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gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  

A pirate dad and his pirate son go on an adventure! 

(The happy pirate music I drew this to~)

NEKOKA FAMILY: shitpost version

nekoka yuta

  • yumi’s father
  • kind of an asshole
  • pretty sexist too
  • owns a company
  • wasn’t even his company it was his wife’s
  • but her dad didn’t like his daughter either so
  • took his wife’s last name but it was like he didn’t marry her, he married the company

nekoka hanako

  • yumi’s mother
  • little nicer
  • pretty sweet i guess
  • the company was rightfully hers but ye didn’t happen
  • housewife
  • would force yumi to learn how to cook, knit, and shit like that
  • would also make yumi wear pretty dresses and have her hair styled fancily and shit

nekoka yumi

  • yall already know this hoe
  • hella short
  • v bitchy
  • loves cats
  • also loves sports
  • hates having her hair touched
  • moved out of parents’ when she first turned 16 and moved in with her grandma
  • works at her grandma’s cat shelter bless

nekoka yuuki

  • yumi’s twin brother
  • only younger by a minute tho
  • he kinda short too
  • kind of an asshole like his dad
  • also goes to nekoma but yumi and him don’t talk
  • when they do she just tryna fight him
  • loves cats too
  • not really into sports
  • more interested in the company’s future

nekoka takao

  • yumi’s hot uncle on her mother’s side
  • he like 26 or sm
  • he was popped out real late
  • her grandparents were still gettin freaky wit it before her grandpa died
  • didn’t wanna go into the family business
  • instead he became a coach
  • well assistant coach for the nekoma girls’ team
  • it was the best he could do
  • only rich bc of his mom tbh

nekoka chikashi

  • yumi’s grandma on her mother’s side
  • closeted lesbian
  • only fucked her dead husband bc everyone wanted the family to be continued by blood and not adoption or w/e
  • also p rich
  • lowkey named her daughter after the woman she loved
  • can step on me
  • owns a cat shelter on the side


With the start of the new year, we are looking for new members as well as translators. Getting you all the latest news and pictures is a lot of work and any help will be appreciated!

Interested? Leave your name, tumblr url and your email here or email it to aomgftm@gmail.com.

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i was tagged byyyy… @arwenkenobi48 :D

Name: lawrence

Nicknames: law, anakin, mech, pretty much anything lol

Gender: trans male (he/him pronouns)

Star Sign: capricorn

Height: 5″8

Sexual Orientation: pansexual (more leaning towards males, though)

Hogwarts House: *rubber duck squeak*

Favorite color: black, blue, or grey. who has only ONE favorite color?

Favorite Animal: cats! i love cats so much

Average hours of sleep: abooout… 6? i think?

Cat or Dog Person: cats, of course!

Favorite Fictional Characters: *shaky sigh*

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: one and one only

Favorite Singer/Band: i liiike… calvin harris’ old albums, lapfox, jonathan coulton, knife party, pendulum, deadmau5, aaand much more! i’m. a mess.

Dream Trip: *generic spring sound effect no. 5*

Dream Job: … i’m running out of sound effects :(

Favorite food: ice cream. i like ice cream. what flavor? my answer is yes.

First Fandom: uuhhhh… god, i don’t know. it had to be… avatar the last airbender- maybe the secret saturdays. my memory ain’t the best lol

When was this blog created?: this blog specifically? august of 2016, if memory serves. :D

Current Number of Followers: currently, i have 384 followers! ( thank yooou <3)

When did your blog reach its peak?: reach its peak… i’d say recently. with all the requests that are coming in that is, haha :’D

What made you decide to make a Tumblr?: well, i couldn’t keep posting art on my main blog. it just didn’t feel right o: so, i decided that it was time to make a separate blog for it! well. kinda separate. this is a sideblog. but hey, close enough!

I’m tagging: anyone who wants to do it! <3 :’D

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the reason yuri on ice keeps surprising us is because they actually do the stuff we jokingly make jokes about and wish for but never actually expect to happen and it is causing so much chaos its fantastic

this is what happens when you give people what they want but never expected

they dont know what to fucking do anymore

yuri on ice is a gift that keeps on giving

  • Annabeth: "Knowledge" is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; "wisdom" is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  • Piper: That was deep.
  • Leo: "Philosophy" is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie.
  • Jason: That was deeper.
  • Percy: "Common sense" is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie, you nasties.