..* ・ ☼˙ ˖ ✶ For Women Who are “Difficult” to Love.

“Hey everybody, how y’all doing tonight?” Stella spoke clearly into the microphone as she adjusted it to her preferred height after making her way up on the stage. Although she was nervous, after performing one of her old poems at Jaxon’s event a few weeks ago, she’d become a little bit more comfortable on the stage. “My name is Stella Moreno and this is a poem I wrote called ‘For Women Who Are Difficult to Love.’ I hope you guys enjoy it.” she declared, clearing her throat before taking a deep breath and beginning to poem she’d written just a few days ago.

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On The Strength Of Being Vulnerable
This for those who have been told they are resilient and are tired with strength being equated with stoicism.

It took a lot of nerve to delve a little deeper into my past like this, but I find this topic incredibly important. There is some strange notion that you cannot be resilient unless you appear to be made out of stone. Also, that you cannot be both vulnerable and strong. I say nay’ Here is my tale on juggling feeling every emotion on the spectrum and validating each and every one of them.
(I feel like @undiscoveredstory would appreciate this!)