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SILVER SPOON: Part 7 [Yoongi x Reader; Rom-com, fluff]

 A girl who had to work hard every day of her life to rise from nothing, meets a man who was born with and given everything.

A classic tale of what happens when a cold, uptight farm girl meets a playful, rebellious, easy-going city boy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters; some other BTS members show up too lol)
Office au
Romantic Comedy, Fluff

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (Finale)

A/N: So this was a fairly short update x) and depending on the snow storm we’re supposed to have today to tomorrow, this may or may not be my last update until next week. I’m going to a concert Friday and having a Kpop sleepover this weekend (woot~) so I won’t have time to sit and write x_x that’s why I wanted to leave you guys with another update before the weekend! Enjoy ~

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           You flinched when you looked up to find Yoongi standing in front of your desk. Hurriedly, you stood up flustered. "Y-yes, M-Mr. Min?”

           "You okay?“ Yoongi frowned. "I’ve been calling your name for a few minutes.”

           You felt yourself warm considerably. “I-I’m fine. Just concentrated.”

           "You’re all red. Do you have a fever?“ Yoongi reached out and touched your forehead, which would’ve spurred you to burst into flames, if you were secretly a phoenix or if humans were suddenly capable of combusting into fire when feelings became too overwhelming. "You’re so warm!”

           He cupped your cheeks worriedly. “Your entire face!”

           "I- I- just need some fresh air.“ You stepped back away from his grasp, your heart beating way too quickly; you were afraid someone would need to call an ambulance if you lingered near him any longer.

           "I’ll walk around with you.” He offered. “What if you faint or something?”

           You chuckled nervously. “You need to prepare for the meeting. I’ll be okay. Maybe it’s just hot flashes or something.”

           "It’s a bit too early for menopause don’t you think?“ he teased.

           You snorted and bowed politely before hurrying out.

           Ever since your revelation during the office party, you couldn’t look or speak to Yoongi directly. You were on edge so much that you freaked out whenever he appeared out of the blue or played around with you. But when he wasn’t looking, you would turn your attention to him, letting your thoughts wander, and end up getting behind your schedule. You were just completely thrown off. What does one do when they realize they have feelings for someone else? Should they confess? Should they remain silent?

           You shook your head and took a seat on a nearby bench outside. You had to remain silent. The Chairman warned you not to fall in love in with his grandson, but you had done so without even realizing it. When had it happened? How could you have stopped it? Why did you have to realize it? You groaned into your hands, distraught.

           You felt absolutely guilty for harboring feelings and not being able to compose yourself properly after the realization. You were a grown woman for goodness sake! Why couldn’t you act normal? You sighed and touched your chest, feeling your heartbeat calming down.

           It had almost been a full week since the party and every moment, awake and asleep, was filled with thoughts and dreams of Yoongi. When he was around, you’d try to catch a glimpse of him as often as you could without getting caught. When he wasn’t, you would reminisce about the times when he was close or fantasize about what could be if you weren’t bound by…well by everything really. Money, status, wealth, personalities, his family, and frankly, you were pretty sure he would never find you romantically appealing. He was famous and wealthy after all, and handsome to boot. He had options, so why would he choose you? A farm girl who had no ounce of spontaneity or fun inside of her or a penny to her name.  

           You looked up at the sky, a gnawing feeling at the pit of your stomach. You knew exactly what you had to do, but you had hoped you’d be able to work through and discard your feelings before turning to this option. But this week had shown you that your affections would only grow stronger alongside your guilt, and you couldn’t endanger the company like that. Much less destroy the progress that Yoongi had made; he had come so far from when you first met.

           You smiled sadly and stood up. You had to do what was best for everyone.

           At the end of the week, you found yourself in front of Jimin’s desk while he stared at you in horror.

           "What is this?” he exclaimed as he grabbed the envelope you had handed to him.

           "A transfer request.“

           "WHY?” his voice was laced with tamed anger and sadness.

           "Jimin.“ You exhaled, trying to fight back tears. "Remember when I told you that the Chairman warned me not to fall in love with his grandson?”

           Jimin immediately softened. “Y/N…”

           You sniffled and tried to laugh it off. “Remember how we laughed about that, and thought about what he might look like and all that.”

           Jimin pulled you into his chest gently. “You don’t have to do this, Y/N.”

           "I do, Jimin. I need to leave. Some things are just too far-fetched to dream about.“ You mumbled into his chest. "And if he were to find out, then it could ruin our friendship.”

