Dear 17 year old girl who wrote about how much she hates today’s popular music,

I’d like to respectfully suggest that someone’s taste in music is an entirely personal matter. Whether or not your particular tastes happen to reflect what the majority like, has nothing whatsoever to do with a person’s intelligence or their supposed ‘conformity’.

It’s a bit shit that people’s music tastes make us stereotype them like that. I’ll admit, reading your letter I had a picture of you forming straightaway in my head, even though I know nothing about you other than what you consider ‘good’ music. And when you know what I like to listen to, you’ll probably immediately form an opinion about me that may or may not be wholly inaccurate, based on nothing more than my tastes in music.

But anyway, the idea that listening to pop music = 2D, crowd-following robot, to me, is a bit of a sad generalisation.

You could totally disagree with me here, but I personally have this theory that no music is bad music if you make the effort to understand it. As a music student I’ve had to listen to and study countless pieces I really couldn’t stand at first - my best example would probably be Desmond Dekker’s 'You Can Get It If You Really Want’, which I just found insubstantial and irritating when I first listened to it. But after listening to it a number of times, understanding the thought that went into writing it (yep, it takes effort to compose even the most apparently-meaningless tune) and getting to grips with its influences from Jamaican, Mexican and 1950s doo-wop music… bam, suddenly the piece was fascinating.

I’ve never managed to keep hating a piece once I’ve started thinking about it.

So yeah. Obviously most people don’t consider the heavily-distorted basslines you hate so much in as much depth as me, but that personally is what helps me whenever I feel like I hate a song so much I could be physically violent to the next person to mention it in front of me :)


Another 17 year old, who could listen to anything from 16th century madrigals to Broadway musicals, Mozart to Ed Sheeran to random Scottish folk music, without getting bored.

PS The celebrity side of music and the desire to become the next big thing that you talked about? Take it up with Beethoven. He started it.

PPS If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend the musical 'We Will Rock You’, since it pretty much sums up your opinion of pop music and also, if you’re the kind of person who likes Pink Floyd I reckon you could do worse than live through a couple of hours of Queen.

this just in on what i do while procrastinating: dramtically lip singing into a water bottle @ 9pm instead of doing a project thats due tomorrow

I’m so fucking impressed that not only is this Agust D mixtape all Yoongi rapping, he also does keyboards and synths on lots of these songs, and Produces most of them too.   He’s even listed as the recording engineer on most tracks?!?!  Talk about all around amazing, I’m just so overwhelmed by him.