I make a pretty fly dude if I do say so myself!

Went to a Halloween Drag Dance last night. And I made first public appearance as D'Zairoh. The best part was when the people who were checking my school ID didn’t believe that it was mine!

I have to say, I really enjoyed being a guy. Despite the binding getting really uncomfortable by the end of the night, I felt quite liberated overall by portraying myself as someone different. I want to do it more often and figure out who D'Zairoh is. Something tells me he’ll be a lot more confident than I am.


Meet D'Zairoh!

I’ve always wanted to be a drag king! I’m still putting together my drag outfit. Need to figure out facial hair too eventually. I’m not sure what sort of style I’m going for yet so I’m trying out different ones.

Binding’s really uncomfortable [I’m a 36D]. I need to get used to it though. Probably doesn’t suck as much as tucking does though so I’m grateful I don’t have to do that!!