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I’ve seen this as a screenshot but wanted to share my GIF with you. He just looked so young and innocent (and cute AF). Also a little nervous, which is rare for him, but given it’s the Isle of Wight (only his second outing with the other two ever), I don’t blame him.

Greg Lake performing Rondo with ELP, from this video. 

Headcanon: Erik consistently calls Charles “old friend” in dofp because he wants Charles to realise that no matter how far apart they are, or how much they disagree, Erik will always hold Charles close to his heart because before, during, and after everything they will ever face or fights they will always have, he will always love Charles. He will always, no matter what, be his old friend.

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Your dedication is so inspiring! Makes me want to work on my art skills!

Haha, really? ;D That’s so awesome! One of the things I want most in this world is to inspire and motivate other people, and it makes me so happy to see that my hard work has payed off! c’:

I wish you all the luck in the world with your artwork sweetie, and if you need help with anything, I’ll always be right here! Thank you so much for your lovely message!!

Skylights || Giorgio/Maura
Characters: Giorgio and Maura
Location: Off-Campus Restaurant
Time: Evening
Notes: d'aww cuties :)

He was her first real friend, it seemed, since she made the gigantic leap from east to west coast. Perhaps that was her eagerness getting the better of her and hoping that something might sprout from their savvy wit and jeers earlier that week, desperately in need of some kind of niche to fit into around here, but he seemed honest enough, a genuine man, and she was excited to have someone to hang out with. His invitation had been unexpected but not unpleasant, and she wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to spend time with him. Something about him rang very close and familiar to her, whether it was his heritage or the quickness with which he had joined in her teasing charade the other day. Humor always made Maura feel right at home. All she needed was to laugh. To her delight, there was no shortage of it when she was around Giorgio.

He hadn’t told her the name of the restaurant, but a surprise was always nice. She liked getting to know California, even if it was worlds different from New Jersey. Everything here was of the I’ll do it tomorrow mentality, whereas the easterners like her were always thinking It has to be done yesterday. Things here were made with avocado instead of marinara sauce. Juice cleanses and yoga instead of Gatorade and football. A very different environment, but being with Giorgio–well, he felt a little bit more like what she was used to. Her homesickness wasn’t roaring mad when she was around him.

“Okay, Mister Man,” she mused with a grin, nudging him lightly with her hip as they walked down the road toward downtown. “Tell me about yourself. Or else I’m going to think you’re just using me for reasons not to eat alone.” She turned a bright, teasing smile to him.