Oh man. We are so grateful that this achievement is unlocked and now in the past. Don’t get us wrong… we love all of your drawings, but our nightmares now have a whole new cast of characters and it’s entirely your fault.

2 achievements down, 5 to go. You got this!!

In the ninth step Thought unites with Sense so that Thought itself drives action. This may be called Desire and yet it is also fear. This is not simply emotion, which occurs largely through Sense, but a yoking of thought to emotion which drives action. Prior to this step the Agent knew nothing beyond acting in the moment. Desire brings about incarnation in the tenth step. It is attachment to the world.

Desire brings the potential of dissatisfaction and suffering. Desire is the altar upon which the unified higher self is slain and also the womb by which it may be resurrected. Some teach that Desire is a trap, and it is, and yet it is also the foundation of being. It is engagement that drives creation of that which is beyond. It is both suffering and exquisite pleasure.