the signs as sunny episodes
  • aries: mac day
  • taurus: mac fights gay marriage
  • gemini: the gang tries desperately to win an award
  • cancer: mac and dennis break up
  • leo: the nightman cometh
  • virgo: the gang gets analyzed
  • libra: the gang dines out
  • scorpio: the d.e.n.n.i.s. system
  • sagittarius: the gang gets trapped
  • capricorn: the gang recycles their trash
  • aquarius: flowers for charlie
  • pisces: the gang goes to the jersey shore

here’s the gay mac watchlist!! every title on the list has some noticeable hints, but some are more subtle than others. bolded titles are really gay (episodes where mac being gay is either explicitly discussed beyond an offhand comment, or there are details included that very obviously reflect closeted mac). asterisks after titles* indicate that components of that episode were written out of ignorance, and may only be indicators of “gay mac” when taking mac’s misogyny, transmisogyny, and/or Propensity To Be An Asshole into consideration, especially in early seasons. 

4.4 is the first instance where anyone directly mentions that mac is gay; the references become less and less subtle from there. as always, if this is your first time watching sunny, i recommend skipping season 1 and coming back later. hope you enjoy!!

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the real d.e.n.n.i.s. system

(d)eny your emotions

live with the man you love for your (e)ntire adult life and never confront your feelings for him

(n)eglect (yourself) emotionally

(n)arcissism, to cover up your deep-seated insecurity

(i)nternalize every perceived slight, fall apart at the mere insinuation that you might have A Flaw

try to fill the emptiness and fear in your heart by having meaningless (s)ex with lots of women, which is emotionally straining for both them and you

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Ficlet prompt? (If there's already a fic like this lemme know) but Dennis is questioning his sexuality and because Mac is out now, he asks if he can kiss Mac. Yikes it 3am, I'm depressed and starved of macdennis fics help

It was decided that Dennis would be the one to tell Mac that his scratcher was actually worth only $14 (“Your money bought it, you should be the one to tell him,” Dee had explained shiftily after Charlie and Frank ran off - for once, no one was eager to be the bearer of bad news and upset Mac, not on a day like this).

So Dennis sits on the steps in front of Dee’s apartment building, waiting for Mac to come home for the night. He’s probably at the Rainbow right now, Dennis thinks, surrounded by other men just like him, finding comfort in bulging arms and strong jawlines, sturdy pecs and muscular thighs. And doesn’t that sound lovely, being pressed up against a body just like his own, touched by someone who would know exactly where to put their hands?

Dennis sighs. This part of him - the part he usually likes to keep tampered down and filed away, deep into the recesses of his subconscious - has been incessantly loud in his thoughts lately. He’d even go as far as to say that it completely threw off his game with that beautiful cashier he’d tried to D.E.N.N.I.S. these past few weeks - Cassie? Casey? he doesn’t remember anymore. Usually there’s nothing quite like the thrill of demonstrating his value to a new girl to get him off, but his heart doesn’t seem to agree anymore. It hasn’t for quite some time.

“Dennis?” he hears above him, “What are you doing out here?”

He looks up to find Mac smiling down at him. He’s wearing that tacky mesh tank of his, and his chest underneath is sparkling with body glitter under the dim light of the lamppost nearby. Dennis can’t look away.

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia - The D.E.N.N.I.S System

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Are you okay?

I can only assume this is about Sunny and well OF Course I Am Okay™ !

I just can’t bElieve this season only had 9 episodEs!? Ludicrous! I can’t wait for next season To finally see Dennis shoot the RPG at his starter car. Time fOr Dennis to get his Range ROver! And when are Mac and Dennis finally going to finish their apartment? MUst be for next season where Dennis will definitely be heavily involved. I can’t wait for what RCG have in store for Dennis for Seasons 13 and 14. Because they’re Happening.

A Cricket’s Tale was a strange episode they decided to end the season on. Which, I mean really, The Gang were barely in, which means that Dennis is surely Only on the 4th step of his D.E.N.N.I.S System (because we have to be meta Af with this) of Neglecting us eMotionally, for that single episode, and to reiterate, A Cricket’s Tale was the finale so we’re only being Neglected eMotionally for that single episode, and when Season 13 rolls around DennIs will be back To Inspire hope.

Oh my God. You know what I just realized?

Ian totally used the D.E.N.N.I.S. System on Mickey.

Demonstrating Value - Ian was Mickey’s first love. He let Mickey be a bottom when they banged, and he let him learn to be comfortable in his own skin. He showed that, even though he could give Mickey a good fuck whenever he needed it, he was also there to provide emotional support and to explain to Mickey that publicly being yourself isn’t really a bad thing.

Engaging Physically - This doesn’t need much explanation. They fought a lot, Ian tried put his arm around Mickey in s3, Ian made the first move when he wanted to kiss Mickey in the club in s4, and they obviously banged on numerous occasions.

Nurturing Dependence - I don’t know how to explain this well, but Ian made Mickey happy. When Mickey needed some support, Ian tried to be there for him when he needed it. In s7, Mickey told Ian that he was there for him more than his own family ever was. That shows that, no matter what Mickey had personally been through, Ian had his back. For the most part, they were together and supportive of each other through thick and thin.

Neglect Emotionally - This is undoubtedly the time when he broke up with Mickey. That was rough. Even when Mickey said that he loved Ian, Ian still pushed him away and ended their relationship. And during the time Mickey was locked in prison, Ian didn’t visit him that much, despite Mickey desperately wanting him to.

Inspire Hope - Ian decided to go to Mexico with Mickey. After much thought and few secret meet ups, Ian came to terms with himself and his love for Mickey, and he chose to join Mickey in leaving the country. This, obviously, inspired hope for the progression of their relationship. Mickey truly believed that they could have a new life together in Mexico, and Ian himself even believed that for a while.

Separate Entirely - This is when Ian left Mickey at the border. Despite everything they has gone through together after years of knowing each other, Ian realized that the fugitive life (to this extent) was not for him. When Mickey was so sure they were going to Mexico together, Ian made the last minute decision to stay behind, even with the chances of them never seeing each other again.

There you have it, folks. With a messy post that took me way to long to write, I bring to you an explanation of the D.E.N.N.I.S. System, as demonstrated by Ian Gallagher.

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