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Link and Fish Bro-25

Send me 2+ characters and a number, and I’ll draw them…

#25: Celebrating

Sometimes you gotta celebrate how amazing and perfect your friends are :’)

my hand is officially dead but here is more altean prince iwaizumi + designs :’D

my religion is luffy talking about ace and sabo. i don’t even care if it takes him 56 hours to talk about each brother. i LIVE for that gleam of admiration and love that appears in his eyes whenever he merely THINKS about them. can u IMAGINE loving people SO MUCH that your entire being turns into a mush of happiness and love??? i need a cold compress im so worked up about this

  • Percy: Grover is my best friend but so are you.
  • Jason: You can't have more than one best friend.
  • Percy: Says who?
  • Jason: Says logic.
  • Percy: Well, I call bull on your logic 'cause you're my best friend, too.
  • Jason: (smiling) Okay.