           "But what about you?“

           You stepped back and smiled. "Me? I’ll be fine. You know that. I can work hard anywhere and at any job once I put my mind to it.”

           "So…“ Jimin frowned. "Why did you give this to me? I no longer hold the highest position in this branch.”

           "I can’t do it, Jimin. I can’t face him.“ You exhaled. "You know him. He won’t have it. He’ll try to keep me here and the more I’m near him, the more I want to be with him. The more I realize the depth of my feelings, the more I realize I’m not worth being by his side and I need to get over it.”

           "But it has to go through him still; you know that’s how it works.“

           "I won’t come in and won’t notify anyone. That’s a transgression each day, and so he’ll have to kick me out of the branch after three. Please give it to him after the 3 days.” You squeezed Jimin’s hands. “Please.”

           Jimin nodded and patted your head carefully. “Stay well.”

           "You too.“

           You waited until Yoongi left for the day and cleared out your desk.

           Monday rolled around and Yoongi stood in front of your empty desk in surprise. Jimin waltzed in with two coffees as usual, exhausted from thinking about his predicament the entire weekend.

           He didn’t know what the right thing to do was.

           "Oh? She’s not here? How unusual?” he pretended, then handed Yoongi the coffee. “I’ll shoot her a text, but here, you can have her coffee.”

           Yoongi frowned and gripped the cup. “Is she really okay? She was zoned out all of last week. What’s been happening with her? I should’ve asked her more often and forced it out of her!”

           Jimin patted his shoulder and strolled into his office, watching through his window as Yoongi continued to stare at your desk, perplexed and worry-stricken. His hand traced the envelope that sat at the top of his desk.

           What should he do?

           The next day came and again, there was no sign of you. This time, Yoongi had his phone glued to his ear, looking furious.

           "If something’s wrong, she should tell someone! She can’t just disappear like this! What the fuck, Y/N?“ he cursed as Jimin stood bashfully in the middle of the CEO’s office. "Can you not get in contact with her?”

           Jimin shook his head.

           "Do you think her family is having money problems? Is she being ransomed? Hunted by loan sharks?“ Yoongi worried.


           "Ahhh!“ Yoongi growled as he ruffled his hair angrily. "I’m so pissed off! How could she put me in this position? She has two disciplinary strikes already!”

           Jimin gripped the letter that he was hiding behind his back. He couldn’t keep his promise to you.

           "Hyung…I’m sorry.“ he bowed deeply.

           "For what?” Yoongi blinked.

           Jimin handed him the envelope. “Y/N gave me this before the weekend and asked me to give this to you after 3 days… so you’d be forced to kick her out of the branch, but as much as I want to do what she asked me as a friend, I also don’t want to lose her like this.”

           Yoongi’s eyes widened. Hurriedly, he ripped the envelope open, reading through its contents that requested for a transfer.

           "What the fuck is this?“ Yoongi jumped out of his seat. "Why the hell does she want a transfer?”

           "Hyung…“ Jimin bit his lip. "What do you want to do?”

           "I’m not letting her do whatever she wants after she forced me into this chair.“ Yoongi scoffed. "No way is she abandoning me. I need to see her.”

           "Hyung, it’s the middle of the day…“

           "I’m going to drag her back even if I have to kidnap her.” Yoongi glared. “Any problems?”

           Jimin smiled and shook his head. “Have a good trip, hyung. I’ll cover for you.”

           Yoongi swung his door open and was met with the wide stares of his workers. With a slight bow of his head, he began walking towards the door to leave.

           “Y/N totally had a crush on him.”

           "It was so obvious. She was staring at him through the office the entire week. I mean, they also disappeared in the middle of the party. Do you think she confessed and got rejected?“

           "Oh no…then did she get fired because she had feelings for the Chairman’s grandson?”

           Yoongi spun on his heels and marched to the group of people gossiping. Breathlessly, he slammed his hands down onto the table, causing all of them to flinch.

           "Repeat what you just said.“ he looked at them, surprised.

           Yoongi couldn’t sit still the entire bus ride to your farm. Had it always been this agonizingly long? So when it finally reached your stop, he bolted out and sprinted to your house. Bursting through the door, panting, he asked between breaths.

           "Where’s– Y/N?— Is– she– here?”

