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Off The Record — H.O (Chapter 2)

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Pairing: fem!journalist!reader x druglord!boxer!fuckboy!harrison

Word Count: 4k

Summary: she wants to write an article about a boxer in his ring. But will the badboy, tattooed, dangerous Harrison Osterfield say yes? Or no.

Additional Notes: The later parts in this series (I have a feeling will be pretty smutty. Please be aware of that, and I will (obviously) put warnings if a chapter contains smut

Warnings: Swearing & sexual comments.

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The mirror was fogged up, the warm air around the bathroom making the reflective surfaces a more dull grey than reflective. Her hand moved across the surface, making her Y/C/E look back at her. She sighed, moving back towards the door of her bathroom and unlocked the door, letting the cool air move through the small room.

She tightened the towel around her body looking down at her toes as nerves raged in her stomach. She moved into the next room which happened to be her bedroom. Her feet moved from the hardwood floor to the light blue rug.

Y/N glanced at the window, making sure the shades were closed before shedding her towel and moving to her closet. Her fingers moved through the clothes that were hung up before she grabbed her robe on the hook next to the door and pulled it on, glancing at her alarm clock.

5:47. Just about two and a half hours until she had to go back. Go back to the place that terrified the absolute shit out of her. There was a part of her that was tempted not go back. Actually it was more like over half of her that was tempted. She swallowed, remembering how terrified she was the moment she stepped in the building.

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A veces me gustaría que cada uno de nosotros dijéramos lo que tanto nos ha dado miedo decir, tal vez "Oye, realmente no me gusta cuando haces eso" o "Hey, yo realmente estoy enamorado de usted" o incluso, "Hola, yo te extraño y pienso en ti todo el tiempo" sin sonar desesperado. ¿Por qué todo el mundo no puede ser dolorosamente honesto?
There is Officially Nothing More Important to me than Matt Holt