THE STORY OF HER FANHOOD: “As most know, the Diamondbacks are a relatively new team in baseball terms. They came to Arizona in 1998 as a brand-new franchise when I was eight, going on nine years old. My parents took me to games from the beginning, and although it took me a bit to catch onto the game of baseball, when I did, I was hooked. I’m twenty-two, going on twenty-three now, and I’ve loved watching the D-backs every year, good or bad, since. My parents have partial season tickets, and I go with them every chance I get.

When I was twelve, my parents took my brother and I to Game Seven of the 2001 World Series (on a whim, no less), and we managed to get face value seats about thirty minutes before the game started. The Diamondbacks were playing the Yankees, the proverbial favorite, and the series was tied. We were down by a run with Mariano Rivera pitching, and so many people thought we were doomed. The Diamondbacks managed to get the bases loaded, and then comes my favorite memory tied to this team. It was hearing the crack of Luis Gonzalez’s bat and watching that ball float over Derek Jeter’s head while sitting in the upper deck of (what was then called) Bank One Ballpark.

In addition to a World Series championship, I’ve been blessed to watch so many things that players in the Diamondbacks franchise have done, some of those things most baseball fans won’t ever see in a lifetime. I’ve watched a perfect game. I’ve seen a 20 strikeout game. I’ve seen numerous milestones passed in illustrious careers, along with plenty of rookie careers taking off. I’ve seen a 100 win season, and the list goes on.

When I was eighteen, I got a Diamondbacks tattoo on my hip that I sport proudly to this day. Some may call me crazy, I just call it dedication! I know that no matter what, I’ll always be a Diamondbacks fan, and not just because I have their logo tattooed on my body, but rather, thanks to my parents who taught me to love the game.”

WHY SHE’S THE ULTIMATE FAN: “So many of the memories I have are tied to baseball. I’ve watched other teams play in numerous places because I simply love watching the game. I’ve also gone all over the country to support my team from Oakland to Chicago and back home to Arizona. My room and wardrobe is filled with Diamondbacks knickknacks and gear. I may have a tattoo, but I know that even if I didn’t, this team is under my skin and a part of me forever. It doesn’t matter where I end up, I will always love my Diamondbacks!”

Heather also included the photo of her awesome tattoo! It won’t be considered in the selection process but we felt everyone should get to see and enjoy it.

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