the thing about the “when thomas gets brain freeze” etc post is. the original poster wrote that logan is “instantly cold and shivering”. that roman “gets a headache”. that morality “gets a dangerous fever”. and what did y’all angst lovers do with it? FREEZE HIS ENTIRE BODY TO THE POINT WHERE HE’S IN CONSTANT PAIN AND HIS SKIN STARTS CRACKING AND ICE FLOWS THROUGH HIS VEINS. OVERHEAT HIM TO THE POINT WHERE HIS BLOOD IS BOILING. SCRAMBLE HIS BRAIN WITH A FIGURATIVE PICKAXE AND MAKE HIM HAVE A SEIZURE. HAVE A L I T E R A L   D E M O N   CRAWL OUT OF HIS FUCKING CHEST.

< < F r o m t h e d i s t an c e > >

(Okay so no one can tell me until now this but whoever guesses who are the characters in Kirishima’s and Bakugou’s posters I’ll…uh, idk do a whatever drawing they want? :?? )

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And just about the time I am sitting here in awe of all of the support he’s getting after months of everyone flipping shit over him doing this to begin with :x  I suppose we will just have to wait & see what the future holds for our blond hero, won’t we?

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Thank you so much, nonny ♥ Your love & enthusiasm is much appreciated ;)))

Just a quick note: I prefer not to discuss dancers’ weight. I’ve received a couple of questions / comments through ask which touch on this subject, and I’m not going to respond. I don’t want to appear rude or make it look like I’m ignoring you, but I’m really not comfortable having this discussion. It feels wrong.

Recently, I’ve seen an increase in critical (and downright rude) comments targeting VBA girls online. It seems that not even the first-year students (10-11 y/o girls) are safe from having their bodies scrutinised and criticised by “ballet fans”, to say nothing of the older girls… 

Sorry if I’ve ignored your question. I don’t think you’re rude for asking it. I just don’t want to take part in this discussion.

d i s c l a i m e r 

R E M I N D E R;

The girls night out party for the future Mrs. Colby Lopez is TOMORROW.
Please try and make it if possible. If you need any information as far as location or time or what to bring, I’ll be reblogging the invitation tonight and tomorrow. If you’re in Florida by tomorrow evening you should be able to make it out, even just swing by – that’d be GREAT. 

best parts of this ep (spoilers)
  • angus showing up and kicking some magic ass
  • taako fully trusting angus
  • johann :((( 
  • voidfish babie
  • angus really loving the voidfish babie
  • killian!! carey!!! holy shit!!!
  • lucretia being good and having been working to save the world and fix the red robes’ mistakes this entire time c o n f i r m e d
  • lup being taako’s twin sister c o n f i r m e d
  • davenport is a red robe c o n f i r m e d
  • the post-credits scene!!!