Roses from my garden today…

  1. Jude the Obscure, English Rose, still one of the very best of all the roses I’ve ever grown. Exceptional scent, smells of ripe, juicy wine. Wouldn’t be without this rose. 
  2. Eglantyne, English Rose, good scent, but not a rose I’d buy again. 
  3. James Galway, an excellent rose, grows for me in the deep shade of the garden apple tree. Love the ruffles and has a good scent. 
  4. Falstaff, English Rose, not a generous rose, but when it does bloom the size is quite large and the scent is strong old rose. Currently taking on purple shades as bloomed under foliage of a nearby tree. 
  5. Heathcliff, English Rose, an unusually true red rose for an Austin. Good scent.
  6. Princess Alexandra of Kent, English Rose, I thought this rose was a goner, but left alone in the back of the boarder it’s coming back to life. Good tea scent. 

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I've been thinking about the whole Cas as Jesus arc, and I just had a thought: What if he comes back during 13x03? "On the third day he rose again..."

Yeah this is more or less what I expect, timing wise… well, it dépends obviously on quite a few points but this is definitely a strong contender. It’s a nice idea! I mean I see Cas’s sacrifice in the Jesus parallel as being his final choice to become Human, his final fall, but yeah still - lots of parallels are all over the place in terms of characters portraying them and time wise but they are all still there.

Meanwhile, Mary Magdalene, sometimes viewed as Jesus’ lover, who loved Jesus regardless, cared for his body and washed his wounds after he was killed and before he rose… I’d love to see some pining!dean and something along thèse lines in 13x01…

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But now with… more angst and free worded love obviously ;)


Injuries took him out of his prime but never forget just how good D. Rose was

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Hi me again. Can you talk more about Rose's progression of falling in love with Nine? And Nine too, if you like. I'm just going to rewatch that series and I want to kind of watch their story in a new way, with better knowledge of the little nuances so I don't miss them, you know?

okay i’m gonna fully admit that i haven’t actually watched it in a while so this might be vague.

but like… nine is at least three-quarters of the way in love by the time he looks across the conference table at 10 Downing Street and says “I could save the world but lose you.” He’s half in love when he looks up to see her dressed up for Naples in 1860 that turned out to be Cardiff in 1869. There’s just something about her and the way she radiates light and hope and warms his soul, the way she listens and accepts and still challenges him at every other turn. He really can’t help but fall in love with her and fall fast. (Watch for the way he watches her when she’s not looking. The softness in his eyes. The way he smiles more sincerely when he’s talking to her. The way he pulls her towards him in The Long Game when she chooses to come with him instead of with Adam. Just the way he’s lighter when he’s talking to her but pretends that it’s Nothing when she thinks about flirting - i.e. the dancing - until he decides it has to be something so she doesn’t gravitate towards Jack)

On Rose’s part, I think her attraction really solidifies in The Unquiet Dead. There are sparks of it in The End of the World but she’s still processing the whole alien and time/space travel thing so it’s on a back burner. But in The Unquiet Dead, she’s all dressed up and he tells her she’s beautiful even though he follows it with a tease so she things it’s all just a joke but… it’s something that stays with her i think. and then the whole better with two, and her reaction to the “i’m so glad i met you.” this episode is a treasure trove tbh. In Aliens of London/World War Three, she’s kinda brought back to the “real world” and their denials of a relationship were a little too vehement for people who hadn’t thought about it tbh. Dalek shows more of how far the Doctor has fallen rather than Rose but in The Long Game, watch how Rose continues to gravitate towards the Doctor even if Adam is there. she’s much more interested in her designated driver than in the tag-along.  and then Father’s Day where they’re fighting and forgiving each other and come out stronger because of it (and Pete assumes they’re in a relationship, if i’m remembering correctly) and then the dancing in the next two parter, where Rose is finally really testing the waters, seeing if he might be interested. from there, it’s like the mutual attraction, the mutual affection is a thing that is known between them even though neither of them is sure of where the other is on that spectrum. but they’re even closer after that i think, more of a unit as their mutual gravity pulls them together.

and i mean, just look at that kiss in PotW. that is a much more sensual kiss than what was probably necessary. (and you can’t tell me that he couldn’t’ve taken the vortex out of her another way. he so could have) (and the moments where the gold recedes from her eyes and it’s just Rose talking and it’s definitely Rose who kisses him back)

this was… not helpful but i really need to do a rewatch.  :))

come chat! (about doctor/rose, femslash things, things in general… whatevs)


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