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that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco

Kiss with mcl/eldarya boys (or something more, muahaha >:D)


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Armin (a real gentleman, yeah)

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Nevra *in his element, I think*

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Valkyon (omg, more sweet nothings) he is my favorite god I love it

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Leiftan    (dooooown, dooooown)

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Kero (give the once be a hot guy)

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BTS as Your Valentine❤️️


You would be so spoiled by him omg. He’d buy you lots of roses and have a full day of events all planned out. Expect a 5-course dinner from Chef Jin himself! Plus, don’t forget about the Valentine’s edition of DAD JOKES. He just wants to make sure you know he’s the best you’ve ever had. 

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He wouldn’t even acknowledge the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day, but he’d still put a lot of effort into making your day EXTRA special. He’d invite you to his studio while he works and the two of you would grab coffee afterwards on the way home. And when you least expect it, BOOM. A Yoongi backhug, equipped with neck kisses!

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Imagine a Valentine’s night out with him! Holding hands and walking wherever your legs take you. He’d be such a gentleman, but at the same time, there’d be lots of flirty teasing from this one. Eventually, the two of you would end up in an unknown place because y’alls were too busy distracting each other. But you’d feel safe anywhere with Hoseok by your side!

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He’d bring you to a very romantic setting– like the beach (at sunset of course)! Once you settle in, you’d have some deep-talk time, but also time when no words are needed. You best believe there’d be lots of kissing!!

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CUDDLES AT HOME WITH THE CUDDLE KING HIMSELF. There’d be moments when you just stare at him until he makes you giggle, which would make him laugh as well. And once Jimin gets the giggles, y’alls know he doesn’t stop lol. His eyesmile would come out and steal your heart for good!

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He would ask you what you want to do and happily say yes to whatever it is. Even if you chose to do the most boring thing, Tae would find a way to make it fun and exciting. He’d keep you laughing and smiling throughout the entire day!

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Prior to Valentine’s Day, he would be asking the other members for advice, and they’d tell him to do all these cheesy things like having a fancy dinner together or something. And he’d be like super stressed out about it, trying to make everything perfect. But in the end, he would opt to invite you to watch anime with him or take you bowling! #nochu will come thru~

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Wu-Tang’s GZA talking about the influence science had on his rhyming and his life.

Romantic Ignis Headcanons

So I know everyone thinks that Ignis is a very old fashioned dude. But imo I think he’s just a very formal dude who actually likes goofy things
Like I see headcanons saying Ignis would go for a dinner and cafes for dates and so but yeah sure but I think he’d be into dates that involve drinking milkshake, chocobo races (HE LOVES THEM IMO, MAYBE TOO MUCH BC HES SO GOOD AT IT) and wearing funky hats at carnivals.

I ALSO THINK that instead of him being a reserved gentleman, he’d love to surprise their s/o with surprise kisses and just s m i r k.

Like for example their s/o would be buying tickets or smthn and they turn around and Iggy’s face is there and he just smooched them and they’d BE SUPER SMUG ABOUT IT. Like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

And he’s also the BIGGEST SASSMASTER. He’d be super sassy and tease you a lot but nothing degrading. If you see the chocobros’ banter about the ugly daemons and Ignis saying “hmph. I feel the same about you lot” he won’t be like that but he’ll be equally sassy. Just not degrading — he keeps that for his bros.

Is this too ooc? It’s just my take idk sorry

I think Iggy is a bigger goober than he gets credit for tbh 🌸


When you trying to be Gentlmen… / when you try to show off in front of a cute girl w/ DANABABY#vinetokyo 〜 Red Joker

Science Nerd [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: But if it’s an E2! Barry request you’re looking for, how about surprising him at work and him explaining things to you and being his cute little self? I feel like he’d be such a gentleman and call her very sweet little pet names and she’d fix his bow tie then give him a small kiss because the preciousness is real (though if it escalated into smut, I definitely wouldn’t complain 😘)


You just needed to see your boyfriend. So, why not surprise him at work? You walk into the CCPD, smiling at Iris and Eddie before hopping down the steps. It’s no surprise that he’s hiding in his lab again. A small giggle escapes you and you pull your lavender t-shirt over the waistband of your light blue skinny jeans, entering the spacious room.

As expected, Barry is hunched over the clean white microscope, left eye squeezed shut, glasses on top of his head. You take a moment to acknowledge how cute he is. He readjusts his feet, standing up straight to scribble something on paper; glasses falling to the end of his button nose. You clear your throat, walking towards him.

He jumps slightly, hands smoothing down his gray checkered sweater. “Honey! What - oh.” he shutters, feeling your lips on his. Secretly, Barry loves when you catch him off guard. In a daze, he watches you pull away, hazel eyes glazed over. “I missed you too, sweetie.” he grins, pushing his thin glasses up the bridge of his nose.

