Ok, first Drowcember drawing! The prompt was something to the effect of “a drow with their pet” I think. So here’s Ba’anor with his newly acquired spider. It has a uh…interesting origin.

A while back we were attacked by a drider and two monstrous spiders. Well, one of the spiders bit our party member (an NPC) and he’s been feeling ill ever since, despite any healing magics. Turns out there was an egg sack in his guts! They were intended to hatch inside him and eat their way out.

Once the egg sack had been removed, the other party members wanted to burn it but Ba’anor took it for himself, much to everyone’s displeasure. When they got back to town he then plopped it in a mug and fed it blood, and while he was in a temple they hatched. He used a holy book to cover the mug so he didn’t lose the spiders everywhere, which you know, great move there.

Eventually the baby spiders all killed each other until we get highlander here. Ba’anor managed to get his hands on a jar with holes in the lid and now he’s keeping it, trying to figure out how to feed it and care for it.

As a drow who’s forsaken the underdark and Lolth, it’s strange he’d keep a literal living symbol of a deity he hates alive. But he’s of a mind that at one time, he was a servant of her, and he changed. So maybe he can raise this spider to do good (or at the very least, listen to him), prove Lolth doesn’t have the power her followers claim.  

Make no mistake, I’m pretty sure this is all going to end in tears, hahahaha. I’m pretty confident this spider isn’t going to live long. It’s already off to a rocky start. But at the moment, he’s fiercely protective of his little pet.


So I updated the Do No Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter PDF on DriveThru to include the long lost Chapter 5. This chapter adds map tiles you can print and cut and paste and turn into maps, or open up in image editing software to make your map! Nab it here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/198895/Do-Not-Let-Us-Die-In-The-Dark-Night-Of-This-Cold-Winter

I also recorded a short video about the game that includes a quick tutorial on using the tiles in GIMP.


i know you guys are probably tired of hearing about this game, So I promise not to talk about it for a while!