Zodiac Signs as shitty songs I love(techno,trance,whatever)

Aries- God is a girl-Groove Coverage

Taurus-I can walk on water I can fly-Basshunter

Gemini- Pulsedriver - Lookout Weekend (Extended Mix)

Cancer- Castle in the Sky - DJ Satomi

Leo- Pika Girl - S3RL

Virgo- NDS VS Tom E - 2Gether 4Ever

Libra-  D City Rock - We are Angels [Anarchy]

Scorpio- INSANE - DJs FROM MARS feat. FRAGMA (Hi-Marx Remix)

Sagittaurus-Hello- Ron Bon Beat Project

Capricorn-Baracuda-Where is the love(I like Nightcore version of it more)

Aquarius-  I walk alone- Crystal Lake vs. Commercial Club Crew

Pisces- Dj Sammy - Heaven