You giggle, pecking him on lips again as he sits back on the stool. “I wanted to see you.” you explain, fingers tugging at his gold bowtie, setting it in place. He blushes, scratching the back of his neck. “What’s this?” you ponder, moving around his knobby knees to get a better view of the DNA under the microscope.

Barry grins, “We stole that off of one of Killer Frost’s ice beams. I believe it’s some kind of chemical, not necessarily ice. I’m still working on it, though, so I can’t be sure-” He pauses, watching you take a seat on his lap, crinkling his gray dress slacks. You squint at the DNA, looking back at him. “What?” he chuckles, tilting his head.

“You’re really smart and cute.” you muse, smiling back at him. “My science nerd.” you tease, scrunching your nose.

He blushes, burying his face in between your shoulder blades, “Sweetheeeeeeeeearrrrt….stooop…” he groans.

Dating Steve Rogers includes:

- Being the ‘Old-fashioned’ couple.

- Cute nicknames (Sweetheart, Doll, Darling).

- Forehead kisses.

- Sparring partners.

- Cute and romantic dates. 

- He’d love hugging you/holding you in his arms.

- He’d be overprotective.

- Constantly worrying about you during missions. He’d have to restrain himself from checking up on you 24/7.

- He’d always be a gentleman. 

- Holding hands ALL the time. 

- Having movie nights.

- Teaching him everything about the ‘new’ world: introducing him into music, movies/TV shows, etc.

- Tony would undoubtedly tease you and Steve.

- Loving gazes.

- Him always telling you how much he loves you. 

- Him being slightly unsure pf when to make the next move. 

- Going on missions together.

- You’d become good friends with Bucky. 

- Going for runs together. 

- Helping him if he has a PTSD episode. 

- Wearing his clothes.

- Cleaning each other up after missions. 

- Taking your relationship slow.

- Dancing together. Telling him you can’t dance just encourages him to teach you how to dance. 

- Being willing to risk your lives for the other.

- Almost always by each other’s side.  

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I love your work! How would the chocobros spend Valentine's Day with their SO? ❤️

Thank you! I love you guys too, so I’m going to answer this while it’s seasonally appropriate.

Spending Valentine’s Day with the Chocobros:

Noctis: Noctis would want a quiet sort of evening; he’d pick a movie and invite them over for pizza. He’d greet them at the door with a gentle hug and a shy kiss on the cheek. They’d curl up together on the couch and he’d fall asleep very quickly. They would wind up napping with their head in his hair and their arms around him.

Ignis: In a move surprising exactly no-one, it would be a fancy meal at home with Ignis. He’d be a complete gentleman, inviting them over with a bunch of flowers delivered to their workplace. When they got there, it would be soft music and candlelight; Ignis is a traditionalist. His kisses would taste like chocolate and sweet wine.

Prompto: Prompto would be a daytime date sort of guy. He’d take them to an arcade and try (and fail miserably) to win them something on one of the claw machines. He’d pout until he spotted a photobooth machine; he’d take them in and spend ages picking through filters and doodles- he’d even pluck up the courage to steal a kiss, and carry that photo around in his wallet after. 

Gladio: Gladio would take them out for an evening on the town- a nice dinner at a cozy restaurant followed by drinks, He’d want to get a booth so he could sit close by his S/O and sneak kisses. He’d walk them home after, both a little tipsy, and shenanigans may ensue. ;)


• you could be my new thang, nothing like those lazy bros
• fuck you I’m a pain in yo ass. Too far from the sugar
• this K-pop category ain’t enough size for me
• my seat is business, you economy always behind me kissing my ass
• I rap and y'all get turned on by ma tongue technology
• rappers so beat I always get to fat dick ‘em
• all ya fried rappers should be thankful for I am an idol
• good health is all you got, now mom’s gonna be upset when you lose it

Seventeen Reacting to S.Coups’ S/O being a mother figure for them.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

S.Coups - S. Coups would be really happy after all, he was dating you. He is basically the father figure to Seventeen so the fact that you are like a mother figure would make him love you even more. Having him as the father, you as the mother and 12 children would make him feel like you all are a family. 

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Jeonghan - He’d be glad that S. Coups had you. Although he was sort of the mother figure at first, now he could take a break, you and S. Coups got things covered as the mother and father figures. He would also hope that one day he would find someone that would take care of the kids just like the way you were able to take care and love the kids.

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Joshua - Joshua would be hyped for S. Coups, of course he’d be a gentleman towards you cause he’s just a gentleman in general. He’d be one of the kids but he wouldn’t be the one that causes trouble instead he’d occasionally ask you if you need help with anything although you had S. Coups to help you.

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Jun - He’d be quiet mostly but occasionally he would talk to you asking for help sometimes. Jun would be quite happy for S. Coups for him being able to find someone that would help him take care of them. He would treat you no different than the way he treats S. Coups and the other members but sometimes maybe he’d be a little easier on you.

