d&d premades


Large population, Elves. Built in a thick forest. There are homes and shops built out of dead trees, in the trees, etc.

No real guard presence, however the people are very skilled and martial law exists. There is a certain code they follow. E.g. don’t kill, steal, or hurt.

Cursed town. These Elves aren’t capable of entering their trance state, and instead must sleep. Instead of a normal sleep schedule, they’re cursed to fall asleep all at once at a random time. They can go days without sleep, or hours. Their sleeping spells cause accidents and tragedies.

Sit n Stay: Run by Narbeth Farris. Meant to be a quiet places for elves to be in a trace. Business has stopped. He’s decided to start enforcing the “law”, a code that the elves typically follow. If he feels anyone is breaking it, he drags them back to his Inn and holds them there until a fee is paid either in gold or items. The rooms are small, tall, and meant to be sat in. Nothing else.

Thick Skin: Run by Alwin Bruthe. Leather working shop. Loves making shoulder pads, absolutely adores wide shouldered men. His fellow elves are too narrow, and he will beg to make you a pair if your shoulders are wide enough.

Benevolent Spirits: Run by Ayda Oloren. She brews her own, and she brews it strong. Much too strong for a typical human. You’ll wake up with awful aches and pains, but also see bits of the future when you puke. You can find a distressed elf named Solana getting absolutely wasted at the end of the bar. Ayda tells you she’s been like that for a straight week now since her 121st birthday.  

Solana: 121. Female Elf. A drunken wreck. She’s crying, drinking between hiccups, and seems inconsolable. She manages to slur out that she’s trying to see more of the future to save her town. Elves typically don’t drink enough to get a hangover, so she’s the only one who knows. Everyone else dismisses her as a drunk. She’s terrified of….

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Titania Anthousai Summerdream
Elf Matriarch, Chaotic Neutral
One advantage of being alive when D&D was invented is that Titania knows everything you would ever want to know about the rules, which makes it that much easier to bend them. Loopholes and tricks are her specialty in-game and out, and if she attempts something, she’ll likely succeed. Where do you think Puck got his tricks from? When not outfoxing hapless travelers, she is making matches, accidentally egging on the Monty/Capp rivalry, and gardening.

Libera Anansi
Elf Arcane Trickster, Chaotic Neutral
Libera has never really seen herself as dishonest. Manipulative, sure. Wily, absolutely. Perhaps even nefarious. But dishonest? Nah. There’s no need for dishonesty when you have brilliant, pure, manipulative truth on your side. It’s amazing what lengths people will go to when they want to keep their secrets. It’s also amazing what lengths they’ll go to to dispose of the problem. After multiple failed attempts on her life, she skipped town with the most recent assassin on her heels and somehow managed to trick him into adventuring with her.


Kent Earl Capp
Human Clerk, Neutral Good
People often ask how a Capp and a Monty can be good friends, but if you ask Kent he’ll merely say that there’s no way he and Bianca couldn’t be friends, what with their shared interests and love of Pride and Prejudice. Kent enjoys the interplay of regency era morals in a modern film setting – also, Colin Firth = UNF. So when Bianca said Dragons, Kent asked “in what Dungeons”? When not healing wayward travellers, Kent is working in a patent office, avoiding his family, and dreaming of his Mr. Darcy.

Llewelynn Albus
Elf Hierophant, Lawful Good
To some people he is Llewelynn Albus, the premier cleric of his day and the winner of the Best Disciple of Ioun Award. A spiritual icon of his day and a true inspiration. To most, he is Lou: the odd little traveling hierophant who gives out sage advice and free healing. He likes to think of himself as a spiritual janitor, cleaning up the souls of the less-than-innocent. Occasionally with fire. He was a lone wanderer until he offered his services to an unconscious dwarf in a pit in the ground. They’ve been friends ever since.


Oberon Selvan Gossamer
Elf Patriarch, Lawful Neutral
Oberon likes to think that while Titania uses her knowledge of the rules for evil, he uses them for good. He has never been one to let transgressions slide. This adhering to the rules would make him a perfect DM, except for that “it’s-super-annoying-when-the-DM-quotes-directly-from-the-rulebook” problem. When not killing people for money, he is making home videos, staying out of family feuds, and sending Puck on errands.

Alistair Firenze
Human Assassin, Lawful Evil
It’s the classic story: man is part of family of assassins. Man is arrogant, forgets the rules, gets his entire family killed. Man tries to avenge his family, becomes famous assassin prized among all others. Man gets contract to assassinate arcane trickster and somehow ends up adventuring with her. Classic story.