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New d&d kid for @dovahgarbage‘s campaign 👀

anonymous asked:

For the pallet challenge, can you do Boyf riends in Eternity?

//Thanks for the request! anyways pls keep in mind idk anything abt stars and constellations I just added 3 of my faves aa


Guess what, ASLR found Garp’s suitcase full of Hawaiian shirts :D
Inspired by chapter 47 of Tell it to the Marines, when Sabo wore a Hawaiian shirt! I loved that!


Day 5: After the barrier/Overworld @fransweek

Huh, it was a looong time when I had a time to drawing >:c 
Gladly I finished it! 
My ideas are warped >D But once again, Frisk is the one who marry Sans xD Not opposite.

I would love to color it, but …. I’M TOO LAZY :D


💖 Meet the dad of your dreams Chas Chandler! 💖

first of all HUGE should out to @morethanonepage and @red-starshine and this amazing post prompting this ! :D
And obviously the Dream Daddy Game for inspiring everything :’)
Followed what was laid out to me on the post, mimicking the games style and graphics to best of my ability :’)
Was a fun little exercise really hahha

Chas truly is the dream dad and could use a date :’D
and of course i had to include the loser bf (bestfriend? boyfriend? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) with the infamous quote :D


D&D inspired liquid lipsticks + carrying pouch

Whenever I make one themed makeup item, I always make more, my brain keeps spinning out new pieces of a “collection”, and it’s doing just that now. I came up with the idea of an “alchemist’s pouch” style case for liquid lipsticks. The two right lipsticks are actually the glosses of the set - glitter (Arcana) and clear (Stealth). Decided to name them after skills, and matching the colors to them was really fun for me. I’m sure I’ve missed colors that people think are important, but I did my best to try and get a good range for a variety of skin tones, including some on-trend wild colors.

(This isn’t a real product, just an art project for fun.)

This took longer than I would like to admit 

Sooo apparently @artsymeeshee and me are creating a club for awkward potatoes like us! 

If you’re ever too scared or shy to talk to someone don’t fret, we’re all scared and shy too xD But we should try to push that fear aside and still give it a shot! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new friend! :D 

 Come join us  in this support group of awkward people! Everyone is welcome to join! 

Didi never did grow out of her baby cheeks.

And for those of you following the characters(tics), from the first comic to now, what can you say about Dori? Well, by and large she’s non confrontational, avoids discomfort and ignores problems (y’know, except kids peeing in a corner). Now, if you remember any passing source materials, like I dunno a model sheet, what do you know about young adult Didi?

Despite even the best of efforts, sometimes the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. What else do you know about these characters?

Small children have no filters, so be careful what you say, it might come back in the worst way!

For those who can’t Nido anatomy yet, to be absolutely clear, Pop Pop serves as the comic’s catalyst. You know. Mr.-only-one-with-three-foreclaws (in this time period). Arnie and Dori are far too soft to use actual swears, they’re more of the “golly gee” type.