           He was met with stunned expressions as everyone had been preparing and setting up for lunch before his sudden entrance. Tae seemed to recover faster than everyone and pointed in a specific direction.

           "I think she’s in the main barn.“ he stated unsurely.

           "Thank you.” Yoongi breathed and his feet moved on their own once again, to where you were.

           He slid into the entrance of the barn and glanced around frantically, hoping to find you. He felt his body relax when he found you lying down on top of a bundle of hay with earphones in, relaxing. With a deep breath, he strolled over and stood in front of you with his arms crossed. Immediately, your eyes widened, ripping off your earphones, and fell off your hay bed in shock.

           He chuckled as you rolled away from him in pure panic, hair and clothes now covered in straws.

           On the other hand, you were absolutely flustered. Though it was probably really obvious by the way you rolled away after your embarrassing fall. Why was he here in the middle of the day? Had Jimin not waited? Was he going to try to convince you to come back?

           Your entire body was on high alert. You had spent so much time brainwashing yourself that you had no feelings for him whatsoever that you knew you needed to be on the defensive. But simply seeing him in front of your very eyes convinced you that your brainwashing had all been for naught. Yet, you knew you had to stand your ground against his attempts to try to get you to stay at the branch.  

           "Wh-what’re you doing here, Mr. Min?“ You managed to squeak out, in a higher pitch than what your voice usually was. You grimaced and coughed, trying to save face and compose yourself.

           "Well, you don’t work for me anymore so you can drop the formality.” he chuckled. “And you said you’d call me by my first name when it was just us two.”

           "Well, what brings you here, Yoongi?“ You raised an eyebrow and backed up to keep a safe distance between you two, afraid he was angry about your resignation.

           "I heard you have a crush on me.” he smirked.

           Your eyes widened. Well that definitely wasn’t what you expected him to say.

           "What? That’s ridiculous!“ You spouted, heart beating wildly.

           "Oh?” He started walking towards you with a smirk and you immediately moved a few steps further back, maintaining the large distance. “Is that not why you resigned? Because you were afraid of your feelings for me?”

           "No… I had…other reasons…“ You tried to think of excuses so he didn’t find out that he had hit the nail on the head.

           "Oh? Like what?”

           He was watching your movements like a hawk, as if trying to find a way to close the distance.

           "Why would I like you?“ You spat out nervously, trying to avoid answering the question.

           "Date me then.” he stated challengingly.

           "Wh-what? Stop joking!“

           You were incredibly flustered. Why wasn’t he doing anything that made sense?

           "I mean forget the fact that it’s crazy but it’s also unrealistic.”

           "How so?“ he stared at you seriously.

           "Well, we just don’t match at all! I mean for one, I’m poor! Umm, like you said, I nag a lot! And I’m a super crazy person who lives by a schedule. I live in a farm and spend my days in a barn, smelling like horse manure or hay! I’m not exactly drop dead gorgeous and I mean you’re at least decent looking enough to be on magazines–”

           Yoongi grinned at the subtle compliment.

           "And you know I have a temper. I’m short so I can’t reach things. I can’t afford super nice fancy clothes like you. I have to stitch things if they rip and it kinda makes me look gaudy. And you heard Jin’s story about me! I give people contracts, schedules, and a questionnaire before dating me. So you definitely don’t want to date me. You don’t ever, Ever, EVER want to have feelings for me so –“

           You had been so absorbed in trying to think of all the negative things about yourself that you didn’t realize Yoongi had closed the distance, not until he had you trapped in between his arms. You stepped backwards to avoid the proximity, but your back hit the wall of the barn gently. He had cornered you. You glanced at his arms trapping you on either side then glanced at him pleadingly.

           "Are you done?” he whispered as he stared down at you intently.

           "No…“ you averted your gaze, but the intensity of his eyes on you and the warmth that his body was emitting so close to yours, left your mind blank. You couldn’t follow up with more things.

           Taking advantage of your hesitancy and silence, he spoke.

           "You want to know one negative thing about me then?”

           You glanced up and furrowed your brows, urging him to spill his secret. His face moved closer, so much so that you felt cross-eyed as you watched the sudden movement. You immediately noticed his lips hovering over yours, causing you to look down at them and trying to stifle down the thoughts of how they would feel against yours. You clenched your fists, trying to push the fantasies away hurriedly in order to hold onto your sanity.

           But then he whispered, his breath fanning your face, with a smug smirk.

