@percyyoulittleshit asked “Who cuts Nico’s hair?” May I humbly suggest Persephone? I bet that after TLO she and Nico really bonded. 

For a long time, after her marriage to Hades, Persephone was consumed by sadness and anger, refusing to eat or please Hades in any way, and that sounds an awful lot like holding a grudge to me. However, Persephone learns to love and care for Hades, so she and Nico have a lot in common. Even though they have a rough patch early on (she turned him into a dandelion if I remember correctly), we know that by MoA Nico keeps a stash of Pomegranate seeds from her garden in case of emergencies. So that’s my thought. 

  • Percy:We've dealt with monsters before. After a while, you get used to it.
  • Annabeth:My, aren't we getting blasé?
  • Percy:It's an occupational trait. All of us mighty heroes have it. Fighting a monster or two before breakfast helps to sharpen the appetite.