Aoi: haaah, 17 years old, that means I’ve started climbing the stairs to adulthood and it’s seriously exhausting ー(^-^;
everyone, thank you so much for the many congratulations this year again!
I hope you guys also have a great day. 
Ruki: Aoi
(Happy) Birthday (image)
Aoi: I didn’t see this! thank you ✌︎(‘ω’)✌︎


Reita: leader just used the phrase “zonk out”* twice but that’s kinda old-fashioned, right? do people still use that?

Kai: fuck off! lol

so it’s an old-fashioned word! lol 

it’s certainly better than REITA’s “crash out”**! lol (΄◉◞౪◟◉`)
Reita: so, it is old-fashioned after all, huh. it’s just that you brought it into the conversation sooo naturally (lol) I’m blown away***!

The words they originally used were *バタンキュー and **即寝こくわ which basically mean the same thing (falling asleep immediately/passing out, etc.) only that Kai’s word is a rather old (or even obsolete) one whereas Reita’s (I’m pretty sure) is not even a real word. The last one ***おったまげー is also one of those dead words. 
I know, “zonk out” is not actually an obsolete word but I didn’t know a word which was so please bear with me ♡