the d.e.o but the reason is because of how upset the reader was they didn’t notice a pair of stairs and fall hitting their head.

Warning: Red Kryptonite Kara?? bullying, angsty shit, violence, the whole package of dealing with Red Kara. A little of swearing

(A/N): I’m having writer’s block and I want to hit my head against a wall. I’m not happy with this, this is definitely not what I wanted to write but I can’t seem to write what I want and find the exact words that are stuck in my head, so yeah, this will have to do, sorry.

Words: 2k

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