           "I’m not going to listen to you.“

           And immediately, he crashed his lips onto yours.

           A million thoughts crossed your mind in mere seconds. Oh my gosh. What is he doing? What am I doing? What am I supposed to do? Oh, okay. He’s still here. He’s still kissing me. This is real. This is happening. Oh my god. I’m not even kissing him back. Should I? What if he thinks I’m a bad kisser? What if he thinks kissing me is like kissing a rock? Oh well he kissed me first so…it should be fine right?

           After the initial shock, you relaxed and welcomed the feeling - soft, plush, light at first then strong and needy as the kiss progressed. When you reciprocated, his arm quickly snaked around your waist to pull you closer to him, deepening the kiss. You placed your hands on his chest, feeling his heart beating as rapidly as yours. You reveled in the intimacy for a few minutes before you both pulled back, gasping for air and immensely warm from the heat your bodies were giving off.

           He gazed at you lovingly and smiled. "Well?”

           "Wh-what…“ you muttered, embarrassed, looking at anywhere but him.

           "Date me.”

           He reiterated, firmly tightening his hold around your waist as if he was afraid you would run off again, which you truthfully contemplated.

           You stared at him, trying to figure him out. Why was he saying this? Had he not come here to convince you to continue working for him? Was he only saying this so you would come back?

           No, he wasn’t that kind of person.

           As you studied his eyes, you found sincerity in them. Your heart flipped at the realization that he was being completely honest. How did this happen? But you knew you couldn’t just make out with him and deny your feelings, so shyly, you blushed and muttered as you looked away.

           "When did you ever listen to me anyway?“

           He grinned at your coy reply for a few seconds then quickly and seriously stated, "I’m serious about you, about us. I want to be with you.”

           You felt your cheeks warm. When he had arrived in front of you earlier, you had no idea it would turn out like this. But if he was being honest and straightforward with you, you had to be as well.

           "I want to be with you too.“ you mumbled timidly, and your heart quickened as his grin widened to expose his gums.

           "I knew it.” He was beaming at you and you felt yourself smile out of happiness. You couldn’t even be annoyed at his cheekiness; you were just so elated.

           He leaned his forehead against yours.

           "Be my secretary again.“ he requested. "I can’t do it without you.”

           You nodded, your words failing you due to the weight of your quick decision, because you were now intentionally defying the Chairman’s orders. You knew that you had signed yourself to the consequences of selfishly accepting both the position and his love. But you appeased yourself that if you were going to get fired or kicked out of the job, you would at least make the days you had left with Yoongi count.

           "Can I kiss you again?“ he whispered sweetly, staring into your eyes.

           This time, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down to capture his lips in yours. He smiled into the kiss happily as he lifted you up.


           Loud cheers echoed throughout the barn and you two broke the kiss hurriedly to turn towards its origin. Standing in the middle of the barn was your entire family, wearing bright grins and stars in their eyes.

           "Kiss again so I can get a picture!“ Jin cooed, armed with a camera.

           You hid your face in your hands, embarrassed. "NOoo stop!! Ahh!”

           "Yoongs go! Rip her hands off and kiss her! This needs to go on a frame!“ Jin scolded.

           Yoongi laughed as he gently pried your hands off your face. You stared at him, surprised that he was complying. He grinned and glanced over at Jin.

           "As long as I get a copy.”

           "Of course.“ Jin winked.

           And before you knew it, Yoongi tilted your chin up and pressed a sweet, prolonged kiss on your lips once again.

           Oh what the heck. You thought to yourself.

           You grabbed the end of his suit to steady yourself as you reciprocated the kiss deeply, disregarding the embarrassing hoots and hollers of your family. The sounds of the camera clicks and the yelling were drowned out as you focused only on Yoongi, the feeling of his lips and the way his hands caressed your face gently.

           "Oh gosh.” Tae grimaced. “Okay, I think we got the idea. We have enough pictures now. Please stop.”

           Yoongi smiled mischievously and only held you tighter, kissing you more aggressively, which of course, you openly welcomed.

           "Oh gross. Okay. Let’s go.“ Jin huffed.

           "Cover your eyes!” Tae lunged to cover your sister’s eyes and she swatted him away with a glare.

           "I’m not a little kid! I can watch this if I want.“

           "Sure. Sure.” Tae patted her butt teasingly and ushered her out, giving a last disgusted look at you two in your own world. “It’s cute… but not really at the same time.”

