After my post welcoming all of you new and not-so-new I would also like to share my new TUMBLR crushes as it seems to be growing every day… Here are 5 new LOVES from the past few months. 

1. celiarowlsonhall.tumblr.com / film, drawings, beauty, inspiration, talent, funny (from filmmaker and choreographer Celia Rowson Hall)

2. loremipsumbooks.tumblr.com / books, covers, local, love, friends, smart (from my favorite local bookstore Lorem Ipsum)

3. thelovedone.tumblr.com / beauty, photography, sexy, inspiration, fashion (from Pasadena dream store The Loved One)

4. thefriendlesshour.tumblr.com / photography, inspiration, fashion, art (from amazing photographer Yudi Ela)

5. dandy-dapper.tumblr.com / street, style, men, fashion, sexy, inspiration (just because)

I’m leaving the West coast, beautiful California, tomorrow morning and prepping and packing treasures found along the way. I’ve found some truly exciting places, people and received so much love. The most exciting piece of news and unforgetable moment is that on our day trip to Iosemite Falls Philip asked me to marry him. I said YES! So, dear readers….I’M ENGAGED!

Omg, Im getting married!

The next few weeks are going to be a whirlwind of activity and I’m pretty excited about all of our current endeavors! Hopefully will remember to properly document this time both in pictures and words.

I will be back on posts and news as soon as this trip is over….

I just couldn’t wait to tell you what’s keeping me away from tumblr. ;)



Watch on damadesign.tumblr.com

- Happy Halloween mix -

Eight tracks including music by Balam AcabBjork, and Camera Obscura.

Watch on damadesign.tumblr.com

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Eat and drink safely.

Here’s a quick mix for your full bellies and hearts.