d.d. crazy


1987. I.N.R.I.

is the debut album by band Sarcófago. It was recorded and released in July.

Since their inception, Sarcófago’s aim was to make the most aggressive music ever. Early musical blueprints included extreme metal stalwarts Celtic Frost, Bathory and Slayer, along with Finnish hardcore punk bands Terveet Kädet and Rattus. The extensive use of blast beats on this album by drummer “D.D. Crazy” made him a pioneer in the metal world.  I.N.R.I.’s release has been considered a milestone in the evolution of black metal, although band bassist Geraldo “Incubus” Minelli continues to consider Sarcófago, to this date, a death metal band.

I.N.R.I. influenced black metal circles worldwide, particularly the Scandinavian portion of the so-called “second wave” of the genre.

Fenriz, drummer of Darkthrone, included a Sarcófago track (“Satanic Lust”) in his The Best of Old-School Black Metal compilation, released by Peaceville Records. Of Sarcófago’s I.N.R.I., he said it was an “album” that “you buy or die.” Euronymous, the deceased guitarist of Mayhem and erstwhile leader of the so-called “Inner Circle”, traded correspondence with Lamounier in the early days of Norway’s scene. According to the Lords of Chaos book, Euronymous was “obsessed” with Sarcófago’s early image, and wanted all black metal bands to be modelled after it.

This album is a timeless classic, and influential to many generations of black & death metal bands to come. Top notch riff writing, chaotic drumming, and shrieking black metal vocals throughout! It’s hard to go wrong with this record, especially one that ends in circus music and the sound of someone taking a gnarly dump.

    Wagner Lamounier    Geraldo Minelli      Zéde    Eduardo