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D&D inspired liquid lipsticks + carrying pouch

Whenever I make one themed makeup item, I always make more, my brain keeps spinning out new pieces of a “collection”, and it’s doing just that now. I came up with the idea of an “alchemist’s pouch” style case for liquid lipsticks. The two right lipsticks are actually the glosses of the set - glitter (Arcana) and clear (Stealth). Decided to name them after skills, and matching the colors to them was really fun for me. I’m sure I’ve missed colors that people think are important, but I did my best to try and get a good range for a variety of skin tones, including some on-trend wild colors.

(This isn’t a real product, just an art project for fun.)

This took longer than I would like to admit 

Sooo apparently @artsymeeshee and me are creating a club for awkward potatoes like us! 

If you’re ever too scared or shy to talk to someone don’t fret, we’re all scared and shy too xD But we should try to push that fear aside and still give it a shot! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new friend! :D 

 Come join us  in this support group of awkward people! Everyone is welcome to join! 


Day 5: After the barrier/Overworld @fransweek

Huh, it was a looong time when I had a time to drawing >:c 
Gladly I finished it! 
My ideas are warped >D But once again, Frisk is the one who marry Sans xD Not opposite.

I would love to color it, but …. I’M TOO LAZY :D

babyboyramos  asked:

i am more than happy to ask you about anything i think you're the only other person i've found who loves and appreciates GP as much as I do (maybe i'm just not looking in the right places) but i also just love you art so much i love how you always include one at teh bottom of anything

i relate to graffiti pete because i too love art and sonny de la vega 

 ahh i love him so much, hes so good, such a precious lil bean, so much potential – theres definitely more of us out there (@smoltinypumpkinchild being the first to come to mind because we talk about pete SO MUCH) where you at people who love pete?? we all need to talk more

and thank you! have this graffiti pete echoing my thoughts


First image: MORE FACES!! This time trying to draw Noodle and 2-D by memory, Takoyama and his lazy eye, my OC’s, Fukawa and Sho and me aiming to draw Beepers (its really hard man, looks easy but its hard)

Second img: Just me trying to draw Takoyama with a cute dress that I dont know the type but is a dress that is very loose and stuff… Idk how its called, if someone knows tell me please

you dont realize how many drawings youve done till you gather up most of them and drop em into a file