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Radio 28, D&E and Funny Dialogues Part 2

Hae: I like football. I was supposed to be in Barcelona team.
MC: So what made you give up?
Hae: Because I wanted to meet Eunhyuk.

When asked which type of food hyukjae dislikes, Donghae immediately wrote his answer whereas hyukjae was still unsure. (Donghae knows Hyukjae better than himself xD)  

MC: So what types of advertisements do you want to do? 
Hae: Car. As long as you’re a guy you’ll always love cars right?

MC: So what are your activities after this?
Hyuk: uhm firstly, I will enter fans’ dreams tonight.

MC: Make yourselves feel at home! Eunhyuk you can take off your shirt I know that you walk around naked at home.

MC: What do you feel about our onesies?
Hyuk: I think it suits the both of you
MC: tq but idk if that’s a compliment or an insult.


Donghae said that he joined sj because he wanted to meet Hyukjae.  

Eunhae were supposed to imitate a romantic line from a kdrama. Donghae said “This line is said to a girl. it’s different if it’s to a guy!

MC told Donghae to show the way he will say it to a guy. Then the mc asked Hae ”So are you always like that to Eunhyuk?“ and Hyuk nodded. © 


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