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"Hey, there, mom, dad, I have a question: Hypothetically, what do you do if you, say, suddenly find yourself thinking one of the princes in your new clan is kinda adorable?? With the way his scales sparkle when all the water sprites dance around him, and noticing how lovely the blue flowers look tucked behind his ears, and the sound of his laugh and my- *COUGH* I mean, YOUR heart just starts going 'dhsajk' around him. HYPOTHETICALLY, if that happened to you.. WHAT DO??" -Fahri

Aiton grinned wildly, before stroking his chin with a proud smile, “Well well, sounds like someone has a crush on this prince! Sure sounds like how I felt, when I first laid eyes on your mother…”

“Only in your father’s case, there was a lot more blushing and stammering and tripping over his own feet.” chuckled Vihar, causing her mate to blush furiously, hiding behind his mask. Smiling at him fondly, Vihar then replied, “Hon, it’s a good thing, you feeling like this. This means you care about this prince, and you find him attractive, as well as pleasant to be around. Get to know him more. Talk a bit. Take walks together. Be together. Let those emotions blossom into something beautiful…”

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Writes "Best Big Brother" across the back of his right hand with a teeny tiny heart.

Grab a marker and write something on my muse! ( Anywhere over my muse’s body. )

   Curious as to what his mini-me was doing when he snatched his hand and began scribbling with a marker, Gohan watched the words form and the heart shape take place. A wide smile appearing on his face, his smol bro was instantly swept up into a thankful hug.

   “Yeah, well you’re the best little brother a guy could ask for.”


Random screenshots from Trignal’s One Step Forward making! Wish I knew how to make gifs!

Random highlights/favorite parts

  • Trignal eating lunch. For some reason, I find it endearing… I dunno why…
  • RYOHEI HUGGING EGU. IT’S SO CUUUUTE! <333 Wingu finds it amusing.
  • Wingu messing with Egu’s necklace. xP
  • Egu messing up the dance. xD
  • Wish I could’ve screenshot this but fail!Egu on a treadmill. xD While Wingu walks with sass and Ryohei walks like a model. 
  • You know that one part where each member has a solo shot with their theme color in the pv? The members were complimenting each other saying “cool” and “sexy.” After Wingu finished his part, Ryohei said that his seductive pose should’ve been a tokuten or something. xD And while Ryohei was doing his part, Egu and Wingu were going “wooooo~~~” especially when Ryohei did the lip part. xD

Loved the mini-album overall! <3