Manhōruマンホール  ; Plaques d’égout ; Manhole-covers

Les plaques d’égout japonaises sont une des choses parmi tant d’autres qui étonnent les étrangers arrivant au pays du Soleil levant. Loin d’être de simples cercles de métal, les plaques d’égout japonaises sont de véritables œuvres d’art, parfois colorées, qui changent suivant les villes, les préfectures, voir les quartiers ! 

banana-moon-moon  asked:

honestly, how do you come up with interesting/ dynamic poses? i try to follow several tutorials and all, but you manage to hit the nail everytime, tell me your secretssss (keep up the amazing work òwó)9☆)

Thank you so much! Glad you approve of my figure drawing, haha

Honestly though there isn’t like, a set way of going about it??? In my case I just go with the flow and erase a lot of duff versions before I settle on a pose I like; but some recommendations I can make from my own experience would probably have to be:

  • Being looser/sketchier with the roughs tends to help with keeping the ‘flow’ of a figure more natural
  • ^^on that note, if you feel like you’ve been stuck on one attempt for ages, open a new page or layer or paper and try to whip up a super loose rough version as quick as you can– a lot of the time i find those quickies look a bunch better than the versions I’ve gotten hett up on
  • Curves! bodies aren’t made of straight lines and all the parts tend to flow into eachother rather than clicking into place stiffly
  • Good tunes! rocking out to dynamic songs or tunes that get u pumped tends to help some, lol

wow this ended up longer than i thought it would– hopefully it’s at least a lil’ helpful tho, lol– cheers again! :D

Il en est de la culture comme de bien d’autres choses dont la vertu s’envole aussitôt leur nom prononcé. Au premier stade, il y a l’art gaillard, gratuit et plein de sève. Au second, il y a l’invention du mot culture, qui met à l’art bon plomb dans l’aile. Au troisième, il y a la culture de choc, la caporalisation de la culture, et plus d’art du tout.
—  Jean Dubuffet, Asphyxiante culture, Les Éditions de Minuit, 1986

Revamped Commissions!

ORIGINAL PICTURE: “Taako’s Good Out Here”

More examples of my work can be found on my art blog!

Add character: +5$-20$

More complex backgrounds: Negotiable

I take payment through Paypal only. Please message me if you’re interested.

I work 40 hours a week, but that still doesn’t cover all of my living expenses, including my student loans. I need more money, and I’d rather do art for people than take up another retail position.

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❊ I want to roleplay with you, ✷ I wish our characters was friends, ✣ I like the way you express your muse(s), ❋ Your blog is one of my favs✦, I like seeing you on my dash and ❆ I love your art :D

//AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH *mun cannot stop screaming internally*

anyone can hit me up if ye wants to roleplay. I haven’t done this in years but it might be fun… THANK YOU AAAHH



how do you express gratitude… hmmmm hugs i think… maybe… *hug*

i offer you gratitude and thanks and love and stuff… ye… o/ *awkward*

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Quali città italiane ti piacerebbe visitare?

Tipo troppe altre 3748922 volte.
Sono già stata praticamente ovunque in Italia, ma la cosa fantastica è che riesci sempre ogni volta a scovare un paesino caratteristico o quel borgo che mai avresti pensato. Oppure torni in qualche città d'Arte per la 100esima volta rimanendo comunque senza fiato. Questa è la magia dell'Italia.

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Smirking at your eager expression Ignis kneels in front of you pulling you in for a deep kiss as his hands wander to grab your ass pulling you close. Pulling you upright he gathers you into his arms and brings you over to the bed where he lays you down before sitting beside you. Tugging insistently at your waist he smiles wickedly at you. "You always work so hard to please me my love, come over here and let me get a taste so I can return the favor." His tone lowers, " Now love, sit on my face."

You want me to… sit on your face?


You’ll find that I’m very skilled at doing whatever you want me to d- … I mean, the art of face sitting.

I’m also very skilled at dying from sensory overload from this entire endeavor, but I’ve got all the necessary forms filled out already. My beneficiaries are set, my body is ready, so LEGGO