My player’s also re-united with Ferrous once out of Carrion’s basement :) He left them in the streets of Vaisra and ran off with Carrion, thinking they were spies. Of course they weren’t so he fixed Minerva’s gun as an apology and even gave her some lessons to enable her to do it herself ^-^

Now with a set of his proper prosthetics and some actual clothes he looks much more of a gentleman ^-^ 

My player’s discovered a very very old book in a prison early last year :) This book acts as a sort of prison, where anyone who opens it gets stuck inside and preserved ^-^ Their copy no longer works, but they did spot the very same book, shiny and new, in Ferrous’ workshop ^-^ 

He’s pretty cagey about it so they didn’t get much information, suffice to say he’s moving it into a safe vault so no one else can spy o.o (he’s very worried about plagiarism).