“When the fire dies
Dark in the skies
Hot as a match
Only smoke is left.”  

Finally an entry that follows this year’s prompts list, I know it’s pretty cliché but I just wanted to drown n-a-d-h-i-e in feels and I had no better idea so ( 人´∀`* ). And a bonus speedpaint here because I spent my whole evening struggling to render it so you guys have to see it for me lol (I really need to fix my computer soon, though). 

angelic-mess asked:

The forrest was a dark place that any commoner would avoid. Stories of beast and dangerous magic began to be the talk of the village just outside it. But to the creatures inside it, they called the place home. Inside this forrest resided many types of creatures. They all lived in hamony except for the angels and the demons who lived in tribes there. Charity, a naïve angel, skipped and played in the clearing surrounded by trees. She wasn't supposed to be there alone. She then heard a noise...

{ ♞ } – Sebastian wandered around the forest, his ruby eyes scanning the forest. He frowned deeply and gritted his teeth once he sensed an angel.

‘An angel? In my territory?’

He didn’t like the thought, but it wasn’t just in his mind. Someone was trespassing and he didn’t like it. Sebastian walked forward and frowned once he saw a woman– the angel he sensed to be exact, before growling. “Why the hell are you here?” – ;


The Bernadotte family: Hagasessorna

Her Excellency Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson

On 3 August 1943, a little Princess was born at Haga Slott. The Princess was  named Christina Louise Helena Bernadotte, Princess of Sweden.  Princess Christina is the youngest sister of King Carl Gustaf and the youngest Haga Princess. She is the fourth child of Prince Gustaf Adolf, and Princess Sibylla of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and granddaughter of King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. 

In 1974 Princess Christina married Tord Magnuson, a Swedish business executive and the Consul General for Mauritius, in the Palace Church of the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Because of her unequal marriage, she gave up her style of Royal Highness and received the courtesy title of Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson, with the style of Her Excellency as a Knight of the Order of the Elephant 1st Class. Thus, she and her descendants cannot inherit the Swedish throne.The couple has 3 sons:

*  Carl Gustaf Victor Magnuson (born 8 August 1975, Stockholm) who married Vicky Elisabeth Andrén, a model, in 2013. Vicky gave birth to their daughter Désirée Elfrida Christina Magnuson on 11 July 2014. (photo 3: at the baptism of their daughter)

*  Tord Oscar Frederik Magnuson (born 20 June 1977, Stockholm) who married Emma Emelie Charlotta Ledent in 2011. They have a son Albert Magnuson and Emma is expecting their second child. (photo 4: at the wedding of Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia)

* Victor Edmund Lennart Magnuson (born 10 September 1980, Stockholm) who is in a relationship with Frida Louise Bergström. Frida gave birth to the couple’s first child: Edmund Magnuson in 2012. The couple is expecting their second baby in August. (photo 5: at the baptism of Désirée Magnuson)