St. Joan of Arc was a 15th century martyr who led the French in battle against the English during the Hundred Years war. She was eventually wounded, captured, tried for heresy, and burned at the stake at the age of 19. In life she was known for being incredibly inspirational and brave.

 When I was doing research for this piece I found quite a few depictions of Joan that showed her as a sorrowful, willowy, very young girl with long, flowing hair–I wanted to stay away from depicting her in the dress she was executed in, looking helpless, because there’s plenty of that around already (though there are many wonderful images of her in armor as well!) From the transcripts of her trial historians generally agree that she was a short (~5'2") muscular, stocky woman, with short black or dark brown hair, which fits her image as a farmer’s daughter, who wore full armor and carried a long sword and a large banner into battle. She was known to be at least semi-literate, and signed her name “Jehanne”

(I know I said I’d be done with this yesterday, but shh, it’s done now, I put a ton into it, and I love how it came out)

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medieval warrior ladybug and thief chat noir?? ladybug could have a jeanne d’arc kind of reputation, but is actually just the baker’s daughter that just recently became one of the royal seamstresses. and chat noir is like a robin hood-like thief, but he’s actually crown prince that wants his kingdom to flourish so he acts like he steals his own wealth and distributes it??

alright hetalia fandom another psa for clarification

this is jeanne d'arc

this is NOT jeanne but lisa, an american who visited france and he thought she is her reincarnation

this is a french actress france brought with him to the halloween 2013 event and is no way related to jeanne d'arc

they are NOT the same, so please stop calling either of them jeanne, they are their own characters. thank you!