I am so lucky that I have gotten to play all these completely different parts. It’s what I love about acting. I don’t know how easy it is to be shocked when my first job started as a girl in a potato sack and ended as a blue demon goddess.
—  Amy Acker [x]

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"Mom, why does Dad has a smiley face on his tubby?"

Send me anons as my kid.

“He has a smiley face on his tummy because that is how he cheers people up. He’s able to make it move and some have thought that the painted face had life! So if someone angers him they will fear the weath of his belly face." 

"The terrible Harada no Hara-odori!

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"Daddy why do you love mommy?" The small girl looked at the mummy with big shining eyes.

“W-why, dear?” Emumu already knew the answer to this, but he figured a pause was necessary for dramatic effect. His daughter would need to wait. “W-well…she’s really really n-nice to me, she cooks me th-things, she makes me l-laugh, I don’t know…sh-she makes me happy. It’s…h-hard to explain.”