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Hoshi -  Hoshi would be enthusiastic, he is happy most of the time and especially since he had a mother figure mad him even more happier. S. Coups did good, finding a girl who would be like a mother when he is the father of 12 children. Hoshi would be dancing around most of the time if not he would be doing his jellyfish hand motions.

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Wonwoo - Wonwoo being the cute guy he is, would love you as much as he loved S. Coups. It wouldn’t shock him that S. Coups was dating some as wonderful as you, S. Coups was the father of Seventeen you obviously would be like their mother.

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Woozi - He’d go straight to being one of the kids of Seventeen letting you do the things you have to do. He like all the rest would accept the fact that S. Coups was dating you knowing that he was the father of Seventeen.

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 DK -  DK would be a little shocked not because you were dating S. Coups but you were now the mother figure to Seventeen, what about Jeonghan? He’d still enjoy your company and be the shining ray of sunshine that he is. 

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Mingyu - Mingyu would be kind of chill in this situation. He would be like the others, glad for S. Coups and he would be happy that there would be someone to help cook in the dorm. Someone who would cook would be great cause he doesn’t have time to be cooking for all these children.

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The8 -  Alike to Jun, The8 doesn’t talk much also. His Korean wasn’t that well but sometimes he would speak but it obviously wouldn’t be that well. The8 would be one of the kids but his aegyo would be super cute. He liked how you were the mother figure and S. Coups was the father figure in Seventeen.

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Seungkwan - Seungkwan would think that it was adorable that you were like the mother figure of Seventeen, you dating S. Coups made even more sense cause he was the father of Seventeen. Overall, he’d enjoy your company as you both could gossip together about the other members.

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Vernon - Vernon would be kinda ecstatic and pretty chill about this. Although you were now in the dorm taking care of him and the boys it would pretty much be same old same old, nothing would have changed that much basically. He would keep in mind to always listen to you cause you know, S. Coups and you were together and you were basically being the mother.

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Dino - He would be really happy. Since Dino is the maknae or the baby of the group he’d act really cute to you as if you were his mother in Seventeen. Having you as a mother figure wouldn’t be that bad to him because he’d enjoy how you always took care of them and helped prepare meals. 

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would as he like kravitz or angus tho

These are both very good and important questions

Kravitz is a pretty chill guy, I think Ashe would like him okay, if they had a good first impression. However, considering how many times she died??? He might not be her biggest fan. I think they could grow past this though. Charoth likes Kravitz a lot though so Ashe would probably like him for that reason

I really like to think that Ashe would adore Angus ala her tendency to be a Mom. He’d be an absolute gentleman to her and she’d just adore him. chances are he’d be lowkey scared of her tho if he saw her in action. but you know she’d be protecting him


Deadpool vs PSY videos return with Daddy.

Hurricane Survival Kit

Once Sam finally returned to her inn after a particularly brutal training session, the woman at the front desk looked up and brightened ever so slightly as she waved her over. “Ah, Miss Collins! Good afternoon to you, dear.” The innkeeper’s smile didn’t waver in the slightest, despite how…exhausted Sam looked at the time.

“I have a package for you, by the way. A gentleman came by about twenty minutes ago and asked that I give it to you promptly once you returned from your outing.” A rather strange-looking gentleman she’d like to add, but one working in her field did not make a habit of assuming outright. After the innkeeper ducked down to fetch something from beneath her desk, a modest brown box tied in twine was gently placed upon the counter.

“Please let me know if there is anything I can get for you, by the way. Fresh towels, perhaps?” Light only knows that Sam looked like she needed a bath. “I have a kettle on as well, so some tea could be in order as well.”

Though once Sam returned to her room and could get a better look at the “surprise” Jen mentioned the evening prior, she could see a little tag tied to the box that read:

“Just a little something for you once the Hurricane has blown over. - J”

Once the box was opened, which felt slightly warm to the touch, a bevy of pleasant aromas wafted out to greet her. First and foremost, there was a modest-sized canister, secured with the same sort of twine, that housed a fragrant and hearty seafood chowder.

The chowder was sweetened by the fruit of the sea – scallops, shrimp, and cod –, flavored with potatoes, bacon, and onions, and simmered in milk and butter until creamy. Along side it was a small wrapped half-loaf of sourdough bread from the morning market (ready for dipping and dredging if she so wished it), a bottle of moonberry juice, and two chocolate chip cookies. While the sides didn’t seem like they were things that he made, of course, the chowder did seem to be of his own design.

Once the issue of fixing lunch was apparently addressed, there were other goodies nestled to the side of her meal offering: A box of epsom salts for her tired muscles; a topical salve with rosemary, thyme, marjoram, and chili to help with any aches and pains; and a box of chamomile-ginger herbal tea to help her detox and relax.

While all of the above were simply niceties in the end, hopefully coming back to them after a hard day out in the field would bring a smile to the Shepherd’s face.