Dear anyone who will listen,

I am terrified that I will never stop pushing people away, and that I will never let anyone come close enough to do more than flirt with me. This wall I’ve put up has become so strong that I am mentally incapable of even considering the fact that I will ever be in a relationship.

I am terrified of love. I run from closeness. I don’t know how to stop cowering from something I so deeply crave but somehow can’t stop avoiding. I don’t know why I do it. No one I know understands this about me and I feel so alone.

Please help me understand.


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Komaeda and Izuru pls^^

Send Me a Character

And I will tell you my:

  • First impression: Honestly I had like a doki doki reaction to seeing Izuru in chapter 0 bc hot damn…he hot…hot damn
  • Impression now: Honestly I still think of him as a huge victim. I’m glad part of him lived on through Hinata. He deserves that.
  • Favorite moment: I like when he just abandons Junko like lmao sayonara fucker.
  • Idea for a story: Maybe Hinata and Izuru having a touko/genocider situation and they actually switch dominant personalties.
  • Unpopular opinion: That he is a huge victim, really.
  • Favorite relationship: Give me the forbidden Kamukoma
  • Favorite headcanon: he does have feelings he just doesn’t understand them or feel them as strongly.

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Hi! You don't know me, but have you heard of The Ordinary by Deciem? They're basically generic skincare and everything is under $15 (at least since I've shopped there). I've been using their Niacinamide + Zinc serum, the same actives as Glossier's Super Pure, for the last week and I don't know how I've been living without it. I was going to splurge on Glossier too but after I tried this brand I'm definitely going to skip it. Just wanted to share 😊

I’ve never heard of it but I’ll look into it! My only concern is that random products tend to break me out (even though I don’t have sensitive skin) so I’m always skeptical about using new products. :(

callout post for pastelclizzy
  • has so many sideblogs its confusing me and i cant allow this
  • kinkshamed me twice??
  • jif/gif discourse
  • possibly more Australian™ than me. likes vegemite. huge fan of tree kangaroos. probably wrestles crocodiles, who knows
  • they like vegemite.  d e s p i c a b?l e?????????
  • would probably fight mat zo
  • one time we yelled about a 16 minute radio interview for a like. two hours??? id unno
  • mad e on   c o n f i r m ed
  • such a nice bea(n) that deserves 2 be happy

I can ship Stydia I just don’t see them romantically. I don’t get a romantic vibe when I see them together. I think Malia for Stiles and Parrish for Lydia are two amazing pairings that should be kept and expanded further.

But for Stydia, I personally wouldn’t put them as far as lovers/romantic. I’m okay with where they are now; they worry about each other and they care about each other and that’s okay because everyone in the pack worries about each other to some degree, and I think they should remain at that constant.

I don’t think they n e e d to be romantic in the sense where every says they have to be together, I think they just need to be in each other’s life and that’d be okay with either one of them. They have that awesome male/female dynamic that I love and they’re a unique crime fighting pair and I want to see more of that aspect of them.

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ok but episode 22 of season 11 is so ??? like dean goes to crowley and sam goes to rowena and god apologizes to lucifer and everything is ok and do u want a spoiler M E T A T R O N I S D E A D


k i l l   m e

My tablet died. 

Well, the stylus that wacom no longer supports did at least. So I’m probably going to take more time to draw out answers. Also, my inbox went nyoop and now all my asks are gone. It’s been a shit day.
And I’m   g o i n g   t o   d i e   becAUSE MY INTERNET IS A SLOW BITCH ON TUMBLR AHGUK8PNCQ0293MPWQS

The lack of a tablet is hindering me greatly rn. Luckily, my laptop is has a touch screen. But my drawing style is probably going to change a bit until I get a new graphics tablet. Either by the touch screen, traditional drawing, or some combination of both. The replacement might be a while considering that the dinosaur wacom I’ve been using was supposed to be replaced almost 5 months ago. And the tablet dying now was pretty unexpected.

I’m going to be off for today due to this madness. Sorry guys.