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Rapier of Desperate Measures [Relic of Olidammara]

Price (Item Level): 9,320 gp (12th)
Body Slot: — (held)
Caster Level: 20th
Aura: Strong; (DC 25) transmutation
Activation: —
Weight: 2 lb.

The hilt of this rapier is set with three moonstones.  At the base of the blade is an inscription that reads, “Caution is for the cowardly.”

Those who live by their wits often find themselves in situations over their heads. This rapier is an incomparable boon to those in such situations. When you wield a rapier of  desperate measures, it functions as a +2 rapier if you are chaotic neutral, neutral, chaotic good, or chaotic evil.

Relic Power: If you have established  the proper divine connection, a rapier of  desperate measures gains the keen property (DMG 225) while you have fewer than your full normal hit points, and the speed property (DMG 225) while you have fewer than half your full normal hit points. To use the relic power, you must worship Olidammara and either sacrifice a 5th-level divine spell slot or have the True Believer feat and at least 9 HD.

Lore: The first of these rapiers was crafted by a rogue/sorcerer who had been rescued one too many times by her party’s paladin, only to hear a lecture on her erratic behavior. She gave the rapier to a disguised Olidammara when she met him in a tavern. Since then, the Laughing Rogue has awarded one of these rapiers to a fellow traveler whenever the whim strikes him (Knowledge [religion] DC 20).

Prerequisites:  Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Sanctify Relic, keen edge.

Cost to Create: 4,500 gp (plus 320 gp for masterwork rapier), 360 XP, 9 days.

[D&D 3.5 magic item from Complete Divine, reprinted in Magic Item Compendium. Illustration by David Griffith.]

From the 1977 blue book Basic D&D rules, which J Eric Holmes wrote at the same time Gygax was writing the first AD&D Monster Manual and Players Handbook.  There were several versions of witch character in Dragon magazine, and this passing reference in Holmes’ rules suggests that Gygax was planning to include the witch in the AD&D rules at this time.  Holmes does not mention PC gnomes or half-orcs here.

Think I know exactly how I want my stories to end up.

So, for those who’ve followed my posts about my two parties: we’re playing in my homebrew setting. Up until a few days ago, though, I had no idea where I planned on either story actually going. I knew group 1 was gonna deal with my pet project villain and I knew group 2 was gonna do… Something. However I had no idea what would happen -after- that.

So, I dug through my setting’s history and found suitable things for my groups to have to deal with.

Group 1: They want to be important on a global scale. They want to take on the end of the world. Long forgotten history in my setting has just the story that they’d want to deal with. Wicked Gods long defeated rise again to avenge their defeat millennia ago. Can the party rise to the challenge?

Group 2: These guys are more focused on the glories that made the Age of Heroes what it is. A dread cult that was believed to have been wiped out along with their leader, The First Lich, is seeking once more to cast off mortality. Has The War of The Undead really ended?