Daesung's D'scovery: Seungri

This time we’ll talk about our best maknae, VI.

My impression of him during his trainee years was that he’s good at singing and dancing and has a good personality. I always thought that he was a good person to be with because he has aegyo(cuteness) *Laughs* VI has an image that always seems to grow. I can definitely say that his ability to absorb in new stuff like foreign cultures are amazing. Among those, his Japanese improved really quickly so I was very surprised. VI always has a vocab note and studies hard and I’ve never seen him work that hard so it was very unexpected of him. I’m sure that’s how other members feel about him as well.

When VI San is on Japanese variety programs, we always check all of the shows he’s in and we ask him “I saw you, Was it fun?” and we always support him. He’s very trustworthy because he can speak Japanese fluently with famous Japanese celebrities. He’s also studying English right now. He’s a very hard worker but people don’t seem to realize it. Most of all, I am very envious of his enjoyable learning method. That’s how he learns everything so quickly! I am a type of person who gets stressed out when studying so I want to learn from him.

Ah- but VI is so loud when we’re in the waiting room or dressing room. It’s so embarrassing. *Laughs* For 7 years we’ve been with him but every time he prepares a solo live show we can’t help but laugh at him. It’s funny and makes us embarrassed (jokingly) he’s great, right? (smiles)

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Daesung on Japanese Radio Show “KP Connection” [AUDIO]

“To KP Connection’s listeners, hello I’m D-Lite.
Valentine is just around the corner. Valentine right..
Ah! My memory of Valentine is.. haa
Well, I can’t recall since I never receive anything. haa

For this year.. I want to receive a lot. This is sad.

Yes, that’s all.
Please listen a song from my album D’scover, a song that suit Valentine.

Please listen to Aitakute Ima (I want to see you now/ I’m missing you now)
That’s all from D-Lite.
Good luck for Valentine.
I’ll come again next week..”



Source: @sirodaesung
Translation: marthapido @tumblr.com

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G-Dragon Becomes First Korean Soloist to Host “4 Dome Tour” in Japan

Big Bang’s G-Dragon sets another record and becomes the first Korean solo singer to hold concerts at four of Japan’s Domes.

It was announced in January that G-Dragon would hold a “3 Dome Tour” at Fukuoka, Seibu and Osaka and it became a big issue because he’s a foreign artist in Japan and he’ll be holding his concerts at such big venues as a soloist. But he proved his ticket power as the competition to purchase the concert tickets became super fierce. His agency took notice and decided to add one more concert at Osaka Dome and two at Nagoya Dome.

It’s estimated that G-Dragon will be able to greet 361,000 fans through his whole tour. Industry officials were able to witness the ripple effects of his overwhelming popularity through the added concerts.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will focus on their individual activities for the first half of the year. G-Dragon will make his Korean comeback in March and will also hold a solo concert at Seoul’s Olympic Hall Gymnasium along with his Japan tour. T.O.P is waiting for his movie “The Alumni” to premiere and Daesung will release his first Japanese solo album “D’scover” on February 27 and will hold a solo concert.

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