szóval ha jól értem, az origóért jelenleg habony árpád, a köves slomó és schmidt mária áll harcban

ilyenkor kell írni, hogy csak egy kávét kérek? :D

edit: elbasztam elsőre, persze hogy nem mazsihisz, hanem köves, de ez nem ront a bulin 

Alright, this is my first time doing something like this so let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to change about my document setup or anything :)


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The code you must put in is: For Casey

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I Want to Start a D&D Group!

Hello lovely people!

As the title suggests, I want to start a D&D group for the upcoming school year and possibly (hopefully) beyond. I will be the GM (Game Master). I plan to be playing D&D 5th Edition, however, if there’s significant interest in playing other systems we might play that instead. Now, some of you ( I’m looking at you whale-eggs, norman-arriaga) may want to play but don’t live near me (or even in the same time zone), don’t worry. We won’t be meeting in person, we’ll be playing using Skype and Roll 20. I already have lighttechie4lyfeeeeeee lined up as a player, so I’m looking for up to 4 more people to join us (I’m willing to play with more people). Get in touch with me if you’re interested. 


Omg this wonwoo edit D:

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anonymous asked:

I can't help thinking that in old school 1st/2nd edition D&D terms Knock has a constitution score of 18 and rolled a 10 for her hit points every time she leveled up. Did she just get really lucky when the gods were handing out hit points? I'm starting to think she could probably stand up to Duane in a plain old fist fight.

Well, a high constitution is sort of part of her character. It’s built into her name :) She must have been a burly, ass-kicking infant when she popped out, and even now she’s thick as a brick