Dream Drop Distance HD Remix Opening Menu Concept by TheGamersJoint

Τα μάτια σου…Αυτά ερωτεύτηκα.Δεν ήταν πράσινα,ούτε γαλάζια.Ήταν το συνηθισμένο καφέ.Αλλά όταν με κοίταζες…Φίλε όταν με κοίταζες,ξεχνούσα τα πάντα γύρω μου.

third little collection of the pixel backgrounds i like the most. if you are using one of my themes, you can change its background with one of these or you can use this pack for your own themes (please always credit me, it would be nice and respectful). you can also use them for graphics or gifs (just change the layer mask and opacity in photoshop!). addictional instructions on how to change their colours are in the little file read me you can find in the folder (if you want them with a dark background and white details etc).

dowload mediafire .zip

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He was my best friend.
There was this one night, where we chased each other around his parents house using kisses and silly string as our weapons, and we strung glow sticks all around the bathroom and talked until the water got cold and our toes got pruny but it didn’t matter because we were in love
But there was another night, where he took six tabs of acid and stood outside the apartment wearing nothing but his pride and broke a thousand dollars worth of windows with hands that used to hold mine and I really wish it didn’t but it mattered that time
He was my best friend.
It took them twenty eight stitches and a nightgown to put him back together again but the nurses only weapon was thread not kisses and they simply weren’t taught how to tie together a boy who chose drugs over everything else and his best friend who chose scissors, to cut herself free.