           He shivered and scurried away.

           "They’re gone?“ Yoongi whispered and you nodded, smiling widely.


           "Good. I wasn’t finished.“ He grinned and pulled strands of hair away from your face.

           "I like you, Y/N. No…I love you.” he breathed. “I’m sorry if it’s sudden to you, but I do. Very much.”

           You beamed as you reached out and finally caressed his face, like how you had wanted to for some time now. When was it that you started being drawn to him? Not that it mattered when and how exactly it happened anymore, but you did realize that your feelings weren’t sudden at all either and they surely weren’t going to be temporary.  

           Staring up at him, you smiled gently as he kept you in his embrace, looking at you happily in return.

           You didn’t know what your schedule was going to be like from now on. You surely didn’t know what exactly your future held either, because you had never anticipated this. Not a year ago when you planned the following year ahead of time. Not months ago when you first met each other. Heck, you didn’t even expect this a few minutes ago.

           Min Yoongi had thrown out everything you had planned in your life from the moment he stepped into it.

           And the funny thing was, you weren’t anxious or nervous about the unplanned days and the uncertain future.  

           All because he loved you back. 




Honestly Gion can make almost any chemistry he has with his teammates work. But there’s definitely something special and adorable about his relationship with Raita, who’s been taking care of him since the first practice match.

#Richonne Party Day 2: Tuesday- Favorite Moment


My favorite Richonne moment…damn, again, there’s so many to choose from but this time, I’m gonna go with the Opening Scene of 6x10 (The Next World)

Technically, it’s more like a montage of moments but bear with me.  

More than a Feeling by Boston is the official anthem for our heroes. 

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Now, we’ve got that established, let’s talk about this opening scene, shall we? 

We’ve got Rick back on track. The 5B-6x09 Rick Grimes who was confused and messy (Messie…) as fuck is gone and we’ve got a fully functioning, reasonable, good kind of crazy Rick back. He’s accepted the ASZ as home, as a good place with good people in it for his Family to be a part of and you can tell that there’s peace in his body language. There’s genuine peace and he’s ready to move forward, hence the first bit of awesomeness: he left his wedding ring in the dish. He left it in the dish, not for Messie or some other broad but for Michonne. You know it, I know it, and everyone else does too.

Second moment of awesomeness: Judith. Because Judith is adorable and growing and playing with her Dixie cups and I just wanna cuddle her. She is living hope and joy for The Walking Dead. Rick smiling at her as she plays? YES. The only thing better than Daddy Rick to me is Zaddy Rick.

I have no shame.

Third moment of awesomeness: Michonne in her robe asking for toothpaste like it ain’t no thang because it ain’t. It’s normal for them now. It’s the new normal and I can’t help but smirk a little at how Rick slowed down in getting dressed, letting Bae get a good long look at him because he looked good. He looked like a bacon and egg sandwich, he looked good and he knew it.

Although, I’m quite sure that Michonne showed up in her robe on purpose because hey, why not? He wants to look? Give him a show…LOL!

Fourth moment of awesomeness: Stepmomma Michonne and Carl. I love her bond with Carl. It’s one of the best relationships on the show and regarding Richonne, somebody aptly put it this way: ‘Michonne adopted Carl first and after a while, she was like, hey wait a minute, your dad’s kinda hot and it went from there’.  As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for Carl, we wouldn’t have Richonne at all. 

He shot the Walker that was gonna eat her when she passed out in 3x08. He said that she was one of them in 3x12 and he opened the door to Michonne being willing to have a family again. He opened the doors in her heart and mind and helped her be brave enough to love and care and come home to her family, to her Boys & later Judith after The Prison fell (4x09-5x01). 

Carl made all the glory we’re celebrating this week and in general possible and it’s yet another reason why I adore my Cycloptic Cowboy Prince and why I will fight anyone who talks shit about him. Anyone and their momma, I don’t give a fuck. I’ll fight ‘em all!

Anyway, Richonne double teaming Carl with parenting (Rick was all like: listen to your stepmomma, boy), Rick picking up Judith, and them saying goodbye in with the low five and the banter and…they’re adorable. Rick and Michonne aren’t just BAMF LEADERS, they are genuinely adorable. How can you not love them? 

“Spearmint and baking soda…that’s my favorite” led to “Have your mints” and it…it really became The Next World for Richonne. They took the next step, the most logical step, and our ship went canon. Thoroughly canon.


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